My New Normal

I’m not sure if it’s the warm weather or what but a few weeks ago something in me flipped a switch and I have been seriously on the healthy eating train! As a new mom, I spent the first few months eating anything & everything that was put in front of me. Nursing makes me super hungry & I wouldn’t always have time to make the most nutritious meal – I’ve been very guilty of grabbing the easiest & quickest thing. I found myself eating lots of carbs & drinking lots of caffeine. It wasn’t anything crazy but there was definitely room for improvement.

A few weeks ago, I brought the beloved green monster back into my life.

I’ve had one everyday for breakfast and I’ve never looked back. I feel so much better when I start my day off with a smoothie, and I end up making better food choices throughout the day too. The green monsters have also helped me curb my morning coffee habit a bit too, which is another win.

spinach, almond milk, banana, chocolate protein powder, ice

 > more details on all things green monster <

green monster1

I’ve also been all about fresh summer salads lately too. I try to walk to the grocery store a few times a week, for the exercise & to take Brooks out and to also buy what we need fresh. There are also some great famers markets in our neighborhood I’ve been frequenting as well. Stocking up my fridge with fresh, season fruits has been making eating right so much easier.

I still have a few pounds to lose to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight, but I think those are still going to hang around while I am still nursing and I’m just fine with that. I’m more concerned with feeling good and eating right {most of the time – everything in moderation!}

{ arugula, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, red onion, red pepper, feta with my all time favorite dressing }

greek salad

Fresh flowers are also a necessary part of my new normal.

Because, pretty.


And I also wanted to share with you today my tummy time workout I do with Brooks every day. While he is on the floor rolling around, I figure it’s a good of time as any to get a little workout in. Since Brooks spent 41 weeks stretching out my belly, I need to make sure I’m focusing on strengthening my core whenever I can. This is a little workout routine I put together that I can easily do on the floor or next to him on his mat – he gets in his tummy time & I get in mine too – everybody wins!

Tummy Time for Mom

What’s your new normal looking like these days?



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#in24 Finale 5k Recap – My First Race with the Running Stroller

This weekend I had the opportunity to take part in the Back on my Feet in24 Philadelphia Race Challenge. There were 4 different race events happening & I was able to run in the shortest distance available – but with my little man & our running stroller!

I worked with the in24 folks a few months back promoting this race weekend and they were kind enough to provide me with a race bib of my choosing. I’m in no shape to run an ultra race & with a new baby running a relay in the middle of the night wasn’t in the cards for me either, but I was more than happy to take part in the 5k race!
Finale 5k

The best part about the race {for me} was that I was able to take Brooks {in his running stroller!} with me during this run! I saw a dad with his daughter in a running stroller picking up his race bib & I then asked the race director if strollers were allowed. He gave me the go-ahead so I ran back home {we are a 5 minute walk to the Art Museum} and picked up Brooks! Charles & Jackson ended up joining us too so it was a family affair!

start line

I’ve run a BOMF race or two before – my most recent one being the BOMF 5 Miler – my first race {two months} postpartum. They always put together a great event that is filled with so much support, encouragement and enthusiasm from runner to runner. It’s great to see it in action and be a part of it all.

beginning of the race

Because this was my first actual race with the stroller, we hung out in the back of the start line as to not get in anyone’s way. I’ve run with Brooks many times in the stroller but this was his first official event, so we took it slow and steady. He loved watching all the other runners and since was an out & back run, he watched people coming and going from both directions – he even let out a few giggles and squeals for some runners passing by.

on the course

Side Note: We ran this race without the carseat & stroller adaptor for the stroller. We got the go-ahead from the doctor and I am not only very comfortable with Brooks’ head/neck support, but I was also very familiar with the flat road of the course too.

stroller running

It was great to have my little running buddy along for the ride. He loves being outside, enjoying the fresh air and people watching so it was a win/win for everyone. It was also nice to have Charles & Brooks there cheering us on {taking pictures!} and waiting for us at the finish line.

to the finish line on the stroller run

I’m really happy with my decision to run this race with the stroller. It was tough {and affected my time -> a 27 lb. stroller + a 17ish lb. baby = an extra 41 lbs. to push!} but it was a great experience to be able to do something like this so close to home. I’d been looking for stroller runs in the area for a while now & while this wasn’t an official stroller run of sorts, it was nice to have the option to bring by baby along for the ride.

race medal

5k was also the perfect race distance for us at this time. Brooks & I have done longer runs together {mainly during his nap time} but this 8am start time was nice to include him in the outdoor activity but it was also in the free time space between his morning nap and morning snack – so it worked out great timing wise.

running buddy

I love living in the city because we are so easily accessible to so many great events all the time. I also love continuing to keep fitness as a priority in my life and to now be able to show Brooks what it means to live a healthy, balanced life.

It’s also always nice to be able to get out there for a run on my own, but what’s not to love about having this little guy tag along for the ride?! I can’t wait to get out there again & find another race I can run with the stroller!

art museum steps

My official time results for the Finale 5K:

30:28 FINISH / 10:03 PACE / 24th Place {Female} 

Not too shabby considering the extra 41 lbs. I was pushing! 
race time

Thanks to the lovely folks at #in24 for a great race! I can’t wait to add this Finishers medal to my collection! 

Finale 5k Medal


Have you done a race with a stroller before?



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Friday Favorites: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale


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I’ve been waiting all week for the #nsale to go live! I’ve been to the store & checked out all the pre-sale items behind the sheer curtains {which I think is such a fun way to do a pre-sale!} and I’ve been checking out the early access online too. I love how Nordstrom puts their new Fall styles on sale before the season begins. They always do such a great job & I love the customer service & shopping experience I have when I go there. I used to think Nordstrom was a little on the pricey side, and they do have luxury items, but you can find great deals on great products and brands there too. And Nordstrom stands behind what they sell and if you ever have an issue, you can bring any item back for a refund. Love that.

Here are a few of my favorite items {now on sale!} during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, which went live to the public today! Check out my picks and let me know what your favorite #nsale finds are!

Happy Shopping!

*************************** nsale

1- This peacoat is the cutest! It comes in six fun colors and I love the high chunky neck! Did I mention it’s less than $40?!

2- This geo draped sweater is totally my style – I love the navy/beige color combination and the fun print too. Looks super comfy/cozy and for a great price!

3- How sweet is this polka dot pullover? It’s easy going, loose fitting but has a nice, put together look about it. I wouldn’t mind this appearing in my closet one day.

4- So funny – I got these cropped jeans in my 9th Stitch Fix! I loved them – they fit great & I really like the style and am sort of pumped I got to try these out before they even went on sale at Nordstrom!

5- It’s never too early to start thinking about the perfect fall booties – especially when they are this cute & on this great of a sale. My mom loves these in black, I love them in whiskey – luckily are the same size shoe so maybe we need both to share?

6- I love a good initial necklace and this one is so simple and so perfect {at such a good price!} Plus the reviews are pretty awesome for it too, which is always a good thing as well!

7- Loving this adorable leather clutch – the ultraviolet color is fabulous & I love the “Chic Happens” text too! Such a fun little gift for your girlfriends! Is it too early to start Christmas shopping?!

8- In LOVE with these sunglasses. I saw them in store & they are gorgeous. I love the thin frame & the fact that they come in NAVY! Hello! I probably don’t need black sunglasses, definitely not another pair of tortoise but I totally don’t have any in Navy! Love!

9- I’m sort of loving this sage backpack with the cool geometric print. The color is so perfect for the Fall {or any season!} and I can totally see myself wearing this while out and about with Brooks! Such a great price too! PLUS  - it has a padded laptop pocket – so it would be great for traveling too!


What’s Your Friday Favorite this week?



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SoleSociety Sale + Baby Sign Language !


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Did you hear?! SoleSociety is having a seriously awesome crazy sale right now.  Most things on this list are in the $20 and under range! Craziness! Here are a few of my favorite things {I want everything!}

Happy Shopping!

Sole Society Sale

1- I want this bag in blue. Seriously, get in my closet.

2- An adorable fedora for under $12?! I’m in.

3- I can’t decide if I like the chambray or tangerine color of this clutch more – Is it wrong to want both?

4- I totally just ordered these laser cut loafers in hot coral. They have great ratings and I feel like I will get great use out of them in the Summer, Spring and Fall! So cute!

5- I own these sandals, got them earlier in the season on sale {but not on sale this good!} and they are so cute and comfortable and they go with everything.

6- Adorable gladiator sandals in classic black with the perfect little wedge. For under $17, are you serious?!

7- Loving these suede booties - they are so perfect for going into the Fall season! They come in 3 neutral color options too.

8- How cute is this oversized woven satchel? I love how it can be used as a cross body bag or a satchel. Such a great sized bag for carrying around a lot of stuff!

9- If I didn’t have a little baby & these weren’t totally impractical for me to buy at this point in my life, I would be all over these wedges. Especially in this olive green. Love them. For $21, you can’t beat it!


In other news -> One thing I’ve always planned on doing with my little one, ever since pregnancy, was to incorporate baby sign language into Brooks’ development. I have a few friends that have used baby sign language with their kids, I’ve seen it in action, and I think it’s such a fantastic way to communicate with your child.

I got such a great response to my Learning About Baby Led Weaning post, that I wanted to reach out to the blog world again. I asked my doctor when would be the best time to start using sign language around Brooks and she suggested around the 8-9 month range, but I want to start my homework on the subject now.

Do you know of any good books or videos or websites that I should check out?

Have you used baby sign language with your child? What were your thoughts?



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