Back Down the Shore + the Best Floral Summer Beach Dress

I hope everyone has had an amazing weekend! We had some great friends get married – if you follow me along on Instagram, you will know that we had a ton of fun! I’ll be doing a little recap of all the fun wedding details later this week, stay tuned!

I feel like we just got back to Philly {after 3 weeks at the beach for the start of summer} but we are packing up tomorrow to go back for a while to soak up that summer sun as much as we can! Both the boys love it and we have family there so it makes sense to spend some quality time!

Outfit Details: Floral Dress {use code AndHerLittleDog10 for 10% off any order from Poppy + Dot} / Gladiator Sandals / White Gita Tassel Earrings / Black + Gold Aviators

And speaking of quality time, I am planning on spending loads of quality time in this gorgeous floral dress from Poppy + Dot!

{use code AndHerLittleDog10 for 10% off any order from Poppy + Dot}

I’m excited to announce that I have been selected as a new brand Ambassador for Poppy + Dot, so it’s going to be really fun to partner with them throughout the year. I’ve been a fan of their clothes for a long time, so I know its going to be amazing to work together!

And did I mention I love this dress?

A gorgeous navy + floral print on a t-shirt midi dress {with pockets! ahh!} is perfect for any hot summer day – you get great coverage from the sun, but the skirt portion of the dress is light and breezy, so you are totally comfortable.

Wear the dress alone {its so gorgeous alone} or pair it with my go-to olive green military {utility?} vest and it can completely change up the look!

The cut and fit of this dress is so universally flattering on anyone and everyone, and its really easy to wear while chasing the littles all around town {or the beach!}. Great for day, night, play or a evening out!

And remember – POCKETS!

It also looks great with a classic jean jacket and a classy Babe Rosè in a can {with bubbles – I love this stuff!}

What’s your favorite way to dress up or down a great floral dress for the summer? I’d love to hear it!

And don’t forget to use code AndHerLittleDog10 for 10% off any order from Poppy + Dot!

Tone It Up 2017 Bikini Series RESULTS – My Before and After

Hello and Happy Summer!

If you’ve been following along for a while now, you probably know that for the past 2 months I’ve been a part of the Tone It Up Bikini Series 2017. This is in no way a sponsored post – the program is free and I decided to do it on my own, with my neighbor, because I wanted to make some changes in the health department of my life.

{and I did! as you will see below!}

To get caught up on my previous Tone It Up posts + updates, check out these blogs:

On Starting the Tone It Up Bikini Series

One Week on the Tone It Up Bikini Series

One Month on the Tone It Up Bikini Series

So yeah, the Bikini Series is a 8 week long program with diet ‘guidelines’ and exercise plans from your Tone It Up Trainers to help you reach your goals.

For me, it had been a long winter and I was definitely eating + drinking way too much and not exercising at.all.

I was seriously in need of a reboot and this was the perfect reason – to get in shape for summer and do it alongside my friend, Kelly {who we recently did a juice cleanse together – she can talk me into anything} because, lets be honest – everything is more fun with a friend, and it totally helps to keep everyone accountable!

So here we go – my results:

{I can’t believe I’m posting this on the internet}

I have to say, I’m embarrassed to post this because I’m bummed out about how I look in the before picture, but HOT DAMN I’m PROUD of my after!

I feel like I have a brand new body – and it feels good. I’m a mom of two sweet boys that I carried for 9 months, nursed each of them for over a year and I’ve put my body through a lot, but progress shows!

I am 14lbs. down from where I started 2 months ago, and a little TMI but when I did my final weigh in this week I was starting my monthly cycle and I’m always heaviest at that time, so I expect the numbers to drop a bit more.

But seriously, it’s not about the numbers at all. Look at the pictures – every aspect is completely different.

And obviously a tan helps, but this is more than just a tan. And I did NO editing to these pictures.

I feel strong, and I feel like these pictures prove it!

This picture pretty much sums up how I feel.

Ok, so how did I do it? I made big changes to my diet.

I cut out all dairy and most carbs and sugar.


I thought it would be WAY worse than it is. And looking at the results from making that change keeps me going.

{the boys ate the bread in this picture below} – but meals like this make it all worthwhile and delicious.

Protein + Vegetables + Fruit are life.

I only use Almond Milk in my coffee now and I think another big change was how I snacked – I used to snack with the boys, but how hummus, veggies + guacamole are my go-to.

I’m pretty sure I could survive solely on hummus + guac.

I am also working out. A lot.

I signed up for a local gym and make it work with my schedule to take classes at least 4 times a week. I am finding that my body craves more than just a run – it wants to LIFT WEIGHTS.

It hurts so good and I enjoy the challenge.

HIIT and Ropes classes are my new favorite things too. I need more than cardio to make my body what I want it to be – Strong.

I played lacrosse in college + travel soccer my entire life – so I think workouts like I grew up with as a kid challenge, push and motivate me.

All of which I love.

Of course I haven’t been perfect the entire 8 weeks. I celebrated my birthday, spent 3 weeks at the beach, spent a week down in Florida, a weekend in Hershey – I’ve been all over, its been a busy two months. But I have done the best I can making the smart, healthy decisions as best I can.

And even the hubs helped me out on my birthday – the cake was pretty much for the kids {because to Brooks, birthday = cake} and I got chocolate covered strawberries + Champagne!

Exactly what I wanted!

And I can honestly say that I’ve never been hungry. The fruits, vegetables + protein I’ve been eating keep me fuller for way longer.

Today my lunch consisted of – cauliflower, broccoli, sweet potato + tahini sauce and it’s pretty much the best thing ever.

I’m stuffed.

I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that I was ready for a change. Must like anything else, its all timing. And you have to change it up to get results, which is exactly what I did.

And I still got to enjoy my rosè along the way, so that made it all the more enjoyable and attainable.

So what’s next you say? Well, I’m going to keep on, keepin’ on! I don’t miss anything and I don’t feel restricted. If I want something, like a pizza, I can have a slice and make adjustments later in the day, or with my next workout. It’s all good.

But for the most part I plan to continue to stick to it. I have a goal in mind for myself and I know if I continue with this I will get there sooner than later – and it feels good!

I’d love to hear about any big changes you’ve made to your diet or lifestyle.

What has worked for you in the past when you want to make serious changes? Please share! 

My {Organic} Grocery Shopping Hack

It’s no secret that I LOVE living in the city.

Philadelphia is a great city and it’s proving to be an amazing place to raise our boys. I love taking advantage of everything the city has to offer – the parks, museums, there’s always something fun going on and everything is so walkable and {for the most part} convenient.

One of these conveniences is easy access to grocery stores and markets.  This is a huge plus for me because with the two boys, its much easier to load everyone up in the stroller and take a walk to get a few groceries  is much easier than loading everyone up in the car.

But you know what comes along with the easy access in the city – COST!

Don’t get me wrong – when I need something in a pinch, if it makes everyones lives easier to run to the closest store and grab it, I’m on that team, but I’ve been learning that convenience can be pretty expensive. We are in the middle of budgeting a little more for our groceries – I admit I need to do a little better job of planning, and when I do make the time for that everything is more cost effective.

But I’ve recently stumbled upon a little grocery shopping hack that I had to share – especially if you are into buying organic, but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for it!

I recently made a visit to Walmart and I was BLOWN AWAY! They have some incredible organic options at the Walmart cost, which – guess what – is way lower than any other game in town!

Seriously, the prices on everything stopped me in my tracks – especially on some of my favorite brands for snacks for the littles. It was a real eye opener and if you have a Walmart near you, you should definitely make the trip to check it out – it’s way different than the last time I went in, definitely making moves towards a healthier customer!

The littles, snacking on grapes while we roamed the store.

Everyone else’s kids constantly snacking?

Mine are. Hence why I want to try to get the healthier snack options whenever I can.

And guess what else is in Walmart – my favorite {and the kids too!} Stonyfield! And check out those prices! I love it!

Walmart – you impressed me! I’ll definitely be back!


Anyone else a Walmart shopper? 

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the price comparison of the healthy/organic snacks!



This post was created in partnership with Stonyfield and Walmart.
As always, all opinions are 100% my own.

Summer Obsessions + Favorite Rompers Under $50

I have two new obsessions.

#1 – taking fashion + style photos at the beach


#2 – this romper.

I mean, come on. How could you NOT want to throw on this gorgeous piece and strike a pose with the ocean waves crashing behind you and a sunset in front of you.

It’s a pretty perfect thing.

outfit details: Floral Romper {under $25!} / Alia Lace Chandelier Earrings {on sale!} / Dark Pink LipSense / Gladiator Sandals 

The wonderful folks at Romwe sent me this romper to try out during my time at the beach for the start of summer this year, which coincided with my birthday – so it was the absolute perfect excuse to wear it for a night on the town with my girlfriends.

Which is exactly what I did.

So you combine the facts that I was at the beach, celebrating my birthday, with my friends – throw in a beautiful sunset, a glass {or two} of Rosè {because, celebration was in order} and the fact that I’ve lost about 10 lbs. from being on the Tone It Up plan {more on that later!} and it was a good day to wear the romper!

I’m a huge fan of rompers during the summer because they are so easy to throw on and wear, and this one is super lightweight, perfect for a hot summer day {or night}, plus it has a flattering sash to show off your waistline and pockets!

A little run on the beach at sunset?

Sure, why not?!

Since I had so much fun wearing this amazing romper {which is close to being sold out!} I wanted to put together a little round up of some of my current favorite summer rompers in store now – all of which are under $50!

Lots of fun ways to wear these rompers during the day or night! Check out my picks:



one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine 


Check out my picks and let me know if you are a romper fan too!


It’s My Birthday + a Beautiful Maxi Dress for Summer {under $21}

It’s my birthday!

I’m 33 years young today and I’m celebrating at the beach with my friends and the littles. Not going to lie, it’s a pretty great way to spend a birthday.

Outfit Details:

Multicolor Keyhole Dress {under $21 on sale!}/ Gladiator Sandals / Chandelier Earrings / Dark Pink LipSense

Another trip around the sun and I’m another year older {and wiser} It’s been a little crazy at times with my two boys 3 and under, but it’s been so much fun and words can’t describe how much they mean to me.

It’s been a beautiful year of travel, growth, learning and love. I am blessed with a beautiful family, friends and being able to do what I love while staying home with my boys {Thanks to my blog, LipSense + Stella & Dot – along with the support of my husband,family, wonderful customers and loyal readers}

Doesn’t get much better than that.

And can we talk for a second about this gorgeous maxi dress? The lovely folks at Romwe sent it to me as a little birthday treat and I couldn’t be more in love. It’s under $21 on sale is one of the most comfortable and fun dresses I own.

The multi color aztec print is a real wow factor – and I love it color blocked with the flowy white fabric along the side of the dress, making it light and breathable and perfect for summer fun.

Now it’s time to get back to my birthday celebrations but as always, thanks for following along the past year {and years} –  I love sharing my life + style with you on my little blog too! Every comment, like, share or email means the world to me!

And seriously, if you are in need for a beautiful summer dress, add this one to your list!

What’s in my Diaper Bag this Summer – Sharing my Top 20 Essentials

So I’ve been all over the place this summer – and guess what? It’s not even really summer yet! Officially anyways, but it sure feels like it today! I’m at the beach, on the outside deck, typing away this post and soaking up some sun during nap time.

Feels fabulous!

We’ve been living it up at the beach and I thought it would be fun to share with you some of my diaper bag essentials that I haven’t been able to life without lately!

Here are my top 20 picks for summer on the go with two littles:

one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten / eleven / twelve / thirteen / fourteen / fifteen / sixteen / seventeen / eighteen / nineteen / twenty 

Lots going on in this post, but I think the most important thing {to me} is having a diaper bag that doesn’t look like a diaper bag! I am obsessed with my new backpack that I got before our trip to Disney last month. It has been so useful, holds a TON of stuff and easy to wear. I also love being able to clip it to my stroller with the top straps – easy peasy!

Other essentials include sunnies for the boys + myself, face wipes {because of all the mess, all the time} and a few of my favorites in my current LipSense collection.

Also this mini boogie board for kids has been my new favorite thing for Brooks. It comes with flash cards you slide into it so they can practice writing letters – Brooks LOVES IT! It’s awesome for in the car or when we are out to eat waiting for our meals!

I also can’t say enough good things about this Jackery charger! It holds 4 charges, you just hook your iPhone or any device up to it and it’s charging on the go! I never leave home without it and use it all the time – it’s the best! Could be a good Father’s Day gift if you are in the market!

My favorite hand sanitizer is also always in my bag – I am obsessed with the lavender, smells so good. And if you have a small little these travel placemats are so so good! I just got them for Graham last summer, wish I had them with Brooks. So smart and useful!

Dinosaurs because #boymom {and Graham loves to chew on them – ha!}

The new Tone It Up protein bars are my absolute favorite – they taste so good, I never leave home without one in my bag as a little snack for me.

And my travel pouch is amazing for holding my diapers and wipes – easy to keep it all together and organized and it fits perfectly in my backpack. Comes in a variety of colors + patterns too, but I love Good Vibes – Win.

And the lovely folks at Beechnut sent the boys a large package filled with all of their new goodies. The boys are OBSESSED with all the yummy snacks – especially the quinoa crisps and the oat bars! They can’t get enough! Definitely great for on the go eating!

So there you have it – 20 of my favorite things that I pretty much never leave the house without! I’d love to hear what you always have in your diaper bag – please share!


Linen Dress Layers, Spring to Summer Transitions with styleNmotion

You know that transitional period between spring + summer? When it’s a little cool, but a little hot at the same time? When you look at the weather and see partly sunny in the mid 60*s but that can really mean anything and you have to dress to be cold and then hot and then cold and then sweating all day?

I partially blame the sweating to toting the littles around all day – both of which love to be carried. Ha.

So even though I’m currently at the beach in Avalon, that’s the sort of weather we are having here. Don’t get me wrong, it’s gorgeous – but you need layers!

Asymmetrical Dress / Draped Collar Vest / Sandals / Dalilah Pendant / Avalon Tote / Chevron Aviator Sunglasses / Dark Pink LipSense

One of my favorite pieces of clothing to layer is a classic dress – especially one like this in a gorgeous periwinkle blue. It’s like a blank {blue} canvas that you can do anything with.

Add in some fun bling and you are good to go!

This dress is one of the most comfortable things I own – seriously. It has a linen body with ribbed cotton sleeves and back panel – which makes it light and breathable for when it gets hot! Another cool feature of this dress is the asymmetrical hem with tie underneath to bustle to change up the look.

The dress was really fun to layer with the draped collar vest which is made from grey washed denim {and will transition to all the seasons!}  Grey is my favorite color so I love grey anything and everything. But I thought this was a fun piece to pair with the dress because it added another favorite thing of any mom on the go – pockets!

Not to mention it has great coverage for a busy morning on the playground with the littles!

And I love it when my dress matches the sky!

I am a big fan of all the gorgeous styleNmotion pieces and I was excited to try out a few of their looks. The styleNmotion collection is made up on on-trend women’s clothing that effortlessly layers together and takes you from one adventure to the next. Their pieces mix and match with ease – I recently tried out their  slinky duster which is another fabulous transitional piece that is so easy to wear with anything.

As a little treat use code “herlittledogtoo” to get 20% off your first order of ANYTHING! from styleNmotion!

What’s your favorite piece from their site? I’d love to hear what you are loving!

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