A Day in Hershey, PA – Chocolate World Tour + Troegs Brewery {with kids}

Last week we spent the day in Hershey, PA

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that we spent a long weekend in southern Virginia. Since the boys haven’t been in the car on a trip longer than 2.5 hours, I wanted to break up our trip a bit – so we decided to do it by heading out a day early to spend some time in Hershey.

We timed it perfectly so Graham would go down for his first morning nap around 9am when we planned to leave – and the plan was to arrive in Hershey 2 hours later, hopefully after Graham slept for most of the ride. Wasn’t exactly the case, but we all survived. And we started off our journey with lunch at the Chocolate Avenue Grill. We sat outside and were right across the street from Hershey Park – Brooks was able to watch the Kissing Tour go up and down and a rollercoaster go whizzing by every few minutes. Plus the food was YUM!

{Not as yummy as Graham’s cheeks}


After that we made our way to the Chocolate World Tour – it’s a free little ride right outside of Hershey Park and I thought it would be something Brooks and Graham could enjoy. If you aren’t familiar, it’s like a Disney ride – slow moving through different rooms with music and lots going on to look at.


I was surprised when we got there because the parking lot was PACKED. I know its the end of the summer, but it was a Thursday, I thought it would be a little less crowded. But I was happy to report that there was no one in the Chocolate World Ride, we walked right on.


I’m pretty sure Brooks was excited to be out of the car and have some space to RUN!


I hadn’t been on the ride in YEARS but I did take note that they changed it a bit. They added some 3-D characters and there were some new sections. It looked really great – they did a great job.


All my boys were mesmerized.


And the end of the ride did not disappoint because we were treated to chocolate – something I had been talking up to Brooks for a while. He was excited for his little treat.


After the tour we walked around the store and checked out all the enormous chocolate treats.


I love that this bar was just about bigger than my toddler. Ha.


Brooks had himself a jolly old time – what’s not to love in the Sweetest Place on Earth?!


After Chocolate World we headed over to our hotel to check in and {hopefully} get the boys down for a little nap. Unfortunately we had some hotel drama {Expedia is THE WORST} so we had to deal with that, but eventually we got into our rooms and got all set up for the night.


We got two adjoining rooms to have us next to the boys – since they go to bed so early. I think they enjoyed their little moment with hotel life.

IMG_4425 IMG_4430

After nap it was time for Charles and I to have some fun. We packed up the kids and headed a few miles down the road to Troegs Brewery. Did you know Troegs is pretty much right next to Hershey Park AND it’s completely gorgeous?! Because it is.


They are doing a little construction outside to make it even more lovely but inside the food is yummy and the beer is delicious. It’s the perfect afternoon treat for any adult that’s been at the amusement park with their kids all day!


Brooks enjoyed the beer selection too.


For dinner I had the pulled chicken on a cornbread waffle, Alabama white BBQ, pepper slaw + crispy chicken skins. It was heavy but MAN was it delicious! Seriously, the food at Troegs is fab!


We enjoyed a sampler or two while the kids had some eats as well. I love going to local breweries to check out some new beers. Such a fun way to spend an early evening.


After that it was back to the hotel for a night’s rest and then we head out again in the morning.



How has hotel travel with your littles been?

Please share!


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  • Reply Patty O September 3, 2016 at 7:45 am

    This post about Hershey Park sure brings back memories – love that place!
    The brewery looked awesome too –

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