A Virtual Latte Date

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I’m into the whole virtual coffee date thing and totally need to play catch up on the blog! Thought it would be fun to do over my new favorite latte obsession, so grab a cup and let’s chat!


If we were having a latte together this morning I would tell you that I’m sorry for the lack of posts last week. We’ve been having way too much fun at the beach and its just been a little crazy. It’s been nice to have a few days off, even though I didn’t plan it, but I do love my schedule of blogging so I hope to get back into the swing of things this week!


If we were having a latte together this morning I would tell you that as I mentioned before, we’ve been at the beach since May 26th and are planning to stay here through mid-June. Since I am a SAHM, a blogger and a stylist, I have the flexibility to work whenever, wherever – so for most of this month I’ve decided to set up shop at the beach! I didn’t see the point in going back and forth, packing and unpacking the littles, so thought it would be nice to commit to 3 weeks down the shore as a nice start to the summer! It’s been so fun!


If we were having a latte together this morning I would tell you that tossing babes + toddlers for a beach photo is really fun. And both littles LOVED flying through the air – the grandmas getting the photos, not so much!


If we were having a latte together this morning I would tell you that Graham has made some big moves at the beach. He now can push himself to sit up, which has been amazing, and he’s thisclose to crawling. He gets into the position, perches himself up and then just rolls over. It’s gonna happen any second now, I tell ya! He also has started exploring pulling up on things too, which has already resulted in a little head bump, but he’s having fun with his new skills!

If we were having a latte together this morning I would tell you that Brooks LOVES THE BEACH. Last year he wasn’t as into it, but he wasn’t as mobile. This year, he’s happy to dig a muddle and sit in it all day. He loves to watch the waves, play frisbee, fly a kite, he’s obsessed with the beach. I only wish I could get him to nap on the beach so we could stay out all day, but it’s so great to see him have so much fun!


If we were having a latte together this morning I would tell you that we took a little excursion to Atlantic City this week – to hit up the outlets and to check out the boardwalk and it was so much fun. But also, being at the beach with two littles isn’t easy. I have had family + friends down visiting so I haven’t been really solo with them here, but it’s still a lot. Let’s just say we all have been sleeping well at night after very busy and fun days!


If we were having a latte together this morning I would tell you that my new mission in life is to find new fun ways to twin with my boys. It’s harder than it seems for moms + boys to get their match on, so I’m working on doing more of it! Ha! And having them twin makes me pretty happy too.


If we were having a latte together this morning I would tell you that as I took part of the week off after Memorial Day last week, I’m more committed than ever to my work at home as a SAHM, a blogger and a stylist. It’s nice to take a few days off to refresh and then get back on the horse ready to go! Caffeine + my planner + notebook are big helps with my nap time organization!

nap work

Speaking of caffeine ..If we were having a latte together this morning I would tell you that my new obsession is the Sweet Meets Spicy TAZO® Chai Latte Collection, which I’ve been brewing in my Keurig® brewer at home. If you are a Keurig® lover like me you SERIOUSLY have to try this out for yourself! The new TAZO® Chai Latte K-Cup® pods are made from milk, tea leaves and spices – and it couldn’t be more delicious! It is a creamy blend of black tea, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and vanilla flavor – the perfect blend of sweet meets spicy for a little jumpstart to your morning! It’s silky, smooth and the perfect little am wake up call!

It’s so easy to use in your Keurig® in a simple two step process – you just empty the latte mix, which is in the packet, to your mug and put it in ready position in the Keurig®. Then you add the Chai Latte K-Cup® pod and brew – when it’s finished you have a deliciously fresh Chai Latte at your fingertips. And trust me when I say it makes taking on the day with two crazy littles a bit easier – because it totally does!


I love the days when I wake up before the boys – it’s crazy but it’s true – it’s nice to sometimes be the first one up in the house and have a quiet moment to myself before the busy day begins. It’s nice to sit outside with my Chai Latte, enjoy the beautiful morning solo and energize a bit before my SAHM gig really gets going. It’s been the perfect way to start off these sunny summer days!


And my new favorite Chai Latte has also been a perfect little treat in the afternoon if I need a little something extra to keep me going through the day. It has the perfect amount of caffeine – enough, not too much – to get me through a busy day. It’s got a great little sweetness as well when I am having a little craving. Nice to sit with my boys while they color or have a snack and enjoy a little treat for myself! It’s great when I have something like that to look forward to after a busy afternoon before getting everything ready for dinner – mama needs a treat sometimes too!

TAZO has partnered with New York Times Bestselling author and host Padma Lakshmi to celebrate the release of the new K-Cup® pods. Tea and chai have always been a part of Padma Lakshmi’s life and family heritage and she is excited to celebrate the flavors of chai with TAZO. She has also developed recipes that pair perfectly with a cup of chai and you can find them by visiting TAZO.com/chai/pairings. Learn more at TAZO.com/chai and find out where to pick up your own TAZO® Chai Latte K-Cup® pods at TAZO.com/wheretobuy.


Now it’s your turn to share – what’s going on with you?

What would you chat about on a Virtual Latte Date?




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  • Reply Patty O June 6, 2016 at 11:05 am

    Loved reading your virtual coffee date and an excited to try the new Chai flavors in my Keurig. Don’t have too much fun today!!

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