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treadmill running

I like to check things off a list. I like to keep track of progress. I am motivated by setting goals and being able to see my development – where I’ve come from & where I’m going. And that leads me to telling you about you to my newest obsession – FitStudio.com – a free, one-stop fitness destination and rewards platform.

Brooks is not walking yet and while some gyms in the area do offer childcare during select hours, I’m not crazy about plopping him down in there to lick the floors – not that he does that, but I would prefer him to be walking around on two feet than crawling on his hands and knees picking up everything in an area that is used as part of the gym 90% of the time. I’m pretty sure it’s a first child thing but it grosses me out, especially in the city.

So for the moment, I am working out at home, running with my BOB or taking classes when I have a sitter!


Being able to have the option to workout in the comfort of my own home {with some pretty awesome reviews of fitness gear & products} has been key for me the past year. And some rewards on the side to keep me motivated? I’m IN!

 FitStudio.com simplifies the process of researching equipment and gear via video reviews and ratings, provides Shop Your Way members and customers with resources to get and stay fit through free workouts and articles on fitness and nutrition and offers rewards for daily physical activity through the Points for Progress program and #Achieve15 fitness tips. It’s pretty much everything fitness all the time.

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Almost all activity on FitStudio.com earns members Shop Your Way points, including:

  • Connect with FitStudio.com: Sign up, connect an app or device and complete a profile.
  • Get Active: Walk or run two miles per day, and burn 200 calories per day.
  • Socialize: Share your fitness progress and share FitStudio.com content on social media.

I connected my Fitbit Flex  {check out my review of the Fitbit!} and it’s been fun to connect and experience other tracking apps too!

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 1.50.26 PM

For more online fitness fun, check out the FitStudio community and use the website as a one-stop resource for fitness online.

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Being healthier and more active are two major resolutions people make for the New Year.

How will FitStudio.com and the #Achieve15 Program motivate, guide, and help you to stay on track with your fitness goals? Please share!


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For more information on FitStudio and #Achieve15 {and some pretty awesome reviews} check out the FitStudio by Sears YouTube page!

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My Guilty Pleasure

It’s no secret how much I love chocolate.

I’m pretty sure not a day goes by that I don’t reach for a piece in the freezer – chocolate is SO much better frozen, wouldn’t you agree? – and these days, I must admit, it’s easy to reach for a piece of chocolate to take the edge off, especially when little man has a 5:30am wake up call.

Doesn’t everyone reach for chocolate first thing in the morning?

I recently had the chance to try out the new Special K Brownies as part of a campaign with Fitfluential – just so you know, I will likely never turn down a chocolate campaign. Just sayin’ – and I’m so glad I got to try them for myself! This isn’t something I would normally ever reach for on a shopping trip – I tend to go with the “if it isn’t in the house, it’s not a problem” sort of mentality, but these chocolate treats are definitely worth changing things up! BROWNIES

Special K Brownies are perfectly-portioned 80-calorie indulgences that satisfy chocolate cravings in two delectable flavors: Divine Fudge and Heavenly Caramel. Surprisingly the caramel was my absolute favorite! These brownies are made with real cocoa, chocolate or caramel chips, and topped with a drizzle of chocolate fudge for 80 decadent calories per bar. Not too shabby, if you ask me –  It’s a great option for a healthy snack!



Now it’s your turn to share -

What’s your guilty pleasure?


For more information on the new Special K Brownies in Divine Fudge and Heavenly Caramel check out specialk.com  – These brownies are available now at grocery and mass retail stores nationwide.


This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Special K.

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Friday Favorites: Pretty Things


Don’t forget to enter my Veetee Rice giveaway for your chance to win a massive prize pack full of tasty rice that’s ready in 2 minutes! {you know you need this in your life!}


Today I didn’t really have a theme in mind for this weeks Friday Favorites so I just decided to share with you a few pretty things I have been loving lately. I am really getting anxious for warmer weather & Springtime and all these picks make me feel like the sunshine is right around the corner {even if it is a few months away!}

What are you getting excited about being able to warm for the warmer weather? Please share!


Pretty Things

one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine



Speaking of pretty things, check out these new earrings the lovely folks at Anjolee hooked me up with! I’m obsessed! They are the Romanced by Diamonds Stud Earrings only I got to pick a gemstone for the center – I went with Citrine because I think it sort of goes with everything & I don’t have anything that color! earring

Anjolee is a high end diamond jewelry manufacturer and retailer – they are the only jewelry website that offers customers the ability to customize any jewelry designs to the customers’ exact preferences, taste and budget. The jewelry can be customized by any metal type, any carat size, any diamond or gemstone and size. I personally have my eyes on a few different customizable diamond wedding band options!

Thanks to the folks at Anjolee for the fabulous earrings!bokeh

I was NOT compensated for this post, but was sent the earrings {shown} for review.


What Pretty Things are you loving this week?

Please share!


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All Around This World

One of our favorite days of the week this past month has easily become Thursday because it’s Brooks’ new favorite music class – All Around This World!


In the past year, Brooks has been lucky enough to take part in so many fun classes. Since I stay at home with him, I always make an extra effort to be out and about as much as possible, giving him many opportunities to socialize and experience new things. I love sharing the classes that we love on the blog because I know there are so many moms out there looking for fun things to do with their littles!


A little about the class: All Around This World is music program for infants, toddlers and preschoolers that encourages kids and their families to explore the world by enjoying global music, rhythms and movement. In weekly sessions, our teachers take your family on a guided tour of the world. Interactive and fast-paced, All Around This World classes have your kids playing instruments, dancing, drumming and singing – and you’ll love it too! Each season, explore a particular region of the world, immersing your family in the local music and culture. All Around This World classes bring our great big world eye-to-eye with your family!

little drummer boy

All Around this World is different from any other class we have been too – even with Brooks still being so little, the class is so focused on learning and immersing the littles in various cultures. At the beginning of the 11 week class session we were given a CD with all the music that we would be learning during class – it features music and sounds from different countries in different languages and it’s been fun to play for Brooks because he now recognizes the songs in class.


Each All Around this World session focuses on a different area of the world – for this winter session the teacher, Emily, has been highlighting different countries in the Caribbean. It’s been fun to celebrate Caribbean music in all it’s joyful, rhythmic and multi-cultural glory – plus it doesn’t hurt to channel the warm weather as it’s snowing here in Philly!

shaker eggs

So far we have been to Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Bahamas & Jamaica – each class has some different music but we do song some of the same songs over again so the kids can get used to them!

Also – before each class we get an email about what country we are focusing on this week along with highlights about the area, an overview of the country, the language, music and pictures too – this class is offered for older kids as well, which I could see being so much fun to review the email and do some learning before the class each week! Brooks is a little small for this at the moment, but I’ve enjoyed the information being sent my way!


Brooks also loves playing with all the different instruments that come out to play each class as well. He loves music so it’s been fun to watch him explore and dance along with the different tunes he is learning about in class.


And I must say, as a mom, this class has been a breath of fresh air for me too – we aren’t singing the same kids songs over and over again. It’s been nice to change things up a bit for me too!


And just to be clear, I was NOT compensated for this post. Just wanted to share the love about an awesome class we have been taking in Philadelphia! If you are in the Philly area, be sure to check it out!



What’s the best class you’ve ever been to with your baby?

Please share!



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