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A New Year + A Day in the Life

So you know when you do something for so long and then take a break and then have a hard time getting back into the swing of it? That’s currently where I am with blogging.

I took some time off during the holidays and planned on getting back in the routine of it all on January 1 – because New Year! BUT it’s been a little harder than I thought to jump back in. And I think that’s because I’m currently at a standstill of where I want to take my blog. It’s been such a big part of my life for the past decade+ and I’m at the point where I’m not sure where I want to take it next!

// Jacket {under $30!} / Hat

So for now, while I figure things out, we are easing back into it with a readers request and something I thought would be a fun way to start off 2019 – with a Day in the Life! I always get requests to do these, and it’s been a while, so here we go!

I’ve done a bunch of Day in the Life posts over the years, it’s always fun to share a little play by play look into my day. Here are a few of my favorites:

A Day in the Life with Two Under Two / A Day in the Life as a SAHM {with a 6 month old}/ Another Day in the Life / Coffee Chat + Life Lately

So let’s get to it! Here’s how I started my week this week, bright and early on this past Monday morning, 7 days into 2019!

6:28am – I wake up to hear the boys giggling downstairs. Only recently did they start sleeping through the night and staying in their beds until our morning clock wakes up – we got this one second hand – and on the amazing days they do, it feels so good to be able to wake up, do a quick change and head downstairs to find them watching a show together. #goals

6:45am – While the boys watch Blaze or Paw Patrol or whatever Nick Jr. show that they are into at the moment, I make myself some tea. I am doing a modified Whole30 for the month of January – so coffee is out for me. On the Tea Train – choochoo!

7:00am – Let Jackson out + I then start getting the boys breakfast, pack Brooks’ snack for school, organize his book bag and see what else is going on. I also am a creature of habit and love turning on CNN on my iPad in the kitchen every morning while I have my tea. I like watching the news {albeit depressing some days} feeling like a human and seeing what’s going on in the world.

7:30am – My mom arrives! She comes and helps me two days a week with the boys, with house stuff and anything + everything in between. She’s a saint and I wouldn’t be able to get anything done without her, so it’s amazing. She chats with the boys while I run around the house gathering all the dirty clothes from various levels, run downstairs and throw a load of laundry in.

8:00am – Time to get everyone dressed and read for the day. Brooks goes to school on Monday, but Graham doesn’t so getting him out the door is a little bit of a priority, but I try to get everyone ready together. Brush teeth, potty, change, shoes on, hat on, let’s go! It takes a while, especially with two!

8:30am – Brooks and I are off to school! Since my mom is over, she stays at home with Graham, which is amazing – depending on the weather, Brooks and I walk, drive or scoot our way to school. Today we walk + chat.

8:45am – Drop Brooks off, walk back home.

9:00am – Back home. Make myself breakfast. Diner Breakfast from the Whole30 book – sweet potato, pepper, onion, sausage + over easy eggs. It’s delicious and keeps me so full all day. Takes a little bit to prep, but it’s so worth it!

9:30am – Switch laundry, turn on dishwasher, vacuum + surface clean the first floor.

10:00am – Check my emails. Attempt to plan out my week online, which hasn’t been going well lately, see paragraph at the top of this post. Map out any scheduled posts for the week, make sure I have photographs I need for the posts + socials.

10:30am – Get Graham a snack. While my mom is here with me on the days Brooks is in school for a few hours – we toggle between doing house work and keeping Graham entertained. He enjoys his solo time with mommy + gaga – and on the days my mom doesn’t come over, it’s nice to snuggle up with him, watch some shows, play with his toys and just chill.

11:00am – I have to pick up Brooks in an hour – those 3 hours at school go way to fast every time. Switch laundry, put away laundry, run to my neighbors house to take some quick photos for the blog + other side projects.

// Jacket {under $30!}

12:00pm – Pick up Brooks from school. We chat about his day, what he did, any projects he’s working on, favorite songs and more. He loves to chat and he loves his school!

Between 12 – 4 every day is usually very different. Some days I pick the boys up from school and we head out to ChickFilA for lunch {because the boys love their play place} and run errands in NJ. Some days we go to the Please Touch Museum, Franklin Institute, Adventure Aquarium or somewhere fun for a little afternoon adventure. And some days we just come home and chill, which is what we are doing this week!

The boys both have Soccer Practice each week, Swim School once a week and I just signed them up for a Ski School in February – so aside from school, they’ve got A LOT going on! We like to stay busy. But we also like our chill days.

12:30pm – Since this is one of those chill days, I let them have a little extra screen time. The boys got the Nintendo Switch from Santa – which they are obsessed with – so they are having a grand ol’ time playing Just Dance and Mario Party and The Incredibles 2! I prep lunch while they play.

1:00pm – Switch Break + Time for lunch! Since I had such a big breakfast, I haven’t been having lunch most days on the Whole30 – I just haven’t been hungry! I usually have some tea and grab an apple if I’m starting to get hungry in the afternoon, and on days when we are out and about, I always pack celery with sunflower butter and it’s been amazing!

1:30pm – The boys finish lunch, I clean up and then it’s time for a little arts + crafts! Earlier in the week I rearranged and reorganized a little art area for the boys in the kitchen, so they can easily grab their favorite go-to things themselves. It’s filled with PlayDoh {we love this Star Wars set}, Mad Mattr {which I’m currently obsessed with!}, Lite Brite, Water Wow books, Wipe Away Books, Scratch Art, crayons, coloring books and more. They pick their favorites and play for a while.

2:00pm – The kids are still entertained even though they’ve changed their arts + craft activity 57 times each. <insert eye roll emoji here> So while they are happy, I leave the kids with my mom and take Jackson for a walk.

2:30pm – The boys are playing a game with Gaga – Otrio – a new one from Christmas, I highly recommend! Graham is a little young for it, so he normally veers off and plays with his new Ninja Turtle Lair {from Santa} Both boys are entertained, so I sneak away to finish putting the laundry back, empty the dishwasher and figure out if I need to prep anything ahead of time for dinner.

3:00pm – It’s not too cold today and when the weather cooperates, we try to get a little outside time in whenever we can. Today is a good one, so we take the scooters and make our way over to a playground for a little bit. Got to get that energy out while the suns still up!

4:00pm – We get back home and since my mom is still with us, I head upstairs to take a quick shower while she plays with the boys before she leaves. Shower, wash, rinse, repeat – the most relaxing 30 minutes of my day!

4:30pm – Gaga leaves {I miss her already!} Time for a movie while I make dinner! Tonight’s feature film is Smallfoot!

5:30pm – We take a break from the movie and the boys have dinner. They eat + listen to music while I prep the adults portion of the meal, which I will eat with Charles when he gets home.

6:00pm – Bubble Bath time for the kiddos! Followed by a quick rinse in the shower {Brooks loves it} and getting changed for bed.

6:30pm – Daddy’s Home! Hugs + kisses for Dad along with a little check in on how the day went. The boys then get to finish their movie while mom + dad sit down for a hot meal. This is a new thing for us in 2019 – doing my ‘modified’ Whole30 I’m cooking at home so much more, so we have more meals together that we are both eating and enjoying. It’s super nice to sit down and have a meal together, something we didn’t do a great job of in 2018, so I’m happy to set the next year on the right foot and create this habit. Tonight’s dinner – Chimachurri Beef Kabobs – they were DELICIOUS!

7:00pm – Charles takes the boys upstairs for a little playtime with dad, teeth brushing, potty visit {one last time before bed}, books and goodnight. They are usually down between 7:30 – 7:45 most nights. Not too shabby. I get to clean up dinner and any other mess that reoccured since my last clean up session in the morning, We have the boys pick up their toys and such, I just like to tidy at the end of the day.

7:30pm – Check in on my computer with emails, browse social media and see what I missed. I usually have CNN on my iPad while I’m cooking or cleaning in the kitchen too. I also managed to prep some food for my meals tomorrow too, along with finishing prepping this post.

8:00pm – It’s chill time! FINALLY! Pour myself a glass of wine {part of my Whole30 non compliancy} and turn on Walking Dead. I’ve been obsessed for the past month or so and I JUST got to the final season. Love it so much. Not sure what I should watch after this – any suggestions?!

9:30pm – I usually get through a Walking Dead episode or two before calling it. Most nights I’m in bed between 9:30/10. I’m trying to go to bed earlier and have plans for doing a little reading in bed – just need to figure out what to read!

And there you have it! Monday’s are usually my clean/organize/laundry + prep for the week days, so they are usually pretty chill, which I don’t mind! The rest of the week is normally filled to the brim and especially after busy weekends, we use Monday as a day to regroup!

Should I add more Day in the Life posts to the lineup? What else do you want to see in 2019 on the blog?! Send me a message, a comment or hit me up on social media to let me know! I’d love to hear from you!

Cheers to 2019!

The Compact Stroller – Colugo Review

Hello & Happy 2019! It’s been a crazy holiday season – I ended up, as you know from my lack of posting, taking a few weeks off the blog and social media world. Technically only 10 days – but it was a much needed break and it was nice to step away from social media and just enjoy the holidays.

It was meant to be only a day or two, but obviously I needed a few more but I’m excited to be back into the swing of things now. The kiddos are back to school, I’m back going to the gym, getting into the routine that fell completely apart in December! It was a crazy month, but a fun one!

I had plans to share with you some of the fun things we did in December, but I’ve taken down the tree and all the decorations now so I’m sort of more into starting fresh with the New Year.

And with starting fresh, I thought it would be fun to jump back into things! On Fridays I always love sharing my favorite things, but this week it’s all about a current Favorite THING!

I’m excited to share that in 2019 I’m going to be working with Colugo – a brand new compact stroller company – it’s local in Philadelphia and New York City. I was one of the first people to get to try this bad boy out and as a mom with two kids, I know how important finding the right stroller can be. So I wanted to share with you my experience with Colugo!

First up, this bad boy is COMPACT. Seriously. It is small but mighty and it folds up into the most perfect little package – with an added bonus of a strap so you can easily grab it and go.

And did I mention it is a one handed, two second fold?! It’s so easy and seamless!

AND she stands up when she’s all folded up, which I also enjoy. Makes it so much easier to put it down and pick it up when you are loading or unloading the car – which is important in this whole #momlife world.

If you are a city mom like me, you will know the importance of having a stroller that can easily pack up and go. I have loved taking it with me everywhere, like on the bus! Check out how cute it is!

Brooks is almost 5 and he’s usually good walking when we are out and about, but Graham who just turned 3 still needs a little lift every now and then, so this has been a great option for me and I’ve used it a ton.

And check out the cold-weather BFF to the Colugo Compact stroller, the Colugo Cozy fits securely onto the stroller (and the stroller still folds completely with it attached!) It’s been perfect for the colder days this winter.

If your mind wasn’t already blown by the strap and easy folding of this beauty, check out the backpack that COMES WITH the stroller – making it even easier for you to take it with you on the go.

Yes, the stroller is packed up in there and I can be hands free – perfect for airport or train travel!

Another amazing {and super smart!} feature is that it comes with removable, machine washable layers.

Because, Kids.

And if you are growing your family or want to get even more use out of your stroller, you can buy additional comfort layers, in a variety of color options! I think this is super smart and it’s a way to personalized the stroller for different kids, plus a easy way to freshen it up a bit!

Another deal breaker for me when it comes to strollers is storage. I need A LOT of it. Because kids come with lots of stuff you have to tote around with you! The Colugo is amazing because it comes with this diaper bag/backpack.

This diaper backpack is completely customized to fit inside the stroller, this thoughtfully organized diaper backpack is the storage every parent needs – and it’s the perfect fit.

Changing pad and wet/dry bag included.

I didn’t think it would have as much storage as it does, being a compact stroller, but I’ve been impressed with how much it holds and the actual space available!

And along with the easy folding, great space + thoughtful features, it’s been a super smooth ride that both my boys have jumped in to enjoy when we are out and about. The no-puncture tires and serious suspension make for easy strolls anywhere you go – which is saying a lot in the city!

Random Fun Fact: It also includes a easy-on, easy-off rain cover and UPF 50+ sun shade keeps your kiddo safe from the elements. We haven’t used the rain cover yet, but it comes with the stroller and it attaches to it so you always have it when you are out and about!

I’ve had an absolute BLAST taking this stroller for a ride all over the city. It’s been so much fun to test out, use and take on our adventures. It’s well made and perfect for kids of any age!

The Colugo brand is new but it’s creating unique items for todays parents – I seriously wish I had this stroller when both my boys were younger, its THAT amazing. But I’m happy to be able to use it now!

Be sure to check out the Colugo brand and see what they are up to! I’m excited to be working with them in the New Year and I’m even more pumped to partner with an amazing company that makes a stroller that I truly love and makes my life easier!

If you are in the market for some new wheels, be sure to check them out – they have a 100 day try out program, so it’s definable worth it and I’m sure you will LOVE IT too!

Thanks Colugo!

Dutch Winter Wonderland – Holiday Fun with Kids

Hello + Happy Holidays! It’s been a crazy week! Santa came, there was lots of merry, even more cheer and all sorts of madness. As you can tell, I ended up taking a few days off blogging to enjoy the holidays with my family – it’s been nice to take a little social media break and enjoy this special time with my kids. I didn’t mean to do it, but I did it and it felt good!

More on all our Christmas fun, I’ll be sure to catch you up on what we’ve been up to in another post, but I had to pop on today and share the fun we had LAST weekend, a few days before Christmas – just incase you were looking for something super fun and festive to do with the kiddos this weekend yourself!

But first, a brewery.

You know I love to find breweries everywhere I go – and a visit to Dutch Wonderland was no exception. Victory Brewing Company is an awesome space with great food and brews – and it’s about 20 minutes from Dutch Wonderland, so its a nice little place to stop for lunch before hitting up the park. The DW seasonal hours are a little different – the day we went it didn’t open until 3, so it made sense to break up the day in the car and stop for a meal. They even had a cool corn hole play area for the kids to get the wiggles out. Win.

We ended up meeting up with one of my good friends, Michelle and her three kids – they were on their way up to Pennsylvania from Virginia for Christmas and it was the perfect excuse to get together and have some fun!

If you want to get caught up on all our previous visits to Dutch Wonderland, check out these posts:

A Day at Dutch Wonderland / a visit to Dutch Winter Wonderland / End of Summer Extravaganza / Happy Hauntings at Dutch Wonderland

As you can tell, we love to come here. It’s perfect for the kids at a young age – there are tons of rides, a great water park area in the summer and they do such a great job at Halloween and during the Holidays.

And I love taking that picture of the boys with the pretzel every time we visit, just to see how much they change each time! They are growing up way too fast, but that’s another story for another day!

At Dutch Winter Wonderland, there are TONS of the favorite rides open – and tickets are super affordable because of the holiday hours! It’s a great place to go to take the kids – especially with this mild December weather!

The boys love all the rides, but we love to come during the Winter months to see the amazing Royal Light Show – which features thousands of twinkle lights dancing to music. It plays very frequently and it’s not to be missed.

But our favorite of the holiday fun {aside from seeing Santa!} is the Holiday Train Ride through the park. They do such an amazing job with the decor and the lights, it really gets you into the festive spirit – before or after Christmas!

It’s one of my favorite holiday attractions too – it’s just so beautiful, they kids are always mesmerized. If you find yourself looking for something to do as this 2018 Holiday season comes to an end, be sure to check out Dutch Winter Wonderland!

And Cheers to 2019!

Holiday Fun with the Kids in Philadelphia – A Christmas Carol at The Walnut Street Theatre

If you are looking for something fun to do with the kids while they are out on break – or even just a weekend family activity, you MUST check out the Walnut Street Theatre!

I’ve been there for Matilda, which is still playing and it’s INCREDIBLE and I also got to see Aladdin JR. with the kiddos, and we were just invited back to check out one of the kid-friendly performances of A Christmas Carol. 

This play is perfect for younger + school aged kids because it’s only an hour long. And it plays in the morning at 10:30 and 11:00am on weekdays and weekends – perfect time for the littles to enjoy a show. 

It’s the classic Christmas tale that’s the perfect way to get into the Holiday spirit. I love that I was able to share this story with my boys this season!

This show was a little intense with the three spirits for Graham – age 3 – but both he and Brooks – almost 5 – sat through the whole show! I was impressed with their behavior and think it’s so important to expose the kiddos to the arts and how to act at a show at a young age! 

I love the Walnut Street Theatre for kids so much and can’t wait to see the other performances coming up this Winter + Spring seasons – Goosebumps, Pinkalicious, Fly Guy and more! 

I’d love to know what show you would like to see most with your kids! 

And because I always love a #OOTD and didn’t manage to snap a pick with the boys at the show, here’s what I wore to the theatre – I love a little festive red for a Christmas show !

Outfit Details: Earrings / Top / Jeans / Booties / Blanket Scarf 

Thanks for following along! And now I’d love to know – at what age did you take your kids to see a show at a theatre?! Please share!

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