My Kitchen Organizing Haul – Everything I Purchased + Sharing Kitchen Organization Tips from Intentional Order

So yesterday it was so fun to share our Kitchen Organization Transformation – if you haven’t checked it out yet, please do so and let me know what you think! It was a pretty big deal for me to share, but it was so much fun to do and see the change.

Not to mention it’s been so much more functional and enjoyable to live in!

Today I’m back to share with you some what I purchased to elevate the organization process in our kitchen space along with some of my favorite Kitchen Organization Tips from Abigail of Intentional Order.

So after our initial organizing session, Abigail gave me a few suggestions and ideas as to how to organize the kitchen better with a few key products. She did this after we went through everything and put everything back in its space so we could see where we could improve different areas! I hit up The Container Store – because they are having a great Kitchen & Pantry 25% off Sale right now – along with a few other items on Amazon {FTW!}

I’ve linked the majority of what I got for you on Amazon – because Amazon does a great job of giving you a variety of options, which I thought would be helpful since everyone has different spaces + different needs. You can find the items at both The Container Store and online at Amazon – and with different prices – my go-to line for everything so far has been the InterDesign – Linus! But definitely price compare to see what makes the most sense when you shop!

Here’s my Haul:

// 2 Tier Cabinet Organizer / White Storage Bins / 3 Tier Mesh Cabinet + Spice Organizer / InterDesign Drawer Organizer Starter Kit / Bamboo Drawer Dividers / Oxo Good Grips / Plastic Drawer Dividers / Desk Drawer Organizer / Cracker Jars

I think the most amount of questions I got from everyone was how to store spices! I had so much trouble with that before too – especially with these cabinets!

These 3 Tier Mesh Spice Organizers have been amazing! And they make such a HUGE difference! I can see everything I have in my pantry area – they make everything look so much more neat and pretty. There are a few different kinds but I didn’t want to invest into anything too pricey because we hope to have a brand new kitchen soon – but so these were perfect and I know I could find a use for them in any home!

Next up – one of my FAVORITE items purchased – I don’t know how I’ve lived so long and didn’t even know these were a thing – Bamboo Drawer Organizers! They look like they have always been in the drawer and they immediately make everything more organized and function in the drawer. I’m obsessed.

Onto our media drawer! In the crazy process of going through everything, I didn’t manage to get many photos of the drawers before – let me paint a picture for you – it consisted of about 25 different USB, Apple + GoPro charging cords and ports.

It was a MESS.

I picked up a Desk Drawer Organizer, only kept a few cords that we needed regularly and took everything else away. And wouldn’t you know it that this left me a little space for myself – which is where I’m going to be putting my mail, keys, sunglasses – just a little drop space for me to close. Wins all around.

In the Pantry it wasn’t so bad but it was defiantly lacking organization. I grouped everything together and used these White Bins which helped with the small and large items.

I also created a grab + go snack area for the kids to help themselves to certain things. These Cracker Jars have been great, I want to get a few more!

Another drawer view with the InterDesign Linus container + a look at the plastic drawer dividers. These aren’t nearly as impressive as the bamboo, but they do the job for a drawer you don’t open as much!

Another change I added to the mix is I moved all our bread storage on this wall shelf into the basket below. It holds break and muffins great, and I can see how much we have left when it’s getting low. Looks much nicer than having out on the counter as well!

And finally, thanks for sticking with me though another long post! But I can’t sign off just yet! I wanted to share with you a recap along with some tips on what Abigail of Intentional Order says to focus on in terms of Organizing your Kitchen:

1. Empty The Cabinets: Take everything out of each cabinet and drawer!

2. Purge: Get rid of the things that are broken, missing parts, duplicates, or that you don’t use anymore.

This made parting with things so much easier for me – if it’s broken, damaged or a multiple – out it goes!

3. Sort: Group items into categories. Baking, cooking, holiday/seasonal, entertaining, everyday dishes, etc.

4. Organize: Once you have the cabinets cleared out and everything sorted, you can now map out where to store everything. Try to keep the items in the space closest to where you use them. Cooking items near the stove. Glassware near the dishwasher or refrigerator. Coffee mugs near the coffee maker. 

5. Contain & Label: This might be the most important step! After working hard purging and sorting, some product will go a long way to ensure things are kept in place and organized. And label everything! 

  • Bins: Whatever is small and loose, designate a bin for it. In the pantry, have different bins for each category of food: snacks, grains, breads, sweets, dinner items, etc. You can use any type of bin to contain your stuff, but clear is great to be able to see what is in them at a glance.  –
  • Lazy Susans: Great for pantries, those tricky corner cabinets or the higher cabinets above the stove. They work well to hold oils, vinegars, & spices. 
  • Drawer Dividers: This is a must have for every drawer! Use to divide up all your cooking utensils and other essentials. Dividers can also help you turn that junk drawer into something you actually like! 
  • Vertical Storage: So much vertical space is wasted in a lot of cabinets, but you have options. A shelf riser works well in the pantry for can goods. Rack dividers can be used to store your baking sheets and pans vertically.
  • Under-shelf baskets can help you store more in the cabinets. 

If you have ever searched for organization products for the kitchen, you know that there is a product for everything out there!

Don’t get overwhelmed with trying to buy everything at once. Start with the basics and slowly branch out!

If you are in the Philadelphia area – be sure to check out Abigail of Intentional Order! Her website has lots of great information on what she does, packages & pricing and more!

And she’s doing a great Spring Cleaning Special right now too – 1 hour FREE with a single session + 2 Hours FREE with a package!

Thanks so much for following along on my organizing journey! It’s been amazing to do and so much fun to share! If you have any questions, please let me know – and if you’ve got your eye on doing some organizing in your home, let me know what you’ve got planed and how it goes, so I can cheer you along in your process!

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    Thanks so much for all the great and useful information. Your kitchen organization looks amazing, what a great feeling too! Kudos to Abigail!

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