On Not Gambling in Atlantic City – Things to Do at The Water Club at The Borgata on a 24 Hour Weekend Getaway

Last week, the husband and I snuck away to Atlantic City, New Jersey for the night.

It was 24+ hours of kid-free bliss. 

Pure magic – I tell ya. Sure, we love our kids, but it’s nice to have an actual break from them to relax for a bit. And it’s important to have actual time with your spouse every now and then too.

The night away was actually Charles’ birthday present from his parents. His birthday was back in October and they were asking me for ideas as to what he would like. That was when we were in the throws of serious sleep issues with Brooks and we were both dying for a night away to catch up on our sleep. With the holidays and all, the scheduling of our AC weekend was pushed back to March – which was totally fine with us, because it was something to look forward too!

A.C. is the perfect getaway for us – takes us an hour or so to get there and there’s so much to do. I’m not much of a gambler – I would MUCH rather shop, because I win every time, but there is always so much going on in AC, its easy to enjoy it all without playing any card games or slots.

We stayed in the Borgata hotel, but the newer tower which is named The Water Club.

It’s beautiful, bright and filled with all sorts of beautiful water displays and art pieces, not to mention it has a beautiful indoor pool as well, only for Water Club guests.

Obviously, I needed to get into that pool IMMEDIATELY.

outfit details:  leather jacket {similar} / floral top /

earrings denim / booties

After checking in, it was clearly time for me to hit up the pool. Sitting poolside, sipping prosecco, catching up on some magazines was exactly what I needed in my life.

It’s so nice to sit, take a break and not do anything for a while. Wouldn’t you agree?

// swimsuit {similar + under $25}

After some time in the pool I decided to head over to the Tanger Outlets, which are right around the corner in AC. I needed to pick the boys up some new spring clothes + some new shirts for Easter, so it was the perfect excuse to do a little shopping without the kiddos, but also for the kiddos – ha.

Again, I’d much rather shop than gamble, but the hubs enjoys playing blackjack for fun every now and then – so he hit up the casino while I shopped. It was perfect.

After a little shopping + a little gambling, we got ready to go out for drinks before dinner. I was recommended to check out Gypsy Bar in the Borgata by a few friends, as it was supposed to be a great place for drinks + live music and they were totally right. Such a cool vibe on the casino floor, I would for sure go back.

Also, I love a good Old Fashioned {my favorite} and the bartender there had a secret stash of infused cherries for an amazing cocktail. It was heaven.

Elevator Selfie, because #parentsgonewild

For fun, I put up a Insta Story poll to help us decide where to go to dinner – it was between Bobby Flay Steakhouse + Izayaka – and Bobby Flay won, so we went there.

We had heard amazing things about this place, plus the hubs wanted a steak, so it worked out perfect.

We both had steaks, which were incredible. All the food was delicious, especially these Gorgonzola Ricotta Fonduta, with grilled toast. It was amazing – I’m totally going to have to find a way to recreate this at home, because it totally knocked my socks off.

If you go to Bobby Flay in AC – order this!

outfit details:  jumpsuit {similar} / necklace / shoes 

After a fun night out with a great dinner, drinks + fun in the casino. You’d think I would enjoy a long nights rest and sleep in a bit. But nope.

Up at 5:30 am with the sun.

It’s annoying when I can’t sleep in, but I was able to get up early, get some work done and then hit the spa bright and early at 8:00 am – I had the whole place to myself before my facial!

Since I was staying at The Water Club, I was able to enjoy my spa day at Immersion Spa – which is the two-story spa located on the 32nd floor. This spa features floor to ceiling water views, which was beyond beautiful in the morning sun.

Seriously, if you are an early riser – make a spa morning day! I was able to enjoy the sauna, hot tub and more which is only available for people using the spa facilities – so its never overcrowded. There is also another lap pool + large hot tub for men + woman to enjoy {I was in the women’s only lock room spa area with the hot tub} But you can use either if you are booking a spa day with a partner.

I treated myself to a Total Radiance Facial and it was so amazing. I usually get a massage during any spa trip, but my face needed a little extra love – and I’m glad I did! I’m already planning my next spa visit when I will be back in July.

After my morning in the Immersion Spa, I met Charles for Brunch in the Sun Room – its a beautiful, light-filled room between both pools in the hotel. A bright a sunny spot to enjoy a drink or a meal for sure with gorgeous palm trees and more to relax and unwind with.

I started off with a Bloody Mary – because #vacation

And then enjoyed the Huevos Rancheros – sunny side up eggs, with tomatillo, corn tortillas + queso blanco.

It was just as it looked – incredible. I want this again right now.

After brunch we headed back to pick up the kiddos. Our weekend away was short but sweet.

 We arrived at The Borgata around noon on Sunday and left around noon on Monday so it was a nice, quick but relaxing 24 hours away. The kids, as you can tell – were completely worn out from their two days with Mimi + PopPop – just as we like it!

It was great to have some time to ourselves, to celebrate Charles’ birthday {5 months later} and for the kids to have a fun weekend with the grandparents. Everyone wins!

I’m crossing my fingers for birthday weekends away every year! It’s the gift that keeps on giving for the parents!






VIDEO: The Philadelphia Flower Show 2018 – Wonders of Water

This week I was lucky enough to be able to visit the Philadelphia Flower Show before the snow hit the city. I’m so glad I was able to see it this year because it was so different from any other Flower Show I’d been too. Every March the flower show comes to town, I never miss it {or I try not too!} and it’s only here for a week, so you got to get there quick! This year the theme was Wonders of Water, so everything was water-related, but in all sorts of different ways, shapes + forms. It was very unique and so beautiful.

For a little fun, check out my recaps from previous Flower show visits: 2017 Flower Show – Holland, Flowering the World / 2016 Flower Show – Explore National Parks / 2013 Flower Show  – Brilliant! / 2012 Flower Show – Hawaii

I went with my mom + Graham while Brooks was in school one day, so we got there right as it opened and it was a great time to go because it was pretty empty right off the bat, which was great with a two year old who got to run around and explore a bit. I took a goPro video of our fun at the show including some of my favorite displays + exhibits – just incase you aren’t able to get there this year, its a nice way to see it, in a quick 10 minute video!

Check out the video and let me know what you think:

Thanks to my friends at Pennsylvania Horticultural Society for the tickets!

And here are a few snaps from our fun at the show, obviously the pictures and videos don’t do it justice, you have to see it all in person!

outfit details: earrings / floral crop top /

high waisted distressed denim / boots {similar}



All About My 10 Day Detox {With My Little Dog Too}

This post was sponsored by Supreme Source® as part of an Ambassador Porgram for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Even though its now March, it still feels like the beginning of the New Year with lots of time to make lifestyle + health changes before its time to hit the beach. I took the beginning of 2018 to have a little fun {hello – Disney trip!} and but since then I’ve been focusing on my diet + health more than ever. Before then its been a rough 6 months – Brooks and Graham have gone from sleeping perfectly to having major sleep issues that we just can’t crack – and to add to our crazy sleep drama, we took away Graham’s pacifier last week, because no one was sleeping anyway – so why not? Seemed like as good of time as any.

Along with the sleep issues, I’ve been feeling like I needed a bit of a change. Not sleeping had me not working out, not eating right and I was starting to feel all that catch up with me. As each year goes by I find it a bit harder to maintain my ideal weight, without a little extra work. And extra work in the working out and eating right department can be tough when you are home all day with two kids – it just is! But it’s true that you have to work it to make it work – which for me means clean eating + working out. Sometimes you just have to find the time and go for it.

I have been back in the gym more than ever and have been experimenting with the Keto diet to give my body a little jump-start. It feels so good to make some time and effort for a little self-care – and a little goes a long way for sure.

I will be sure to keep you posted on my progress and my Keto experience, we have some fun trips coming up in the next few months, so I’m totally inspired to get back into beach body shape! Stay tuned for my updates!

While I’m in the process of a little spring cleaning for my diet, I’ve been keeping Brooks, Graham + my husband eating right too, but  it’s so important to remember my fur-baby! I’m pretty picky about the food I put into my body, but I have to say, I don’t always think about Jackson’s diet at the same time, and I totally should, because he deserves the best!

So how cool is it that I decided to have a little fun with my first little man, Jackson – we I have been doing a 10-Day cleanse together – going along with my new diet + exercise regime, I’ve cut out sugar and carbs to give my body a little reboot and Jackson has been enjoying some fresh new food – which is premium grain-free (no corn, no wheat, no soy) with no artificial flavors or colors and it’s packed with healthy enzymes & prebiotics to rejuvenate him inside and out! It’s a healthy blend of fruits and veggies, which are natural sources of potassium, fiber, vitamins and minerals – perfect for my little dog too!

Jackson has been loving the switch so far – we are a few days in, and he’s been easing into his program with a little bit of the Supreme Source® into his meals each day. It’s a great way to keep it easy on his stomach + digestion, but I can already see him enjoying his new food so much every day. As a little treat for both of us, we’ve been enjoying extra time at the park and taking longer walks – its good for both of us!

I’ve loved partnering with Supreme Source Pet Food because they’ve been an amazing reminder to tidy up the toxins that may have snuck in our diets and overstayed their welcome. Jackson is loving his new eats, filled with healthy ingredients and the website has tons of informational tools which made it easy to switch his food to something more nutritious! Whenever I try a new kind of food for Jackson, its sort of a gamble because I don’t know if he will really like it, but this made is so easy. I can’t wait to keep you updated on his progress!

If you are a pet owner {its for cat’s too!} you totally need to check out Supreme Source Pet Food and join Jackson + I with our detox this spring! I picked mine up at Albertson’s, and it’s the perfect way to improve your pet’s mind, body and soul in just 10 days – Start now and visit www.superfoodswitch.com for a free bag of Supreme Source® pet food (up to $9.99 value, while supplies last) and to sign up for daily emails with tips and instructions to a better relationship with your pet.



A Day in Magic Kingdom with Two Kids {4 and Under}

We’ve been home from Disney a whiiiiile now and I just realized that I never shared with you all the fun we had in Magic Kingdom! It’s been sitting in my draft folder but crazy #momlife got in the way of sharing this. But it’s DISNEY so it’s way too much fun not to share!

I’ve been seeing lots of friends + readers share they are going to Disney in upcoming trips, so hopefully our days in the parks give you an idea of things to do, especially if you’ve got kids 4 and under!

To get caught up with my previous posts from this trip:

 Traveling with Two Kids {as the Solo Parent!} to Walt Disney World / A Day at Walt Disney World’s Epcot with Two Kids  / A Day in Disney’s Animal Kingdom with Two Kids

// rose gold Minnie ears 

// Mickey Mouse Hoodies {for the boys}

We decided to do Magic Kingdom on our last day, sort of save the best for last if you will. Because we knew there would be SO MANY rides for the boys to enjoy. We got there first thing in the morning and were able to walk on three rides back to back, before using our first Fast Pass.

First up was Peter Pan’s Flight, which I had never been on before and it was super cool, followed by It’s a Small World {because #classic} and then we saw Mickey’s Philhar Magic, another show I’d never seen before.

Then we made our way over to Dumbo the Flying Elephant, which had no wait either. We did more the first hour in Magic Kingdom than we did most of the other days! We used our first Fast Pass to go on Under the Sea – the Journey of the Little Mermaid, followed by Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin {always a fan favorite}

By then, the littles were exhausted and Graham went down for a nap {back in the days when he napped – more on that later} So Brooks and I got to have a little mama + babe date. We didn’t have reservations anywhere but were seated quickly at Tony’s Town Square restaurant, which was right on Main Street.

Chocolate Milk for B + Prosecco for Mama – everyone wins!

Side Note: the food here was really good, and it was great to get out of the hustle bustle of the park and enjoy a meal with table service.

Also worth noting, the Mickey Sprinkles – how cute!

To continue our date, while Graham napped – Brooks and I used our FastPass to go on BarnStormer – another first for me! To watch the fun of this ride, you HAVE to check out this video – Brooks had a blast, super cute for littles who want to start out with roller coasters!

 Graham woke up in time to go on The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and then we made our way over to check out the Move It! Shake It! Dance It! Play It! Street Parade – which is a must see in Disney!

It gets super crowded, so get there early to get a good spot!

After the parade we got in to see Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor, which is always fun. Plus it was nice to sit down for a few minutes! We used our final Fast Pass to go on Pirates of the Caribbean – always one of my favorites in MK, and the boys LOVED IT.

Then we made our way back to Cinderella’s Castle to check out Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire.

The boys were totally into it, and it was great because it ended with fireworks!

Magic Kingdom is always so much fun, and even though it was pretty busy when we were there {Marathon Weekend in January} we were able to do SO MUCH – which was super important, especially traveling with three small kids!

I was there as the solo parent for my boys, which was tough, but so worth it. I wasn’t able to take as many photos as I would have liked, but everyone had an absolute blast plus we made some amazing memories. We travelled with my neighbor, Kelly and her son Noah – and we met her mom there too. It was so much fun to do Disney with a fellow mama – made everything so much more manageable too.

Let me know if you have any other questions for me about Disney with Kids. I am already dreaming about when we can go back – maybe this summer! Fingers Crossed!



Friday Style Favorites

Hello + Happy {almost} Weekend! We’ve had a busy and slightly crazy week over here – we booked a Mexican Vacation coming up in a few week {woohoo!!}, are currently dealing with the loss of both my boys napping {RIP – more on that later!} and are also starting the house hunting process! We love our little home in the city, but with the boys getting bigger, we are starting to find ourselves wanting more space. I will keep you posted on all that for sure – especially the nap drama, in a post next week!

outfit details: crochet top / jeans  {on sale!} /

booties {on SUPER sale!}

sunglasses / earrings

In the meantime with all the house hunting, lack of sleep and vacation planning – I’m here to share this fun outfit with you! Because even if I feel completely crazy, it always makes me feel better to dress up! It’s amazing what a cute, crochet top can do for the mood, amiright?

A very large pair of sunglasses never hurts either.

So about the top. I was just sent it to try out and I had to share my love for it here on the blog. It’s a crochet top, with bell sleeves and ruffles. Basically all of my favorite things. I love that its in black because you can see the detail, but its not overwhelming, because there’s a lot going on with it, but in a good way.

Did I mention it’s under $16?

Also, these jeans are part of a great sale going on right now. This is basically my go-to denim brand – I love them and can’t get enough. And when they are sale, you got to grab them quick.

The. Best.

Same goes for these amazing booties – on super sale and basically my favorite shoe brand ever. They are magic for my feet,I can wear them all day long and they feel fantastic. I might need to scoop them up in another color.

I hope you have a great start to your weekend! If there are any awesome sales + styles you are scooping up, I’d love to hear about it! Please share!

On Joining #HersheyPA + The #SweetestMoms Around!

I’m so excited to be able to finally share with you that in 2018 I will be working with Hershey, PA as one of their #SweetestMoms !!! I have been partnering with Hershey over the past year + was included in their #SweetWelcome last Spring and it’s been way too much fun ever since. Brooks and Graham are in LOVE with our quarterly trips to the Sweetest Place on Earth – both boys sleep with a stuffed Hershey Bar + Reese’s Bar in their beds – it’s so..SWEET!

I love the fact that I get the share the Hershey fun with my boys. I remember going to Hershey, Pa and Hersheypark when I was a kid with my family. We grew up in Virginia and my grandma lived in Scranton, PA so sometimes we would work a visit to Hershey, PA into our travels. I also went with my school too – even Virginians make the trek up to the Sweetest Place for some Chocolate Fun! And even still now, every time I go on the Chocolate World Tour ride, when you get hit with that amazing scent of Hershey’s Chocolate – it takes me back to when I was a kid. And I’m beyond pumped to be able to make these memories with my boys.

It’s pretty sweet, I have to say.

I will be wearing this badge on the blog with PRIDE this year! And I can’t wait to see what adventures are in store for us in Hershey, PA!

Be sure you check out this post sharing Hershey’s announcement + meet the other #SweetestMoms Around!

And for a little fun, here’s a look back at all our Hershey adventures from the past year. I can’t wait to get back to the Sweetest Place on Earth this Spring!

See you soon Hershey, PA!


Christmas at Hershey –  Christmas Candy Lane + Hershey’s Sweet Lights {VIDEO}

Hersheypark in the Dark – {VIDEO} –

Brooks still asks to go back for this on a weekly basis.

 Our Summer trip to try out BBLz™

Summer at Hershey, nothin’ better! Also those drinks were SO FUN!

My first 3-Day Sweet Welcome weekend


I’d love to hear all about your favorite Hershey ride, memory or thing to do when you are there! 

Please share!




ZOOM! Whitening with Dr. Kay at The Philadelphia Dental Spa – Review

A few weeks ago, I was invited by my {new} friends at the Philadelphia Dental Spa to come in and treat myself to a Zoom! Whitening experience with Dr. Kay.

Whiter teeth by a dental professional in less than an hour – I’m SO IN. 

Basically any excuse to sneak away and enjoy some solo time, sitting in a dentist chair, watching TV + listening to tunes. Sounds pretty fabulous to me.

But also – WHITE TEETH!

I’m a bit of a white teeth fanatic. You know I sell whitening toothpaste {its amazing} and my teeth are generally pretty white – even Dr. Kay complimented me on my teeth whitening! But you can always take it to the next level – which is exactly what I did during this treatment. For me, I wanted to even out my whitening on my top and bottom teeth – and of course, go a shade or two lighter if possible. Why not?!

A little about Zoom! Now virtually everyone can have beautiful white teeth safely, effectively and conveniently. Introducing the ZOOM! In-Office Whitening System, the revolutionary tooth whitening procedure. It’s safe, effective and fast, very fast. In just one hour, your teeth will be dramatically whiter. ZOOM! Whitening is ideal for anyone looking for immediate results. The convenience of ZOOM! in comparison to days of wearing trays and gradual teeth whitening makes it the perfect choice for the busy individual.

When I first got to the office, we chatted about the procedure and what to expect. Like I said, I basically got to sit back and relax for an hour, when it was time to get up -> whiter teeth!

Since I did some research before going on reviews + experiences online and didn’t see many, I figured it would be helpful to share mine with you here on the blog, for anyone who might be thinking about checking out Zoom! Here’s how it all went down:

First, they put in this super cool mouthguard of sorts, to make it easy for the Zoom! light to have access to your teeth, but also to protect your lips and tops of your gums.

Next to prep for the whitening, a gel was inserted around my teeth and over my gums – for further protection of the rest of the mouth NOT being whitened. This took a few minutes and didn’t cause any discomfort or pain. I couldn’t feel any of it- basically an easy prep before the procedure really got started.

Here’s what the gel looks like as it outlines your teeth and covers your gums.

Then its time for the Zoom! A gel is put on your teeth and this specific ZOOM! Whitening Gel is activated by a specially designed light. There are 2-4 different 15 minute sessions which can be used for each treatment, depending on sensitivity. I am typically a VERY sensitive person when it comes to teeth, but I was able to power through all 4 sessions without any sensitivity until the last 90 seconds. Then I started to feel it a bit, but it was totally worth it!

Even though I had this crazy mouth guard in and this bright light shining away – it was a super relaxing experience. I just got to sit there, watch a show on TV, listen to music of my choice {Adele!} and relax for a bit – which is hard to come by these days.

And just like that – a little over an hour later, I was super pleased with my results!

Here’s the best photo I could get to really show the drastic difference in the whitening – and it may not look like it compared to the After photo, but even before, my teeth were pretty white! But now they are seriously WHITE! And I love it!

Teeth typically become ten shades whiter, sometimes more. A five-minute fluoride treatment completes the procedure. And for 24 hours after the treatment, you are to stay away from any food or drinks with any color in it, because you teeth need some time to relax a bit after the treatment, and any coloring could stain them.

Dr. Kay told me “If it could stain my white coat, it will stain your teeth.” So I kept my food + drink intake light for the rest of the day. Again, totally worth it.

Zoom! was something that I had always wanted to try, so I am very grateful for the opportunity. I had such a great experience and the team at Philadelphia Dental Spa were all sorts of amazing. Thank you so much Dr. Kay + Co. – I really appreciate it!

To all my local Philadelphia area friends, you HAVE to check out Dr. Kay and the rest of the team at the Philadelphia Dental Spa. It’s a fantastic boutique dental spa – if you are looking for new dental care or a cosmetic dentist in the area be sure to check them out! And for EVERYONE else – go get yourself some Zoom!



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