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From Balayage Blonde Back to Brunette: A Fresh Hair Color for Fall

Every year, as the seasons change, so does my hair.

When it gets warm in the spring I love going blonde with some serious balayage action, going light and beachy for the summer. As the weather cools in the fall I crave cozy sweaters, all things pumpkin and my rich, dark hair color.

It’s just hair, so why not change it up if you want?


outfit details: cold shoulder ruffle top {on sale} raw hem denim /

 booties {similar – on sale!} / headband

I’ve been dying my hair back and forth since I was a kid. I like blonde and then I like brunette and it’s just an endless cycle that I don’t mind. This time I had my stylist match my roots, which are very dark and even though it was pretty light before, we managed to get a really good match!

And aside from my new hair, I’m loving the new striped, ruffled, cold-shoulder top – that’s on serious, super sale. It’s a sweet little piece to pair with some skinny jeans and booties on a warmer fall day.

Jeans and a top weather is my favorite – I love the 60-70* sweet spot where you can wear pretty much anything and be comfortable, give or take a layer or two. I’m hoping weather like this stays around for a while!

And I have to give a little shout out to my new favorite headband – the Blaire! This beauty is so cute to wear as a headband, but it’s also a choker necklace and a wrap bracelet! I love the little sparkle and detail on this piece. Also, using this link if you have your eye on any bracelet, including the Blaire – if you put 2 in your cart, you get 50% off the 3rd – which is an awesome excuse to treat yourself to a fun arm party or stock up on some holiday gifts!

Message me with any questions!

Are you like me and loving changing up your hair? Or are you more au natural in the hair department?

Let me know!

The Nap Time Hustle: Self Play, Earning Free Time & Lightseekers Review

So here’s the deal. I have two boys age 3 {Brooks will be 4 in January} and 2.

One naps. One doesn’t.

Most days. 

And since preschool has started up, after a summer with a lot less structure than normal {which I believe is normal for summer fun} we have had a bit of a struggle getting back into the groove.

When Graham takes his nap {ahem – most days} I like to have an activity, a little quiet time and a bit of a reward for Brooks – something that he really wants to do – if he checks a few things off his chore chart and cooperates.

We do puzzles, play board games, do spelling + number + writing activities and then I give Brooks a little quiet time with books – I think this is super important for him to sit and relax and unwind a bit after a busy morning. It’s also important for him to have a little time to himself, where he isn’t depending on me or Graham to entertain him.

Self-Play is a good thing for kids to learn and be able to do! But it’s important to acknowledge that at 3 years old, it’s hard for Brooks to sit still for very long. So I usually set a timer we both agree on, and after he has a little quiet time – he gets to pick something HE wants to do for a little while {usually at the end of Graham’s nap}

And let’s just say that ever since Mari the Lightseeker showed up at our door { Thanks Tomy!} he has been picking this for us to play every.time!

Why does Brooks love his Lightseeker, you might ask? The cool thing about this is that you, the player, can use the action figure as an actual controller. And for a 3 {almost 4} year old who loves to play video games – that’s all sorts of awesome. Lightseekers are built for mobile devices and they interact with each other and your device via bluetooth.

I try not to allow too much screen time for the boys. It’s something they have to earn at the end of the day – usually while I get dinner ready. I’m trying to make them {and me} more intentional about it – on the television and with tablets. But I have to say that this Lightseeker game is so much fun to play together.

Brooks and I carve out some time each day while Graham naps to do something fun together – and since he’s in the process of learning to read, we play this game together so he knows what’s going on – and I really like it too! You insert your hero – in our case, Mari,  into the Lightseekers video game and he comes to life with lights, sounds, speech, and vibrations which respond to and help guild your gameplay.

Seriously, how cool is it that you can use the action figure to play the game?

Another reason we keep this as a nap time toy is because if Graham got his hands on it, he would never let it go – but obviously he isn’t old enough to really play it. Brooks loves that it’s something special we play together – and again, what kid wouldn’t love playing their action figure in the video game in front of them?

Definitely something really different and fun to keep your eye out for as the holidays approach!

Brooks approved!

If you have a little one that naps and an older one that doesn’t how do you spend your nap time?

I’d love to hear about it! Please share!

Disclosure: TOMY sent me a sample of Lightseekers to review. All opinions are my own. 

You NEED This Top: The Perfect Everyday Lace Knit Tee

I feel like I end up saying this a lot here on the blog, because I only share things with you that I truly love and that are worth my time and effort creating a blog post – but seriously you guys, when it comes to this top – I MEAN it! 

outfit details: Evie Lace Knit TeeWinston Feather Earrings /

Alay Statement Necklace /   Kensington Tote 

Strap Heels {similar } / Raw Hem Denim / Dark Pink LipSense 

This is one of those tops that comes around once every so often but you will be SO glad you got it. It’s not cheap, but I don’t think its overpriced – totally worth every penny and you will find yourself reaching for it again and again. I know I have.

It’s an easy piece to wear and looks so cute with some fun earrings or any statement necklace. The lace detail on the sleeve is on point and completely perfect. It’s the kind of top that looks awesome dressed up or down. I wore it this time with denim so the top could be the star of the show, but because it’s black you can easily pair it with any fun skirt, like I did here, or pants for a great night out.

And aside from looking fabulous, this top feels fabulous. It is very well made and the sort of material that makes you feel comfortable and put together the second you put it on. It’s an easy top to throw on for brunch with your friends, a date night with your love or just a great piece to wear to work.

So there  you have it. Wanted to share a little love for this little top that is so different from anything I have in my wardrobe – it needed a little shout out on the blog. I’m hoping it soon comes in other colors, because THAT would be amazing.

Latest Vlog – Hersheypark in the Dark + a visit to Hershey’s Chocolate World

Last Friday {Friday the 13th, specifically}, Brooks and I took a little road trip up to Hershey, PA. I’ve been having an absolute blast working with my friends at Hersheypark this year – check out my 3 day weekend in Hershey to get caught up! I was so excited when I was invited to check out Hersheypark in the Dark this Halloween season. I first told Brooks about it and we watched the promo video for it everyday for two weeks – he was pumped!

It worked out perfect that I was able to invite my college roommate, Ashley and her daughter, Esmè {who is a little younger than Brooks} to join in on the fun – since they live right around the corner from the sweetest place on earth! We all stayed out way past bedtime, had way too much chocolate and had the most fun. The kids love going on the rides as it got dark out and we enjoyed the fun trick or treat trail at Treatville! It was misting rain a little, which I think kept some people away at night, but it worked out perfectly for us because there were no waits for any of the kids rides. It was an absolute blast – and did I mention Brooks asks everyday to go back!

I’m pretty sure he’s already counting down until next year.

I hope you enjoy my little video of our fun time at Hersheypark in the Dark and a quick little visit to the Hershey’s Chocolate Tour ride! Can’t wait to hear what you think!


And here are a few snaps of the day:

outfit details: sweatshirt / denim / sneakers {on sale!}

// sonic

And Her Little VLOG Too + A Visit to Bullock Farms

So I’ve been dabbling in a new hobby that I’m finally excited to share with you today – VIDEO! I was sent a GoPro Hero3 when they first came out YEARS ago as a part of a blog partnership. I never really did anything with the GoPro even though I knew how cool it was. This was pre-kids, so I’m guessing I never really had any inspiration to take videos of anything – but I recently became obsessed with the Bucket List Family and they have inspired me to get in the video/YouTube scene!

I figure I do lots of fun things {with and without the kids} that I love to share here on the blog, it will be fun to add a new form of media into the mix. And I’m so glad I did because I’ve been playing around with the GoPro for a little bit and it’s so much fun – now I’m wishing I took videos of my kids from the very beginning!  But today’s the day – I finally made something I was excited to share with you!

We went to Bullock Farms last year and LOVED it so much {seriously, if you are in the Philly/South Jersey area – its a bit of a drive {about 45-60 minutes} but totally worth it! Here’s a video I had a ton of fun putting together, sharing our day and all the fun the boys had! Check it out and let me know what you think!

And I am going to continue to blog here and share my story through photos as well, so here are a few snaps from the day too!

outfit details: overalls / top / choker / reversible scarf / sneakers 

Floral, Stripes, Burnout & Velvet {all in one fabulous top – under $25}

If you’ve been doing any shopping this Fall, you will definitely have seen VELVET. It’s a new trend this season that I believe will easily transition well into the winter months.

When it first made its way onto the racks and I started seeing all my blogger friend rocking the velvet, I really wasn’t sure how I felt about it. Some of it seemed a little dressy for my day to day #momlife but I kept my eyes peeled incase I found a velvet option I could love.

Outfit Details: Burnout Velvet Top {under $25} / Distressed Denim {similar} /

Sneaker Booties {on sale!} / Necklace {a 3 in 1 piece}

And I stumbled upon this beauty.

Floral, a touch of black and white stripes, burnout AND velvet! Pretty much all of my favorite things rolled up into one glorious top. And it was the perfect way for me to try out the velvet trend.

I love how the floral and stripes around the collar and arms make the velvet a little more casual. And I added somedistressed denim {similar}, because I’m addicted to it. Along with some sneaker booties this was a cute little outfit put together to enjoy a day in the city with the boys. Easy to wear, comfortable and on trend!

Are you a fan of the velvet trend this season?!

Let me know what you think!

a little love for my little dog { and how the blog got it’s name!}

This post was sponsored by Milk-Bone® as part of a Two-Post Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Taking a moment today to give a little love to the namesake of this little blog.

Jackson was the whole reason I started to blog. I got him after graduating college. I had my first real job, a great apartment, new roommates and I wanted a little sidekick to join me on my journey.

I had grown up with a dog – our family dog, Biscuit {a cocker spaniel} had been a part of our life since my brother and I were kids. We begged our parents for a dog and when a family friends pup had puppies, my parents surprised us with Biscuit when they picked us up from my grandma’s house one summer.

I still remember waiting on my grandmas porch up for my parents to pick us up after a weeks vacation at grandma’s house. We were waiting and waiting and then my mom came around the corner, not in the car, but walking a little puppy!

It was the best surprise ever.

So needless to say, I’ve always been a dog lover. When I got myself settled after college into “real life” my first mission was to find the perfect pup.

And I totally did in Jackson.

Soon after getting Jackson, I started blogging – when I was deciding on a blog name, I was super into Wicked {and Wizard of Oz} so it only made sense that the famous line “I’ll get you my pretty, and your little dog too” was part of the beginning of my blog. It was a suggestion by my roommate at the time {Hi Jill!} and it was totally perfect. I still love is so much to this day, because the blog totally started as a way to document my new beginnings with a pup. And then evolved into marathon training, loosing weight  & healthy living, recipe sharing, documenting our engagement, wedding, travels, pregnancy, babies and everything in between.

And I love that and her little dog too is all encompassing all of my life the past 10+ years I’ve had my little dog and been blogging away!

Back to the little dog – If you’ve ever met Jackson in real life, you will totally get it when I say that he is more like a cat than a dog. Likely because he grew up with my roommates cat, Mojito,  when he was a pup. Jackson doesn’t bark, or make any noise really. He’s a little puppy ninja that happily chills and watches the world around him go by.

Seriously, best dog ever.

And I love that my boys are now growing up with a little dog too. I think its amazing to have a dog in their lives, they both have a special love for animals and I’ve been starting to give Brooks and Graham each responsibilities with Jackson – like feeding Jackson {which they LOVE} and helping me walk him {which they are obsessed with}. It’s fun to go on daily walks, with my three boys, and explore our neighborhood together.

I think kids that grow up with a pet have a special bond and create lasting memories with the furry friend of the family. Jackson is amazing at calming the boys down if they are upset with a cuddle and a kiss and I’m pretty sure when the boys have a meal, it’s Jacksons favorite time of the day {because my kids drop a TON of food!} And Jackson loves to help clean-up! The boys love giving him treats and teaching him tricks { sit, high five}

// throwback to halloween last year – me and my dragons

I’m obviously a dog lover and I’m happy to instill that love in my boys too. I want them to grow up loving animals and respecting them along with treating them with kindness and care. That’s why I’m excited to team up with Milk-Bone and Canine Assistants.  This year, Milk-Bone is celebrating its 20th Anniversary with Canine Assistants, a non-profit organization that trains and provides service dogs to children and adults with physical disabilities and special needs. To celebrate this milestone anniversary, Milk-Bone has created a heartwarming video to showcase some of the dogs and pet parents who have been helped over the years to show just how dogs are more.

Be sure to take a minute to watch this amazing Canine Assistants video:

Thanks for following along with my life, my boys and my little dog too over the years! I’ll be sure to include more Jackson updates in upcoming posts, since it’s nice to share his story too.


  • What makes your dog part of the family and why is he/she so important to you?
  • Why did you decide to own a dog?  How has your life changed in a positive way since?
  • What did you think of the Milk-Bone Canine Assistants video? Did it change your opinion about dogs and their role(s) in a family?




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