Mother of Dragons – Halloween 2016

Happy Halloween!

Today I’m excited to share with you our costumes for this year! I have to say, it was fun deciding on this one because I knew Graham would be toddling around at this point – so adding another walker to the mix made it even more cute {in my opinion.

Here was my little sneak peek – any guesses?


Pegasus Necklace / Mother of Dragons shirt


Ladies + Gents of the blog – I give you, Khalessi {minus the blonde hair, you can’t win them all} the Mother of Dragons and her babies.


I’m a big Game of Thrones Fan – and since I figured this might be my last year to sort of “help decide” what Brooks and Graham wanted to be, would be fun to sneak this little one in there!


And yes, Jackson is one of my dragons too – because Khalessi has 3 dragons, so it only makes sense. He’s planning on being my trick or treat helper dragon after the boys are in bed at 7:00pm.

He’s pretty pumped about it.


We’ve been working on our dragon ROAR’s all week – are you terrified yet?!


And here’s a look at their wings – because that’s what make my dragons, dragons and not lizards or dinosaurs { which is what some people thought they were last night until they saw my shirt}

Dragons, folks – Dragons!


Khalessi, laying down the law.



Here’s the best photo we got of me and my dragons all looking at the camera to share our costume.

Don’t you dare ask me how many it took to get just one.


But here are a few outtakes of our mini photo shoot, it was fun and easy to pull this costume creation together – thank you Amazon. I’m not much for crafting and since I’ll be out there with the littles the whole time, might as well be a part of the costume experience, right?


What are you and your littles dressing up as this year? 

Would love to hear about it! 

trio of-dragonsdragons1 mod three roarmoon-starsselfie

Off to spend the day terrorizing Philadelphia with my Dragons!

Happy Halloween! 

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  • Reply Patty O November 1, 2016 at 7:11 pm

    Those Philly dragons are the cutest ever – love your photo shoot!

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