Race Recap: Run into Spring 5K – Philadelphia 2016

So yesterday I ran a little 5K! Woo!

Since I’ve been running 2-3 times a week for the past month and a half or so, I thought it would be fun to change things up a bit and run a race! It’s seriously been FOREVER since I ran one and running in races are fun little motivators for me to keep running.

I don’t have a gym membership at the moment – with the boys, I’m not sure how often I would be able to use it to make it worth it. So when I get some time to workout during the week, I take it and its usually in the form of a run! So when I see a race I’d like to do, I sign up and think of it as less than what I’d spend at a gym each month – makes it easier for me to rationalize anyways.


This run is a new one in the Philadelphia area, but I love that it goes along with the Flower Show – one of my favorite events in the city each year. Check out my 2013 Flower Show visit! I especially liked it because I upgraded my race bib cost to include a ticket to the Flower Show this year, saved a few bucks by doing that, which was awesome!


I rallied my friend Jen to join me on this run – and as you know, it’s always more fun to run a race with a buddy! This was her first race in a while too, so we were both in good company!


They had packet pick-up on race day which was awesome because I didn’t have to make a special trip anywhere to get it, but then we had to get there early and carry some stuff, which was a bummer. Luckily we used that time to hang out, stretch and listen to tunes.


 At 8:30am, which is an awesome time to start a race, if you ask me – we were off! We ran through some Flower Bombs as we passed go, which was a nice touch.

run selfie

Since I’ve picked up running again, I haven’t really kept time or pace at all – today was actually the first time I picked up my Garmin to keep tabs on where I was at. During training it’s been pretty social and low key – just trying to hit a certain mile marker overtime and have lots of fun along the way.


Today, not sure if it was the race itself or what – but I was on a mission! I think I get a little competitive with myself during any official race capacity. If I’m feeling good and my legs are into it, I like to do well – feels good to push myself and see what I can do! Today it felt really good to let loose and RUN!

open road

I didn’t even run with any music or anything. Just ran.

I was listening to my breathing, checking out the scenery and watching the world go by. I was in a little zone of my own and it felt good.

Never knew how much I enjoyed silence! Ha!


Usually I’m not a fan of out and back runs, which is what this was – but a 5K is so quick and it was such a beautiful morning, I didn’t let it bother me at all. It just felt good to be out there running!

And before I knew it, I was in the home stretch!


Unofficial Time: 26:32 / Pace: 8:32

Not even close to my 5K PR but I’m proud of that pace! Felt strong!


I didn’t get any good finishing photos of myself, but Jen was right behind me and I snapped a quick one of her crossing the finish line!
killin it

And wouldn’t you know it! Another medal to add to my collection! 


Brooks spent the weekend with my parents, but I did have Graham in my cheering section rooting for me. It was his first race + I’m glad he was able to swing by to cheer his mama on!


Jackson came too!


After burning off a few calories on the run, we thought it was best to treat ourselves to breakfast + bloody mary’s!




What was the best part of your weekend?

Please share!



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  • Reply Patty O February 23, 2016 at 7:45 pm

    Congrats to you and Jen on your first race post pregnancy! Keep doing something fun for yourself and you’ll feel great!

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