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Friday Favorites: Matching Family Holiday Pajamas

I’ve had two super popular Holiday posts that I had to recreate again for this season.

Matching Family Holiday Pajamas.

Apparently everyone loves them!

In 2016 the boys + I were Nutcrakcers!

Last year, we enjoyed a green holiday plaid {where I was in a onesie!} because, Joanna Gaines!

This year, I have my eye on a thing or two, but because these pots were so popular and everyone, like me, is out there looking for a little inspiration, I wanted to compile a list of a few of my {current} favorites to share!

I usually get the boys and I some holiday pajamas after Thanksgiving – I like more seasonal ones that we can wear all winter long, as opposed to only Christmas, but I’m open to anything!

Here’s what we are loving so far!

// one / two / three / four 

I am SERIOUSLY digging the trees { three } but the boys are pulling for reindeer onesies at the moment { four } – but can we talk about two,  which is Harry Potter!!! And I do love the colors in one – Gnome Sweet Gnome!

// five / six / seven / eight

Holiday colored stripes {six} or red plaid {seven} is always a good idea, but I am loving five because it’s from the Peanuts Characters, a holiday classic and more GNOMES! {eight}

Just a few of my favorites that I’ve found so far!

Now I’d love to know – are you into Matching Holiday Pajamas?!

Stay tuned for my pick, in the coming weeks!

Happy Friday!

Athleisure, Activewear + New Bedding – A look at my Early Holiday Shopping with Boscov’s

This post has been sponsored by Boscov’s. All opinions are my own.

This past week I was treated to a little holiday shopping spree by my friends at Boscov’s!

I was challenged to check out my local Boscov’s store – there are actually 6 in the Philadelphia/South Jersey area – and see how many names I could check off my list. And early holiday shopping is something I LOVE to do – I think the sales + specials are totally underrated in mid-November and its a GREAT time to shop or do any wardrobe updating you might need to do!

I was so excited to be a part of this opportunity because Boscov’s holds a special place in my heart around the holidays – it’s where my Grandma and I would shop all.the.time. She lived up in the Scranton/Wilkes Barre location in Northern Pennsylania and we would ALWAYS go to Boscov’s together for holiday shopping.

So this was a little nostalgic for me, I was happy to take my Grandma along with me on this holiday shopping journey!

But before we get into the Holiday shopping, let’s circle back to that wardrobe refresh – I recently found myself in desperate need of some new athleisure wear. I just joined a new gym and was looking for some cute + comfortable sweats I could wear during these cold winter months.

So the first holiday shopping I did was for myself!

Since it had been a while since I shopped at Boscov’s I was SO IMPRESSED with the brands and the prices!

It was INSANE the deals and specials – Nike, Reebok and more – I was loving it!

I ended up getting two nice pairs of joggers, two pairs of workout short sleeves, a cozy Nike hoodie + these sweet Reebok shoes!

These Reebok casual shoes are currently 50% off – under $35 and are the most amazing neutral teal ever. They come in a really pretty soft pink too, I was tempted to get both because they were such a great deal!

The picture below shows them darker than they are in real life, they are a soft, green/grey/blue.


I also picked up this Nike hoodie + joggers set which are going to be on repeat for after workouts and for lounging around the house + running errands.

I legit have them on right now as I’m writing this. I might never take them off.

I’m also in love with these new workout tops – they are that wicking material + are UNDER $10! I got one in grey + one in black. I really like how they are looser and I’m able to knot them on the side if I want a different look.

Super happy with all my new gear – I literally had all these things on my holiday wish list, so it was nice to be able to treat myself to some new goodies + now I can use them for the next two months!

And now a look at what I got the boys!

One of the things that will be under the tree for them this year are these matching Super Mario pajamas – under $15 and they are super cute. I know the boys are going to love them + it’s always nice to get new PJs. If you’ve got a Mario lover in your life, be sure to grab a pair!

An early Christmas gift that Charles and I were discussing getting the boys, that we ended up getting for them early was new sheets + comforters for the boys. They recently transitions to bunk beds and I was needed to get something fresh to go along with that upgrade.

I was super excited when I came across this geometric pattern comforter in shades of grey, white + black. It was super affordable, super cozy and I love how it looks against the grey bunkbed.

Let’s go back to affordable – under $25 each which seriously matters when you are buying two. Great deal in my opinion!

And I upgraded the boys sheets as well to a dark grey, ultra soft set. They are cozy + warm, perfect going into the winter season, plus only having one set of sheets is a gamble when you’ve got littles in the house! I definitely needed another set and this was the perfect excuse to get it!

Brooks’ bed above + Graham’s below – they have already made themselves right at home.

I was able to pick up a few extra things for the boys and for the house that will be making it’s way under our tree – and like the clothing brand selection, I was equally impressed with the toys + home goods available. Along with all that Boscov’s offers convenient services like Gift Registry (for wish lists), Buy Online / Pickup In-store, and even better… FREE gift wrap. As the largest family-owned department store, Boscov’s wants to make shopping a breeze. At Boscov’s you’ll be able to find something for everyone on your list plus a little something extra for you.

Thanks so much to my friends at Boscov’s for the awesome shopping spree!

Now I’d love to know – what’s on your early holiday shopping list?!

Holiday Family Photos + Getting Kids to Look at the Camera with Rose Bulger Photography – Art Museum Area, Philadelphia

Two weekends ago my little family set out to meet up with Rose of Rose Bulger Photography to have some photos taken for the holiday season. It all sort of came together last minute – as Rose + my upcoming schedules were both a little crazy – so on Saturday night we made the executive decision to take the photos on Sunday morning.

Time to go into outfit panic mode.

Luckily, I had already started picking up some holiday outfits for the boys randomly the week prior.

Thank goodness for early holiday shopping.

Outfit Details: Dress / Jacket / Scarf {reversible + on sale!} / OTK Boots { on sale!} / Earrings {on sale!}

Boys: Long Sleeve / Vest / Shoes  {on SALE!}

We were all having a green moment for this holiday/Fall photo shoot – and I 100% didn’t mind because I feel like it really worked with all the greenery in the background.

And aside from the foliage working out so great in the pictures coordinating with our color scheme perfectly, the temperature was also great too. A tad bit chilly, but not bad for the season at all! Any later in the month and the boys would not have been comfortable without their jackets, another win!

So as you can see, we decided to do our pictures around the Art Museum/Kelly Drive area of the city. It’s actually where we got engaged, had our engagement photos taken and its in the area where we live – so these photos in this area will always have a special place in my heart.

I’m glad we got to take these photos here together because it will likely be our last Fall season here – as we are hoping to move in the Spring!

Aside from all that – I’m am so happy with how the day turned out, along with how our outfits coordinated too – but OH MAN – it is SO HARD to get two little boys to 1) smile 2) look and 3) smile WHILE looking at the camera.

It’s basically the most hard thing EVER in the entire world!

Brooks is at the age where he can be coerced into it a bit more {for some candy bribery #sorryimnotsorry } but Graham was just not having it AT ALL.


We got a few good ones, and a few more that I will just keep to myself to laugh about because let’s be real – getting kids to cooperate for photo taking is ROUGH. But as a photo lovin’ mama I say its got to be done, because I know I will want to look back on these memories when my littles aren’t so little anymore.

That being said, a HUGE Thank You to Rose of Rose Bulger Photography for taking the time and being so patient with us and the littles AND my little dog too {Jackson made a few appearances in the photos, if you could see!}

For all my readers in the Philadelphia / PA / NJ area – if you are looking to get some holiday/seasonal/family/whatever photos done, she’s awesome to work with!

And now I’m looking for some TIPS!

What do you do to get your kids to look/smile/pay attention to the camera?

Please enlighten me!!

My Favorite Earth Brand Shoes + Sharing a SECRET Friends & Favorite Discount Code

Today I’ve got a little Public Service Announcement for all my amazing blog readers!

{Because everyone loves a good SALE!}

// Boone Mary Jane Wedge

If you’ve been following along the blog + Instagram for a while now, you MIGHT have noticed a particular shoe brand showing up over + over AND OVER again.

My Earth shoes are always on repeat, because I just love them so much!

// Borne Boot

Today I’m here to show you some of my favorite Earth brand styles AND share with you an amazing discount that Earth ISN’T POSTING ABOUT!

The lovely folks at Earth have been so generous hooking me up with some new shoes this past summer + fall seasons and I’ve been LOVING them so much! Right now, Earth is having a {NOT ADVERTISED!} Friends & Family 30% off SITEWIDE! This Never Happens – and since they aren’t sharing it, they are leaving it up to their blogger friends to spread the word!

Of course, I’m more than happy to shout out an awesome deal from the rooftops!

// Keren Bootie

Use code: EarthFF2018 and #treatyoself {and your feet!} to something new this season, or scoop up a Spring or Summer sandal that you can bust out when it gets warm again {or sooner if you’ve got a fun vacation lined up this winter!}

// Intrepid Peep Toe Bootie

I have been really loving on Earth brand shoes since I got to try out a bunch of them at a Benjamin Lovell event this past Spring that I worked with them on. They invited me to try on their shoes and let me pick out a few to take home with me.

Yes, I #willworkforshoes – but I was excited to try out a new {to me} brand and see what they were all about. I knew by looking at them that they were super cute styles, but the out of this world comfort level blew me away with each pair – and still does to this day!

// Bonfire Strappy Sandal

As you can see from the photos {and more below!} my Earth shoes have been traveling all over the place with me since last March! I’ve taken them to Florida, the beach, Atlantic City, pumpkin patches and more. I’ve found that most styles are so perfect to dress up or down and you can wear them all day + night!

Which basically makes them the perfect travel shoe.

// Hibiscus Sandal

When you find a shoe that works, you just got to go with it – and all of these styles seriously work for me. Comfortable, cute, stylish and functional. Just a few of my favorite things.

// SweetPea Wedge Sandal

If you are a shoe lover like me, be sure to check out the Earth Friends & Family 30% off SITEWIDE sale and use code: EarthFF2018

I’m not being paid to post this AT ALL. I just seriously love all the shoes I have from them and I wanted to share the love in a whole blog post dedicated to the brand. Give ’em a try – and I’ll sure you will soon end up with quite the collection, like me!

And if you decide to give them a try or are already a Earth brand shoe lover, I’d love to know ->

What’s YOUR favorite Earth Style? 

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