Thanks FoodBuzz!

Foodbuzz sent all those in the Tastemaker Program the new Buitoni Wild Mushroom Agnolotti pasta, before it even hit the stores. Gotta love that! I feel pretty important. Haha. The only issue is, I don’t eat mushrooms! Man down! Don’t hate me, they just actually freak me out. Alot! I don’t know why. Mushrooms and Tomatoes! Those are the two main things I don’t really eat. I think its because my mom doesn’t like either of those things either. Who knows. Either way, Boyf LOVES Mushrooms and Tomatoes, so he was MORE than happy to test out this pasta. mas pics 241 I made it for boyf and he ate it. Here is the pasta chilling in the boiling water. mas pics 243 Pasta draining. mas pics 244

Boyf wanted red sauce with it, so here is the finished product.mas pics 245  Thumbs up approval from Boyf! He LOVED IT. He said it was very fresh and tasty. He ate the whole packet himself! Maybe I need to sit down and talk to him about portion control? Ha!mas pics 248

While boyf enjoyed his mushroom pasta, I snacked on a chocolate covered strawberry. My dad got them for my mom for mothers day, and I stole one! So good! mas pics 246

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