Our Fall Home Decor + New Favorite Brightech USB Floor Lamp

Growing up my mom would always deck out the house for each and every holiday. I loved the changeover each season of the new decor – it was always so fresh and festive. And I want my kids to have those memories too!

Since we live in a row home in the city, we don’t have the space {or the storage} to go all out with the decorations just yet – hopefully in our next house! But for now I’m sort of embracing the decorations for the season, not only the holiday and keeping more of a minimalistic feel for our smaller space.

// Wire Pumpkins / Leaf Table Runner / Pumpkin Salt & Pepper Shakers / Wall Mirror

Because we live in the city, I try to keep the decor out for a whole season – so Fall for me is all about pumpkins! That way I can make it work for Halloween through Thanksgiving! I try to keep it more actual pumpkins and not jack-o-lanterns for that very reason. So bring on all the yellows, oranges and whites!

Side Note: How cute is that countdown calendar? Brooks changes it every day and asks Alexa how many days until…every morning! It changes for each holiday too!

// Knit  Pumpkins

// DIY Photo Wall for under $30 and under 30 minutes

Another new part of my decor this year are these LEGO scarecrows the boys made! How cute are they? Did you know every month the LEGO store does a FREE mini-build that you sign up for and get to take home with you?! I had no idea either, but the  boys loved it and I’m pretty sure we will be going every month!

While decorating for the season I was SO EXCITED to be able to spruce up the room with my new Floor Lamp from Brightech. I have been needing something new for this little corner of our living/dining room and I was so excited to pick out the Maxwell USB lamp. This is a two in one wooden floor lamp with shelves.

Its PERFECT for city living, but it’s great for any room really.

I love the shelves because they are fun to change up for each season and a space saver for displaying photos and what not!

Throwback to little baby Brooks below.

This lamp is amazing because its stylish but BEYOND functional. Let me tell you about the TWO USB ports on the top tier conveniently re-juice your mobile devices; the shelf also features a US plug for any electronics in search of an outlet. I’m thinking about moving my Alexa over here because it’s just so easy!

Hiding behind this photo I’m always charging something! I love it as a spot for my iPad + Apple Watch. I take it off at the end of the day and leave it here to charge and it’s awesome. Having a hidden charging station here makes my life a lot easier!

The Maxwell comes in a Classic, USB OR a Drawer option – and in a few different color options as well. The Off-white shade, open at the top, softens brightness of bulbs for a diffused glow that’s easy on the eyes; works well with LED lights or CFL bulbs for a warm, serene feeling with no excess heat. And I love the pull-chain switch for quick on/off of the light, but it doesn’t affect anything charging! Win!

I love it as a little extra space to change up with every now and then!

If you haven’t heard of Brightech before, be sure to check them out – super affordable, amazing choices and fabulous customer service! I’ll be using them again for sure – Floor, String, Magnifier, Table Lamps and more!

Thanks so much to my friends at Brightech for my fabulous new lamp!

Do you decorate for each season? What’s your favorite room to decorate?

Please share!

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  • Reply Patty October 12, 2018 at 7:09 am

    First off, I love the way you have decorated your small space (I have tons more decorations for you one day) and that floor lamp is to die for. It’s so pleasant looking and functional, I just love the charging port – totally awesome!

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