Brooks’ First Kids Yoga Class!

A few weeks ago, we brought our old Wii back from the dead of our basement. It has been collecting dust down there for a loong time – it’s the original Wii that’s probably 10 years old – I thought it would be fun to bust out and see if Brooks could figure it out and play with it.

Ha!  The kid had the thing mastered in 10 minutes.

Maybe less.

So Brooks now has a slight obsession with Wii Fit and Wii Sports. I’m not quite sure how I feel about it – on the one end, it’s good for coordination and he’s at least moving around playing the games. On the other end, it’s more screen time – something Brooks isn’t lacking these days. BUT we keep busy in the mornings and afternoons out and about most days. So when he has a little down time while Graham naps so I can get a thing or two done, it’s not the worst thing in the world – right? Right?!

I found that surprisingly with the Wii Fit, he loved doing the yoga! He enjoyed mimicking the poses and movements along with the instructor on the screen. It was all sorts of cute – so that got the wheels in my head turning to try out a kids yoga class  in our neighborhood to see if he liked the real thing! Ha!

But before I get into Brooks’ class I have to share my kids yoga outfit. Obviously, I had to look cute for yoga, too – right?

Outfit Details: Leggings / Bralette / Top / Boots

Seriously ladies, you need this Bralette in your life! So comfortable and cute – only $20 and I’ve seen it on sale for less! I love the floral detail.

Ok, so back to kids yoga!

The class description for where we were for class was as follows: Please join us for our Kids and Toddler yoga classes focused on playful movement and imagination through games, music and storytelling. We will introduce the basic foundations of meditation and breath as tools to focus and relax.

Sounds simple enough, right?

Brooks LOVED it.

From playing yoga on Wii Fit a few times, he was immediately engaged in the class, following along with the teacher and familiar with the moves.
For the first class, I brought Graham with me because it was the only day and time that worked for class and I had both littles solo.

Graham sat on the little block watching the teacher, looking all cute for about 5 seconds, then he ran around the room for 45 minutes while big bro took class.

Side Note: How cute are these two pictures of Brooks doing his yoga flow and Graham getting his Buddha on. Ha.

Love it.

Graham was more into the blocks than class anyways. And they proved to be a nice little form of entertainment for the younger littles in class. This class was for walkers up to age 4, so there was a wide variety of littles. This age group was good for me because I was able to bring both boys together!

I think my favorite part of class was watching Brooks try to meditate at the end of class. Getting a 3 year old to close his eyes during an activity is really hard, but also really sweet.

Love my little yogis.

All in all it was a fun class – especially for Brooks. We’ve actually been back again since, this time without Graham and Brooks still had a great time. I love this age because he can do so much and it’s so much fun trying out new things together.

Plus it’s fun to have another yogi in the house AND it’s a nice little reminder of something fun and athletic we can do together, to keep moving on a rainy day!

Do you have a little that does Yoga?

I’d love to hear what age he/she started and what they think!

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Outfit Details: Leggings / Bralette / Top / Boots

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  • Reply Patricia McDermott March 28, 2017 at 7:11 pm

    Brooks is amazing – loved seeing him do yoga and he is really good at it too!

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