Mind Mood and Food Boosters: Babbleboxx Review

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Regardless of what resolution you committed to in the new year, I’m sure everyone out there is aiming to improve your health in 2017 – I know I am! Resolutions come in many forms – some promise to change a bad habit, or commit to a new, positive change in your life. I was excited when I had the opportunity to try out this new Mind, Mood + Food Booster Babbleboxx to help me jump start my healthy new year!

I’m a fan of subscription boxes. I think it’s so much fun to be exposed to new brand and products. I feel like I’m guilty of shopping at the same stores, supporting the same brands – so i’m excited to branch out a bit.

The first item in my Babbleboxx is something I am SO EXCITED ABOUT – Food, Health and Happiness by Oprah Winfrey.  This book is gorgeous. So many beautiful photos, inspiring words and incredible recipes – I have bookmarked a few and can’t wait to start cooking! This book gives a bit of a behind the scenes look into the life and kitchen of Oprah – and seriously, who doesn’t LOVE Oprah?

I think this Thai Red Curry with Shrimp and Pineapple recipe would have to be the first thing I’m going to make from this book. It looks so fresh and delicious in the photo – I hope I can recreate it’s beauty!

I’ve also never made crab cakes before, but this recipe looks really good and the photo has me salivating for one. Going to try it out and see! Wish me luck!

My second favorite treat in this box would have to be the Made in Nature Organic Tart Cherry Fig Figgy Pops. Such a yummy, delicious and healthy treat to have on hand when you need a snack. I opened these bad boys up the other day, threw them in the stroller as we were out and about for the whole day and Brooks, Graham and I really enjoyed the snack!

Next up, my new obsession – Tea Forte. I have given up coffee for the time being in 2017. Coffee and I are currently on a break. Just giving my body a little time away and focusing on drinking more water and tea instead. So this little sampler of “sipscriptions” couldn’t have arrived at a more perfect time. I’ve been enjoying a few different loose leaf tea options each day and they are all so delicious, for different reasons – Defense, Detox, Energy, Fitness, Relaxation – all things I need a little more of!

Along with my new loose leaf tea, I got to try out the KATI Tea Brewing System. It makes it really easy to throw your tea in, add some boiling water, cover it and let it steep for 5 minutes and then go. I will say, the ceramic cup does tend to get a little hot, so sometimes I let it sit a little longer, but it works out great because I don’t like my tea boiling hot. And with kids, I’m lucky if I get to drink it mildly hot at all!

SOCKS! I am Always in need of new, solid socks. I was pumped to try out the new FITS socks – in Ultra Light Runner, Light Runner, Light Hiker + Medium Hiker. Good socks always make such a difference, especially in the winter months – whether you are wearing running shoes, or boots! I love how these feel and the fun color patterns – especially the purple light runner and the orange light hiker!

The EQUAL beanie is a representation of equality for all as a core value. The companies belief is that equality needs to be a universal brand to give equality a unifying voice – the focus here is on unifying the equality movement.

EQUAL is on a mission to disrupt discrimination by providing a platform for people of any type to express their core belief in equality for all. We exist because we believe it is time to change the conversation on diversity and learn from the new generation. Rather than forcing people to change their minds, we’re building a foundation for people to appreciate and embrace diversity. Once diversity is valued, equality will thrive.

Former executives from Amazon, Audible, Weightwatchers, seasoned entrepreneurs, and millennials ready to rally, the founders of EQUAL believe embedding a positive identity for equality will disrupt discrimination to change the world. Their goal is for equality to move away from forced accommodation and transition to being an admired value. I’m pumped to wear this cozy beanie and spread the word.

And finally in my Babbleboxx is a little hydration -> Just Water. 100% spring water in a paper based bottle, responsibly sourced, produced and packaged to improve environmental and community impact. The water is sourced from the Glen Falls watershed in the Adirondack Mountains.

What’s your favorite piece that I got to try out in my Mind Mood and Food Boosters Box? Would love to hear what you think or if you are familiar with any of these products or brands!

Happy Thursday!

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  • Reply Patty O January 12, 2017 at 7:22 pm

    Love your box and its contents, I’d love to try all the things! Enjoy!

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