Biking 10 Miles from San Francisco to Sausalito

On our second day in San Francisco we wanted to see more of the sights! We spent our first day exploring Muir Woods and it was fantastic. The next day we decided to rent bikes and make our way from San Francisco to Sausalito, by way of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Spoiler Alert – I took approximately 1000000 photos of the Golden Gate Bridge – it took much restraint to not post them all. But lets be honest, the GGB is all sorts of beautiful.


We started off at the Ferry Building, which was a short walk away from our hotel. Enjoyed a quick bite to eat and then got on our bikes. It was easy enough to navigate from the city to the bridge – we made our way past Fisherman’s Warf, which was my first time seeing this part of town. rides

It was a quick mile or so from the Ferry Building to Fisherman’s Warf and then the hills started to sneak in a bit. BUT the incredible views made it worth it and obviously I made our group stop every other block to take a bunch of pictures.


Because, check out that sky with that bridge.

I was slightly obsessed.


There were SO MANY lookout points to check out the gorgeous bridge. And it was the most beautiful day with clear blue skies. The perfect setting for a bike ride and some sight-seeing


Jump shot, because – have we met?


See where the boats are above my head in this photo? THAT’S Sausalito. We still had a long way to bike!

Better get moving and stop stopping for pictures every 5 seconds.


Ok, we made it to the top of this massive hill. I swear, the people we rented the bikes from said it would be a easy ride, and I don’t know why I believed them because San Fran is so darn hilly!

Seriously, all the hills!waves

A beautiful ride, but not the easiest one at all. Especially when you look at where the trail is down by the water and how you have to go straight up to actually get ON the bride. We were pretty much underneath it at the bottom and had to go UP!


Check out the fog rolling in!


Once we were on the bridge we were pretty much biking through the first half in the fog and the second half was all clear. One side of the bridge is open for walkers and the second side is for bikers only.

Apparently they said on the weekend they would expect 10,000 people to cross that day – crazy right?


I was also surprised at just how low the gates were on the bridge. I was a little nervous because on both sides, blocking you from the water and the traffic they were very short and you could easily get over them if you wanted too. I was a bit anxious if there happened to be a bike accident, someone could easily go flying off the bridge or into cars FLYING by!

BUT we managed to make it across safe and sound


Once we crossed the bridge it was a 3 mile ride to Sausalito. Everything was clearly marked, but again, there were some challenging hills.

But again, that view. Check out San Francisco from across the bay! That fog had made its way from the bridge to the city.

This is one of my favorite photos I took – the Golden Gate bridge from the road to Sausalito.

Such a gorgeous point of view.


We eventually made it to Sausalito and I’m so glad we went because it was the cutest little town and biking there was a great way to take in the sights. We stopped for lunch {and a drink – because after all that biking, we needed it!} at Scoma’s which was a cute little spot on the water.
After walking around town and doing a little shopping we got in line to take the ferry back to San Fran. This was another great way to 1} avoid biking back up those hills we just came down and 2} see the city, the bag and the bridges from another awesome angle ferry-viewsMore beautiful views:
citythe-rock city-boat
Biking across the city, seeing all the sights, checking out another little town on the bay and being able to ferry boat back was such an amazing way to spend a Saturday in San Francisco! If you are headed there anytime soon, I highly recommend it!

We even got a little sunset action on the way home!




Another beautiful day in the city by the bay!

Can’t wait to share more of our trip! Stay tuned!


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  • Reply Patty O November 20, 2016 at 4:15 pm

    Can’t say enough about how beautiful your photos are and so glad your group had a gorgeous day to take in all the sites! Brings back memories and I wanna go back!

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