Toddler + Newborn Train Travels

So this past week we did a little traveling to Charlottesville, Virginia – by Train with both of the little ones.

Traveling 5+ hours on the train with two under two {one of which being only 2 weeks old!} Am I crazy? Possibly. But I think our travel plans were also pretty genius.

This past weekend we celebrated my sister-in-law’s wedding in Charlottesville. When we first found out we were pregnant, we didn’t really know if we would be able to make it – if we hadn’t had the baby or had just had the baby, we knew we wouldn’t be able to get down there. Not to even mention all the craziness with the Pope. But when we finalized our plans with the doctor to have a scheduled induction, we knew that the baby would be 2 weeks old and we would be able to get down there.

I decided that going down by train would be the best plan for everyone. Brooks wouldn’t want to sit in the car for 5 hours. Graham would possibly be nursing every few hours so we would have to stop for that too. With both boys a easy 4-5 hour drive could quickly become a nightmare.

Again, not to even mention the possible traffic craziness with the Pope.

And did I mention Brooks loves trains? It was pretty much a no brainer. But obviously, I couldn’t take both boys on the train solo. And obviously we couldn’t go on the train with all the stuff that comes along with traveling with two babies + a wedding weekend. We still needed a car too.

So we decided Charles would drive the car down with alllllll the baby gear {which took up our entire car} and I would have reinforcement on the train in the form of grandmas! Win!

Here’s how we survived the train with the boys:

train excitement

With Brooks we talked about riding the train all week. He’s pretty into Thomas and has a little wooden train set he loves so we talked it up and he was excited. We got to the train station early and let him run around a bit and explore – he was pretty much in awe when our big train pulled into the station.

train approaching

The trip down seemed much easier than the trip home, even though it was longer {because of the train we were on} – Not sure if it was the overall excitement for the weekend or the fact that we were on a Cardinal train headed down to Virginia but it was a 45 minute longer trip but seemed a little easier. I think a big part of that was Brooks was so excited at first he spent so much time on the way down looking out the window. This killed a lot of time!


We also brought all.the.snacks. I packed a massive bag full of things for Brooks to munch on. All of his favorite things – and this proved to be pretty effective, since there wasn’t much to eat on the train. The snacks came in handy for me to munch on too!


Did I mention having reinforcements was absolutely necessary?! Brooks wanted to see everything and explore. He wanted to walk around and generally won’t really sit still. With a 2 week old and a 19 month old – I needed a second set of hands. My mom came with us on the way down and my mother-in-law came with us on the way back and it was so amazing. I was pretty much with Graham most of the time because of feeding + changing and having the grandmas with Brooks was such a big help! He loved it!


Also if you have a child around Brooks’ age, you totally need to pick up the Kid O Free Play Magnatab – it was a massive hit with Brooks and is so easy to throw in any diaper bag. He played with it quietly on the train for a looooong time – it was a nice break for him and for everyone! Love it! 
new toyspace

The train ride down pretty much consisted of the Magnatab game {see above}, looking out the window + lots of snacks. Sadly, we didn’t get a nap in there – I think he was too excited – but he was such a trooper on the train!


Graham spent pretty much the entire time sleeping. We brought him on the train in the Uppababy bassinet that came with our stroller and it’s what he slept in the entire time on the trip { we didn’t bring a pack n play for him} It was awesome because he wasn’t constrained, could stretch out and relax – he loved it and so did I!

The Cardinal was an awesome train the travel on with the littles because it had so much room {it’s a train for longer trips, as opposed to the Northeast Regional commuter line we took home} Check out all this legroom we had on the way down – it was awesome! 


And I loved the fact that it had shades too – perfect for Graham + his naps!


The way home was a different experience mainly because we didn’t have the same room we had coming down. Check it out, not nearly as much legroom at all. Bummer.

bassinet seat

And Brooks was a little more rambunctious – I think it was all the excitement from the long weekend away, he wasn’t as content just sitting and looking out the window, he wanted to play and unfortunately there wasn’t the room to do that on the train!

i see you

He spent some time watching the world go by with Mimi


But we also used some technology to get Brooks to relax a bit this time around.

Thank goodness for iPads + the PBS Kids app.


The major plus on the way home was that Brooks napped! He passed out on my lap the last hour of the trip – he hasn’t slept on me in MONTHS so this was a little snuggly treat I was able to enjoy!


There is nothing sweeter than a sleepy baby.


Graham slept a lot but when he was awake he like to look out the window and watch the light change as we moved along. I think he really liked the hum of the train, totally knocked him out!


It was also really comfortable and easy to nurse on the train – so much better than stopping every few hours in the car!


All in all it was a great way to travel with the boys – they loved it, I loved it and it was pretty easy. I can’t wait for our next train ride together! 

Do you have any good travel tips or stories for traveling with babies?

Please share!



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A Long Wedding Weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia

This time last year, we spent a long weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia. Every time I say that it surprises me because in the two times I’ve been here, I love it so much – but I’ve lived only 2 hours away from it for most of my life and never been! Crazy right?!

Last time we were here we did a little recon mission to check out the area and the scene on the same weekend when my sister-in-law would get married, a short year later! Which is why we came down to Charlottesville, Virginia this past weekend – to see Kate + Alex tie the knot!

We came down early last week – on Wednesday to start the festivities and get ready for the big day. If you follow me on Instagram, some of these photos may look familiar but I wanted to give a little peak on the blog of some of the fun we had over the past few days – Can’t wait to share the rest, stay tuned !wrapbold usdatekissrehearsebridalhairhair didflowerselfiebearerdater hill noodles sampler pump donuts mountian rideyo


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Mama’s Time Out

As a new mom to baby #2 {can I still call myself a new mom when I’ve been a mom for almost 20 months, but have a new baby?} I have really come to appreciate any me time I can squeeze in during any given day. No matter the time.

With a nursing newborn AND a very active toddler, this is easier said than done and seriously involves some nearly perfect planning on my part. I spend a good part of my time really planning out my days – I’m a total planner. From mapping out my blog posts to menu planning to even seeing when I can sneak in a little mama time. This could be anywhere from a little mani/pedi action to a little mama’s time out movie date in the middle of the day!

dog love

Seriously, carving out an hour or so that I can have to myself {and actually stay awake} is no joke at this point in my life. With a newborn who is up every few hours to eat, planning to do anything at night is never really successful because more often than not when little man goes down for his “longer sleep” through the night, I’m usually not far behind him!


I think aside from a day at the spa – which I seriously need in my life – my favorite way to zone out and de-stress would no doubt have to be sitting back and just relaxing while watching a favorite movie and enjoying a few favorite snacks. {Sometimes those snack choices are healthier than others – depends on my mood!}

I love to sit and put my feet up, snack on a favorite bite or two and just enjoy a little time to myself – it’s pretty amazing when I can time both boys naps accordingly, which is going to be harder and harder as Graham gets older! But I plan to enjoy it while it lasts!


I was so excited when I had the chance to check out Pitch Perfect 2 {which I picked up on it’s release day at Walmart!} during my mama’s time out last week! I am a big fan of the Pitches so it was so fun to enjoy a little wind down time with some fun ladies + enjoyable tunes!

Head to Walmart to grab the exclusive Pitch Perfect 2 Blu-Ray/Soundtrack combo pack. Soundtrack includes some of your favorite songs from Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2 (while supplies last)

mama time out


How do you sneak in a little mama’s time out?

Please share!


This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Universal Pictures Home Entertainment, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #ThePitchesatWMT

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WaterWipes Love

“I participated in an Ambassador Activation on behalf of Influence Central for WaterWipes. I received product samples to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.”


Since Graham has joined our family two weeks ago, you can imagine our need for wipes {and diapers!} has gone through the roof! As a WaterWipes Ambassador, I had the opportunity to invite some moms over to meet my new little man + check out the WaterWipes product!  I forgot how many diaper changes a newborn goes through each day – so it was nice to relive all things newborn with some of my other favorite moms!

It was nice to get everyone together and enjoy a beautiful day – we got to try out the WaterWipes and let the little ones run around outside, and try some of my favorite snacks. I love when moms can come together and take a little time out together – it’s nice to just be around other moms and let the littles run around together. Plus we had lots of opportunities to put the WaterWipes to the test with lots of babes running around!


I feel like aside from diaper changes, which are the main use for my baby wipes needs – with little ones around the house  I will likely always have use for wipes in my life! Other than cleaning up diaper messes, I’m constantly using them to clean up other messes too – like anytime we do arts + crafts {like finger painting} or cooking {like making popsicles!}


I also always like to be the one to have extras of whatever anyone may need I am out and about – with friends, on playdates, anything! I liked to be stocked with all the baby + toddler necessities and wipes are at the top of that list- you can never have enough! I love to be the one to pull out whatever anyone needs from my never-ending supply of goodies in my diaper bag! Ha!


Another reason I love the WaterWipes so much is the fact that they are chemical free – which is perfect for my little newborn. It’s been fun to share this newfound product love with all my other first and second time moms out there! Especially since both of my littles have been prone to diaper rashes – and it’s forced me to take a good look at the ingredient list of the baby products I use. It’s so crazy how one little change {of something you use all.the.time.} like switching up your diaper wipes to a chemical free product – that contains only two ingredients, 99.9% purified Irish waterand 0.1% grapefruit seed extract – can make such a big difference with your little ones skin!

I was excited to share one of my new favorite baby + toddler products -> WaterWipes with my friends. And thanks to the lovely folks at WaterWipes I was able to gift everyone some pure baby wipes of their very own to try out!

Be sure to visit the WaterWipes website + please check out this awesome video on WaterWipes
pirate pig


What’s your favorite baby + toddler product at the moment?

Please share!



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