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That Perfect Everyday Lace-Up Hooded Sweatshirt

I’m having a bit of a hard time finding my motivation for style in these cold, winter months. I’m typing this and it’s currently snowing in Philadelphia so you know I’m not joking when I say it’s chilly in Philly!

Not to mention the fact that I’m getting back into the gym more and more each week – Yes, I admit – I’m a bit of a January Joiner – but it’s only because I want to get a head start on getting back in shape for the summer! So most days I wake up and I put on gym clothes and then it’s hard to find time to get changed AGAIN for the day – I barely have time to get dressed each day, don’t even ask about time for a shower!

I have a point and I promise I’m going to make it soon – I’m working on a way to streamline my wardrobe a bit more, making it easier to go from workout to out and about WITHOUT wearing leggings all day. Don’t get me wrong – I love me some black leggings. They are comfortable, you can totally make them look amazing – just for me, I like to challenge myself to actually get dressed and wear all the amazing clothes I have in my closet. Not just the casual workout wear over and over and over again {which I am super tempted to do most days!} I feel better when I am actually dressed – even if it is in just a pair of jeans and a cute sweatshirt.

Eden Sweatshirt / Maika Earrings  / Denim

Did someone say ‘cute sweatshirt‘ because this is it!

I’m COMPLETELY a fan of a piece of clothing like this – especially when it’s casual, comfortable, simple, interesting and pretty much the most perfect wardrobe basic.

This sweatshirt is so effortless and easy to wear. Sure, you can toss it on over a pair of leggings after a workout and look put together – because its a hooded sweatshirt, so it totally makes sense. But it’s also the perfect addition to anyone’s closet. I love it in my #momlife because its easy to wear around town, chasing after the boys – but it’s also a super cute top you can wear out to brunch on the weekend while being cozy and cute at the same time.

And did I mention how soft it is? Because its amazing.

I love adding a piece of clothing like this to my closet – because its a neutral and a basic that can go with so many different pieces for various occasions, but it has the beautiful lace up detail down the side, making it interesting and a unique piece to wear.

I love neutrals like this because it’s fun to add additional color or pattern pops elsewhere in the look – like on a fun Apple Watch strap or a cool pair of floral high tops!

Floral Apple Watch Band {under $12!} /  arm party 

// floral high tops {under $25!}

Floral is my love language, and I’m not mad about it.

So there you have it – I just HAD to share with you my love for this cozy piece. It’s seriously a fun top you can add to your closet and wear for each season!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this sweatshirt! Let me know if you love it as much as I do! 


Friday Favorites: Black + Blush Workout Wear {Getting Back to the Gym}

So like the rest of the world, I have decided to get back into my workout routine in the New Year – but I didn’t really decide on it until mid-January, so this is totally still my free trial month!
After the craziness of the holidays, sleep issues with the boys {which are “fingers crossed” starting to get better}, our trip to Disney  – things were just starting to get all sorts of crazy. My health and fitness regimen was non-existent. But it’s one of those things that when you really start to miss it, you know you need it and then you make time for it. That’s what happened to me this time.
I’m not doing any sort of group, or plan {even though I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the Tone It Up series I participated in last year. I’ve just been changing my eating habits, going to the gym and getting it done. I know what to do, it’s just a matter of doing it.
Completely easier said than done. But it feels really good.
Today I wanted to do a little round-up of the cool workout wear I’m totally inspired by at the moment. I am feeling my gym clothes need a little refresh, so I am keeping my eye on a few of these pieces for when I feel the need to treat myself. As you can see from the photo above, I’m a huge fan of tops with fun backs – the ones below are totally my style.
And I am DYING for those blush pink kicks. Seriously.
Not to mention, everyone needs a good gym tote + wet bag. I love gym bags that don’t scream that it’s a gym bag, ya know?
And I’m sure you can see my very serious #allblackeverything color palate, with pops of blush pink because, blush pink. I love wearing all black with some heathering or fun textures, like the beautiful mesh details – I’m into it.

one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine 

So I hope you enjoy my bringing back the Friday Favorites to the blog, and my workout wear post! I’d love to hear if you have a favorite place to shop for gym clothes – I’m always on the lookout for cool spots to shop!
Happy Friday + I hope you have a fantastic weekend!


A Day at Walt Disney World’s Epcot with Two Kids {3 and under!} – Our Favorite Rides, Shows + Experiences

So far I’ve shared with you how I traveled as the solo parent to Disney with my boys, all the fun we had at Animal Kingdom and our next stop brings us to Epcot!

We planned this to be our second park day because there were Extra Magic Hours in the morning which we wanted to take advantage of since we would be up anyways! We had a little bump in the road when we learned that the Monorail was broken down in the morning due to ice on the tracks {yes, THATS how cold it was the week we visited!} So we didn’t get there as early as we would have liked, and we had to take the bus instead of the ease of the monorail – BUT we made it and everyone was pumped.

First stop for us – after posing for photos by Spaceship Earth: The Seas with Nemo and Friends. The boys loved this ride even more after seeing Finding Nemo the Musical the day before at Animal Kingdom. It’s a cute ride for sure and you get off and you get to explore a mini aquarium inside the building – which I totally never noticed before – but it’s got some big fish + mammals inside – like dolphins, sharks, sea turtles, porpoise {I believe!} and more! Was really cool to see after the ride.

Next up we made our way over to Living with the Land – which we had a Fast Pass for and hopped right on. It’s a classic you can’t miss, plus its nice just to sit in a slow moving boat and enjoy the ride.

Next we decided to make our way over to The World Showcase {my favorite!} and our first stop was Mexico for the Gran Fiesta Tour ride. This is another one of those that I always have to go on – its a classic. The World Showcase opens up an hour after the actual park, so we were first in line to get on the ride just as it opened. The boys really liked this.

Next we continued down to Norway and because we had some Fast Pass issues because of the delayed monorail, we were able to score tickets to Frozen Ever After – which is a really cool ride, the boys LOVED it, and I did too. The characters were so real and well done, plus if you have ever ridden the Norway boat ride before it was Frozen, you might remember a fun little twist in the ride.

Next on the agenda – Naptime! Our goal was to get the boys to sleep and then sneak away for some chill mama time – with Prosecco of course!

// rose gold Minnie ears 

We win!

The one good thing about the crazy sleep schedule at night is you can usually time it so the littles all nap in-sync during lunch time.

So we stopped in Italy and enjoyed 45 minutes of quiet – Another Disney miracle!

We made lunchtime reservations in Germany at the Biergarten Restaurant – because we knew they put on a really cool musical show that we thought the boys would like. BUT all 3 boys ended up napping for almost the entire meal, which worked out great for the mamas who got to eat in peace!

Brooks woke up about halfway through to enjoy the meal and the two 2 years olds slept until the very end. You can see in the photo below, Graham just stretching and waking up with his feet on the table {#rude} – it’s crazy the music didn’t wake them up, but THAT’S how tired everyone was!

But either way, a quiet, enjoyable lunch – I’ll take it!

Once everyone was finally up, we continued our walk around the world.

This is one of my favorite parts of Disney because they do such a wonderful job in each country and it’s so much fun to stop and explore – but that’s not something I was able to really do on this trip with young kids – next time!

Our next Fast Pass was a special mama + Brooks date for Soarin’ {since the littles were too little!} – we watched a YouTube video of this ride before our trip and Brooks was pumped to go on it. It’s one of my favorite rides, so different, fun and beautifully done {like everything else in Disney} but add this to your list for sure, its guaranteed to make you smile.

Side Note: The Littles saw the Circle of Life show in the same building while we went on this and enjoyed it!

We had Fast Passes for SpaceShip Earth all day long, but they kept on having maintenance issues with it for whatever reason – they literally opened it up as we were heading home on the monorail, which was a bummer, but we will have to check it out again next time!

Our final ride of the day was Journey into Imagination with Figment – which I had never been on before, but figured – why not? It was a cute slow moving ride that everyone enjoyed – the coolest part was at the end, a really big play area for kids to explore + play, which I would definitely recommend if you need a break from any weather and just need a little area for the kids to run around in!

Can’t leave Disney without a Mickey pretzel, so we got some of those for our ride back to the hotel.

Another amazing Disney Day in the books. What’s your favorite Epcot experience?! Next time I want to take Brooks on Test Track for sure!

Epcot, you are a special one. I can’t wait to come back!

Our Kid-Free Weekend + That Free People Tunic

Hello and Happy Monday! I had a FANTASTIC {kid-free} weekend the past few days. My parents do “Family Dinner” once a month where my brother and sister-in-law and us all get together for a Sunday Dinner – and each month that weekend my parents take the boys Saturday morning until dinner on Sunday.


I love my boys and loves spending time with them and doing all the things, but HOT DAMN it feels good to have some time “off” – if ya know what I mean. I hit up a class at the gym early on Saturday morning, went out for Brunch with Charles, did some things around the house to be productive, watched the Villanova Basketball game with the hubs in peace and quiet, met some friends at the new Yards Brewery in Philadelphia and then Charles and I had a nice date night dinner out.

It was amazing. Seriously.

// top /  vest  / layered necklace {a 3 in 1 look!} / sunglasses  / denim / boots {similar}/  lipstick 

Sunday we slept in and then went out to brunch again {because we could!}, went out to a movie -> we saw The Greatest Showman and the soundtrack has been on repeat ever since, so good! Then we met my family for a early Sunday dinner, took the boys home and watched the Eagles win {!!!}

Basically the best Saturday + Sunday of all time ever.

It’s so nice for Charles and I to have a bit of a break from the boys, to get some things done that we need to do, but also just to be able to spend time together kid-free. Like we used to 4+ years ago, pre-babies! Ha!

It’s also so good for the boys to be able to spend a night away. It’s nice for them to be flexible, be away from mom + dad and spend some quality time with Gaga + Pops. They spent the weekend in this beautiful weather {for January!} enjoying a few parks, going out for burgers – basically having the best time ever.

Because the weather was so nice in Philly this weekend, I was able to bust out this fabulous Free People tunic I’ve had in my closet. It’s a really beautiful “grapevine” color which I believe to be perfect for all seasons! It has a versatile neckline which you can wear off the shoulder if you want, and a long slit up the side with a longer piece of fabric in the back – I always get so many compliments on this when I wear it – plus it’s so comfortable and flattering!

I wore it a few months ago and posted on Instagram where you can see it paired with a fun scarf {that’s reversible!} – you can see the neckline and longer layers better in this photo!

I love this top!

// top / scarf {on sale + reversible} / denim / booties  / sunglasses

I hope you have a great week! Thanks for stopping by!

Chima Brazilian Steakhouse Review: All The Meat, a Killer Salad Bar + New Cocktails from Hop Sing Laundromat – Philadelphia

A few weeks ago, I was invited to enjoy a date night dinner at Chima Steakhouse in Philadelphia. I was so excited for this because it came up at the perfect time – I have been trying to get a date night on the calendar with the hubs for a few weeks at this point to celebrate his birthday, because our original bday plans didn’t work out because of sleep issues with the boys – so this was the perfect time to celebrate with all.the.meat!

I am a huge fan of the Brazilian Steakhouse restaurant experience. We had only been to Chima a few times over the years – the most recent was 2+ years ago when we met a group of our friends for a Valentine’s Day dinner celebration to let them know baby Graham was all the way!

Side Note: If you are pregnant and hungry, definitely add Chima to your date night pre-baby line up! #allyoucaneat 

Side Side Note: I’m NOT pregnant, I just remember LOVING my meal here when I was preggers with #2!

About Chima: Chima Steakhouse, named after chimarrao, a traditional drink of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, that symbolizes hospitality and friendship-certainly lives up to its name. Legend has it that, in South Brazil traditional gauchos (cowboys) would consume a diet that consisted almost entirely of beef. The meat was seasoned, placed on skewers, and slow cooked over a wood burning flame. Historically, gauchos were known for their generosity and hospitality.

The first Chima restaurant originated in Uberlandia, Brazil located in the state of Minas Gerais. In 2004, the Silva family introduced a new style of dining and superior service to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Chima combined traditional Brazilian rodizio and excellent service with an elegant setting.

So before we get into the main event {the meat!} Chima offers so much more than that – the incredible salad bar blends Brazilian and American favorites from salads, cold cuts, cheeses, soup and traditional Brazilian hot dishes. It is massive and full of so many healthy and delicious options. So if you are worried there wouldn’t be something for you – don’t! There is definitely something yummy for everyone.

Guests can choose from Rodizio {meat selection} and Salad Bar or Salad Bar only (which includes grilled fish) – Seriously, salad bar as far as the eye can see!

Another exciting thing that was just announced is the new partnership with Hop Sing Laundromat and the creation of three new cocktails just for Chima! And did I mention these cocktails are only $10 each!?

All three of the new cocktails are built around cachaça, a distilled spirit made from fermented sugar cane that’s considered the national drink of Brazil. The first two drinks – The Gaúcho and The Gaúcha – are made with the cachaça swirled with freshly crushed blackberries or raspberries (respectively), lemon juice, soda and simple syrup. Sweet and tart – my sort of pre-dinner cocktail.

The third drink, called the Rio-Cha is made with oolong tea, cachaça and a bunch of fresh mint – you totally want to be sitting on a beach somewhere when you drink this. It was my favorite!

Ok – now onto the meats! Here’s the menu – when you sit down and decide it’s time for the main event, Gauchos roam the dining room continuously offering choices of over 15 rotisserie meats including top sirloin, filet, ribs, lamb, pork, chicken, sausage and fish.

The hubs and I were committed to eating our way through the entire menu {or at least trying most of it!}

When you sit at your table you order drinks, get served some delicious bread and have access to the salad bar. If you are enjoying the all you can eat meat selection, you are given a coin – one side says “Yes Please” and the other “No Thank You” – once you turn that coin to “Yes” – Let the games begin!

One of the specials the night we were there was this fantastic grilled pineapple – it was warm and delicious! If you go there and this is on the menu, give it a try for sure!

All the meat we had was pure perfection. You can get any temperature you would like and if you aren’t seeing something on the menu you want to try, they will bring it right out for you. And it’s also nice because you can request small pieces if you just want a taste of something. We worked our way though most of the menu – the chicken wrapped bacon was one of my favorites, but everything was so delicious!

I even got a chance to sneak back into the kitchen area to see the the meat being cooked and prepared. Pretty cool that the skewers auto rotate over the heat to ensure they are evenly cooked.

At the end of the meal, you can bet we were full and happy. The Brazilian steakhouse experience is lots of fun – you get to try out so much food and eat as much {or as little} as you wish! But I think its best to come hungry!

Chima is located right down in the heart of Center City Philadelphia – it’s a great spot to celebrate special occasions, or just enjoy a date night out!

Have you ever been to Chima?

What do you think about the Brazilian Steakhouse experience? 

A Day in Disney’s Animal Kingdom with Two Kids {4 and under!} – Our Favorite Rides + Shows!

Today I’m excited to share with you all the fun we had at Animal Kingdom during our recent trip to Walt Disney World. This was the first park we hit up during our visit. We only had planned for three park days and because of extra magic hours at  other parks, we made Animal Kingdom our first stop.

Side Note: Animal Kingdom is MY personal favorite.

// rose gold Minnie Ears

Unfortunately it was raining the morning we planned to start our Disney Parks experience, which was a major bummer. We decided to take a few hours and do a character breakfast {more on that later} and cross our fingers the rain stopped. We made our way to the park and it was still cold and rainy {seriously – major bummer} but we made the best out of it!

I saw rain in the forecast before we left on this trip and kept hoping it wouldn’t actually rain while we were there, but of course it did. I packed rain coats for the boys { this coat is amazing – its lined and crazy warm, the boys loved wearing it and I loved the bright yellow so I could easily spot them!}

Because we took a slower morning getting to the park because of the rain, I was able to make a plan of attack for rides/shows we could enjoy that were inside + rain free.

First, we hit up It’s Tough to be a Bug – which is inside the Tree of Life and based on A Bug’s Life. The boys LOVED it.

3-D glasses FTW

That was the first and only thing we got in before it was nap time for the littles. Because we had such an early morning the day before flying to Florida, they both passed out before lunch in the stroller. I packed garbage bags in my backpack and put the boys legs in them and wrapped them up best I could to keep them from getting wet. It was the smartest thing ever. Then I was able to sit and enjoy a coffee and almost 2 hours of quiet! Another Win!

// fleece lined yellow raincoats

The only non-win part of this double nap was they both fell asleep while we were on our way to the new section of the park – Pandora! I was trying for WEEKS to get Fast Passes to go on the Na’Vi River Journey, which I knew the boys was LOVE and I was personally dying to see it. I was watching the lines on this ride all day and it went down to a 30 minute wait time, which I thought would be do-able with snacks for the kids. I was so excited to get to go on it, but the boys fell asleep and I couldn’t bring myself to wake both of them – that would have been insane! Next time for sure I will hit up Pandora – it was amazing just to walk through, they did a fantastic job!

The boys woke up just in time for lunch! I watched a bunch of YouTube videos for recommendations pre-trip and made reservations at Yak & Yeti. It was perfect to have lunch plans because it got us out of the rain for a bit, the kids were hungry and sat down for the meal – wins all around.

I started off with the Pink Himalayan – Tanqueray, Gin, Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice, Passion Fruit and Lemon Grass Flavors, Salt Rim. It was just the ticket after pushing the boys around in the rain all morning! A nice little lunchtime cocktail for sure!

The meal we had here was delicious – all asian inspired and delicious. But the thing we were here specifically for that I had read amazing reviews about were the Wok Fried Green Beans! So yummy – If you eat at Yak + Yeti in Animal Kingdom, be sure to order these for the table!

After lunch it was time to head on out for our first Fast Pass of the Day: Kilimanjaro Safaris – this is one of my favorite rides. I love getting to see all the animals, they do a wonderful job with the tour of the safari, its always so enjoyable. The boys loved this one too – plus it was great to have a Fast Pass for it since it always has such a long line!

And I almost forgot to tell you, after lunch the rain stopped! Woo!

Disney does such a great job transforming this ride so you feel like you are a part of the safari. So many big animals to see just wandering out and about – next time we come back here I want to do the safari around nighttime, because apparently they put up a huge sunset on the horizon somehow – sounds cool!

Next up we saw a few shows. I would HIGHLY recommend seeing Finding Nemo: The Musical and The Festival of the Lion King – they were both knock it out of the park Disney Magic. Both the boys LOVED them and they were a great excuse to get out of the cold and sit inside with snacks for a while. Finding Nemo – the music and the actors with the characters were so much fun. I honestly didn’t want the show to end! We got seats right up front and had a blast. The Festival of the Lion King I was blown away by – the characters and the floats – it was like Cirque du Soleil! We got a fast pass for this which I would definitely recommend doing because even though it plays every hour, it fills up QUICK and you want to get good seats!

After that we made our way over to Dino Land – the littles rode the TriceraTop Spin while Brooks and I used another Fast Pass to go on Dinosaur! I have always LOVED this ride, and since Brooks met the height requirement {40 inches!}, I figured why not give it a go. When the T-REX comes out and scared the living daylight out of us at the end, Brooks will be fine – right?

A little healthy dose of fear on a ride is part of the fun, right? 

While we were in the ride, I was questioning my parenting choice taking Brooks, my 3 soon to be 4 year old on it. It’s pretty scary, but in a fun way {I think} Brooks was a trooper and held on tight, {I think I held on to him tighter} the whole ride – it was fun to have a little solo time on a ‘big boy ride’ with him and get chased by dinosaurs on the loose.

The ride ends and I ask Brooks what he thought -> “That ride was too dark for me.” 

Ha! I’m proud of him for going on it with me and not getting upset. He was fine with it in the end, and then we went to check out some more of Dino Land USA.

Another fun thing I would suggest while at Animal Kingdom would be the Rivers of Light show which is a nighttime spectacular show, one you can get a Fast Pass for! This runs a few times at night – starting at 6:30pm – this was a little late for us because by this time the boys were done for the day, but we did manage to see some of it and it looked BEAUTIFUL!

Definitely try to check this out if you stay late in the park! I would also suggest checking out the Tree of Life Awakenings show which starts at 6:25 and its a really beautiful show on the Tree of Life. We saw a little bit of this as we were leaving the park and it was really cool!

All in all, even with the rain and cold – we had a great day in Animal Kingdom! There’s always so much more to see and do than I remember, and its just so much fun to walk around the Disney Parks and see the sights!

What’s your favorite thing to see or do at Disney’s Animal Kingdom? I’d love to hear your pick!

Next stop – Epcot! 

Traveling with Two Kids {as the Solo Parent!} to Walt Disney World – Sharing Our Flights and Room Sharing Experience

So a little over a week ago I travelled to Walt Disney World with the kids.

If you follow along on Instagram or Facebook, you are well aware – Ha! #allthephotos

Clearly I needed a bit of a pause after our travels – it’s taken me about a week to get all caught up now that we are back home, but I’m finally ready to blog about it and share our trip with you!

It was a bit of a last minute trip, a little treat to start out the new year with the kids. I went with my friend Kelly and her son, Noah. The two of us travelled with the three kids from cold, snowy Philadelphia down to Walt Disney World.

The House of Mouse! 

It was slightly ambitious to get our Disney on {without the husbands} because Disney can be a bit of a beast, but you know I love a challenge! And when the opportunity comes to take the kids to Disney, you take the kids to Disney!

So I packed all the things, prepped as much as I could and got the kiddos on the plane! I think when getting on a airplane with kids, the hardest part is checking in! Getting the kids, strollers, luggage in the airport, especially when its freezing outside, not to mention 5:00am – its not the easiest thing. But once the luggage is sent to the plane, its just the kids, our carry-on backpacks and the stroller {which we checked at the gate!} A little more easier to manage.

We ended up getting crazy flights – 6:00am on the way there and 8:00pm on the way home. It was slightly nuts in the moment because we had to get up so early on the way there {and so late on the way home!}- but everyone was so excited it was fine! We got through security, picked up some more snacks and made our way on the plane.

My savior this trip: The Kids Kindle Fire! It’s our go-to tablet. The boys got new ones for Christmas, along with these fun cases + headphones {I highly recommend!} and we had fun tablet time on the plane. And this mama got a few moments of silence. Win.

Brooks turns 4 this month and he’s tablet obsessed. He pretty much would do it all day, every day if I let him, which is why when we are at home, it’s pretty regulated, but not on travel days! So he was super happy to zone out, play his apps and chill for the flight. Graham is a bit of a different story. He plays on the kindle on occasion – sometimes for a while, usually not for very long. He would rather explore and be on the move, which is slightly challenging on a airplane. We made some laps up and down the aisle and then eventually it was time to land.

Thankfully with all.the.snacks some previously downloaded movies we survived the flight. And because the flight got us in so early, we were pumped to have the whole day to spend in the Happiest Place on Earth.

When we were brainstorming our 2018 getaway, Kelly and I wanted to go somewhere warm with a quick flight and somewhere that we wouldn’t have to bring carseats! For me, that would have KILLED ME. Trying to get the two kids and their stuff along with the stroller was bad enough. Throw in 2 massive carseats, forget it. I’m not going.

Disney checked off all the boxes for us because we were able to take the Magical Express transportation from the airport to our hotel {and back on our last day} not having to worry about carseats. And obviously all the Disney transportation – boat, buses and monorails – made it easy to get everywhere we wanted to go without having to rent a car! Win.

Side Note: Monorails were the BEST because I didn’t have to fold up my stroller, which is super annoying when traveling with two kids solo. Whenever we rode the monorail, we just strolled right on in! Win!

travel backpacks / rose gold Minnie ears

Our rooming situation was also important to us too because we wanted everyone to be comfortable. My boys usually have a bedtime around 7:00pm but I knew with all of us being in the same room after a busy day in Walt Disney World, this would never stick. But we planned to fill our days with lots of fun, nap on the go and then cross our fingers everyone slept well at night.

Our room had two queen beds with a small sofa that converted into a pull out couch that was the perfect size for Graham. Brooks and I each took the two beds and it was really the perfect set up. The only problem was that Graham rolled off both beds each night we were there! He’s used to tossing and turning in the safety of his crib and went flying off the bed – which was a little scary. Other than that we did bedtime, watched fireworks from our rooms and then everyone got tucked in, including this mama. I chilled in bed with my laptop, headphones and caught up on some Netflix while the littles slept. It was pretty epic.

Most nights ended with one or both boys in bed with me, and of course no one slept in at.all. so we were up bright and early ready to go each day, but thats pretty Disney for ya, right?

Our flight home was at 8:00 pm – WAYYYYY past the kids bedtime. But we figured we would have an extra full day in Disney with this flight time and the kids would fall asleep on the way home. BUT obviously that didn’t happen. Graham fell asleep in my arms about 45 minutes from landing and Brooks passed out as we were landing on the runway. It was nuts he could sleep through that – but they were so wiped and eventually gave in to the sleep.

The only problem then was I was stuck in my seat with two sleeping littles on me. Thankfully we had someone to help us set up the stroller after the plane emptied out – so I was able to take Graham asleep, put him in the stroller outside the plane and then I went back for Brooks. Only problem was it was FREEZING in Philadelphia at 10:00 at night and I wasn’t able to bundle them up before they fell asleep. But I covered them in everything I had to keep them warm and it was a pretty smooth transfer.

All in all we had a really great time. Traveling as the solo parents with two kids was slightly stressful at times, but totally do-able. It was so much more fun {and manageable!} traveling with a fellow mama. Having someone to travel with is always fun, but when you have kids, its the most amazing thing in the world to be able to sneak away for 5 seconds to use the bathroom  and not have to bring all the kids and all the stuff with you all the time.

We had an awesome time, the kids had a blast and I loved it too. I learned a lot about travels with kids at these ages and I think it was a great experience for the kids to go on with me as well. I can’t wait to share the rest of our Disney trip with you! Let me know if you have any other questions about our travels, I’d be happy to share more!


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