11 Months with Graham

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Growth – Umm…can we talk about the fact that Graham is almost one?! I can’t believe my baby is going to be a whole year old next month. Can we also talk about the fact that I didn’t take my weekly pictures on the chair this month?! Oops. Ok, I took one, so that can count for the entire month, right? In my defense we moved the chair to another spot and I didn’t see it as much so it wasn’t front of mind. {Sorry mom} Summer’s been busy and Graham has been growing for sure! We weighed him at my parents house over the weekend and he was 21 lbs!

11 months


Nursing – We nurse 4 times a day still – when he wakes up, before his first and second nap and before bed. I hate to say it but I’m sort of ready to stop. He started drinking his brothers milk cup a few weeks ago so I’ve been giving him little cups of it every now and then, he loves it! I still have almost a month’s worth of frozen breast milk which I will give him when we stop, not sure when exactly. With Brooks it was easy because I went away on a trip at 14 months so that was it. Might do the same with Graham – thoughts? I will miss our special time together but it will be nice to not have to be the only one to put him down at night.


Feeding – Graham is my best eater. He loves everything and eats it all. He enjoys an hour long meal, especially at dinner time – with me putting new fruits and vegetables in front of him every few minutes of course. Ha. He loves pasta and meat and pretty much if its food, he loves it! I wish Brooks would eat like this!


Sleeping – We’ve been all over the place this summer but Graham has remained a pretty good sleeper. He goes down at 7pm every night – check out our night time routine here – and sleeps until 7am or so. When we travel sometimes it takes a little longer to get him down to sleep, but he hasn’t gotten up in the middle of the night {knock on wood} in a loooooong time. Cheers to that.


Naps – Graham still takes 2 naps a day. He goes down around 8:30-9:30am and sleeps anywhere from 1-3 hours. Ha. Yesterday he slept from 9:30 – 12:30, it was nuts! I love his morning nap but I have to say that it is hard to actually do anything in the morning with Brooks. You never know how long G will be sleeping so we usually just wing it. And during Graham’s morning nap its quiet time for Brooks – coloring, puzzles or a show. Graham naps again around the same time Brooks does – which is around 1:00pm – unless he takes a monster morning nap. When the two of them nap at the same time I feel like I won the lottery! I’m looking forward to when Graham just is on one nap a day and they nap together consistently for a while {fingers crossed} That will be magical!

swingDevelopment – Graham loves to wave and clap. He responds to his name and when you ask for something he has, he will give it to you. He loves to play ball and bounces the ball to you and catches it when you roll it back. He loves to crawl super fast, climbs up on everything and cruises along the couch. He’s a pretty happy little man and he loves to be held, except when he’s in the mood to move and then he wants to be on the ground on the go, which is most of the time these days.


Clothes – 12 months is what he’s mainly rocking these days. I feel like summer clothes are easier and most days he’s hanging out just in his diaper. It’s so much easier with the mess that is every mealtime so I just go with that.

more play

Brothers – Everyday we are getting closer and closer to that magical moment when these two completely play with and entertain each other. Brooks always loves to include “baby Gam” in everything he does and he says he wants to play with him, but really they just play near each other. Graham crawls around and puts everything in his mouth and then whatever Brooks is making or building or playing with, Graham destroys. Luckily, Brooks never seems to mind and just laughs.


Loves – Graham loves to eat, he loves to sleep, he loves to play with his big bro. He loves crawling around chasing Jackson, he loves being outside. He’s my sweet little man and he’s growing up too fast! I need to savor these baby moments with him a little more because I know he’s going to be toddling around so soon. Got to squeeze his fat little baby thighs a little extra today!


Here are some more of my favorite pictures + the best moments from the past month with baby Graham:

bgmomlife balls PicMonkey Collage poolumbrella us


What’s your little one up to these days?

Please share!


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  • Reply Patty O August 8, 2016 at 2:12 pm

    This year with Graham has totally flown by and I can’t believe he will be turning one really soon! Love that sweet little boy so much! Both he and Brooks have brought so much happiness and joy into my life!

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