Friday Favorite: New Booties Obsession – Arcopedico Shoe Style Review

In honor of bringing back Friday Favorites, I’m excited about sharing with. you a new favorite of mine. Today is all about Booties! Seriously, can you ever own enough?

I certainly can’t – And I’ve got a closet to prove it.

Speaking of full closets…With a move to the Pennsylvania ‘burbs *fingers crossed* on the horizon, I’ve been spending every spare moment going through everything in our home. Closets, basements, toy bins. Everything. And when I think I’ve finished, I just prepare myself to start again.

I’ve been really enjoying the KonMari method I shared with you a few posts back. It has changed my mindset on what to keep and what to donate or consign, which has been super helpful. It’s also helped me really see what I have too much of along with any ‘gaps’ in my wardrobe. I’m focusing on more minimalism in my closet and I’ve recently been really loving black – something I’ve never been a fan of before – and something that until recently was really lacking in my wardrobe.

Which brings me full circle to today’s Friday Favorite – Black Boots.

It took a while to get there, but we got there, thanks for hanging with me!

Top / Jeggings / Booties / Head Wrap

So yes, I don’t know where it’s been all my life – I’ve been all about the colors and patterns and trends up until now. But I’m currently loving everything black and I want my entire wardrobe to reflect that.

Dark, right? Ha.

And with paring down my wardrobe, anything I bring into my closet, I want to be quality – something that will last, be comfortable and keep me feeling good. So it was perfect timing when I realized the “black booties” hole in my closet – because right then I got an email from my new friends at Arcopedico with a chance to try out their new line!

I love it when karma works like that!

So I love learning about new brands + companies, which is why I wanted to share these with you today – because I had never heard of them before and I am so glad I did because, let me tell you – they are AMAZING!

Arcopedico has been around for over 50 YEARS! So you know they aren’t messing around. The shoes have been HANDMADE in Portugal since 1966!

The Arcopedico website is full of ton of amazing options for all seasons, but I went with L8: The L8 is a comfortable and versatile bootie that will transition seamlessly between seasons. The outsole has a built-in arch support for all day comfort.

Let me tell you – these are Extremely comfortable, these booties are made to be worn for hours on end (which makes them perfect for travel or those who are on their feet all day). They also provide excellent support and have side zippers for ease of taking the shoes on and off.

Even better?

They weigh less than a pound, the majority of which are vegan, washable and crushable.

Yes, you read that right – Vegan, Washable AND Crushable.

They are so soft and lightweight. They make me feel like I am walking on a cloud and I LOVE the side zip – so easy to put on and take off.

I went with the black/dark grey color – they have a bit of a pattern on them you can see when they are close up and it’s so pretty. I’ve been wearing them nonstop – with no end in sight!

I hope you enjoyed my little review – I love reading other blogs and hearing from influencers of new brands and companies they are working with – and Arcopedico is definitely one you should check out!

Now I’d love to hear from you – have you heard of this brand before?? And if not, tell me your favorite booties you are currently loving!!! Please share!

A huge Thanks to Arcopedico  for my new shoes. All opinions are my own.

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