Leftover Monster

Today I made a leftover smoothie. I used up all the leftover fruits that I had in the fridge. Some of the fruit’s shelf life was coming down to the wire and I didn’t want anything to go to waste. I really didn’t want to buy more before I had used everything up that I got from the last grocery store visit. I really am trying not to waste anything. We all know how expensive fruits and veggies are these days. Don’t even get me started on how cheap the bad stuff (ex. $1 dollar menu’s) is and how expensive the healthy stuff is!

This monster was chock full of blueberries, cherries and a banana. I also added some yogurt, ice, flax seeds, wheat berries, chia seeds and some chocolate whey protein powder.

moving 468

In honor of the new Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince movie that opened today, I used my Harry Potter cup. I love this cup, its huge! I may bring it with me when I go see the movie. Still not sure when I am going to see it this week. I am trying to find it playing in IMAX somewhere. Anyone seen it yet?

moving 469

Yum! Purple-monster goodness. I loved the hit of chocolate from the protein powder. It totally hit the spot! Now that I used up all my produce, I am going to hit up the grocery store tomorrow and re-stock on everything for my green monsters! Yay!

moving 470

Also, I wanted to show everyone the berry bowl that Mich got me as part of my going away present. Here is the bowl in action. It looks like a regular Tupperware container, but there is a bowl inside the bowl that is also a drainer.

moving 467moving 465

You can rinse and drain the berries in that bowl, and then plop that bowl into the bigger bowl. That way the berries never sit in the water and get all freaky. Pretty cool right? I love it, thanks Mich!

moving 466  

Here is another nifty little find I wanted to show you as well. When Mich and I had our beach weekend down at Bethany Beach Delaware a few weekends ago, I picked up this little number for the new apt. Pretty right?moving 471

Can you guess what it is?? Any thoughts?

 moving 472

It’s a vase. Remember when boyf surprised me with flowers last week? Well, I took those flowers that were still looking strong, cut them short, and you put the stem in the pricker thingy, yes that’s my official word for it (shown above). You fill it with water and its just gorgeous as far as I am concerned! Such a nice way to enjoy the flowers.

 moving 473

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  • Reply Emily July 14, 2009 at 7:52 pm

    I love that vase!! It's so freakin cute!

  • Reply C.G. the Foodie July 14, 2009 at 10:48 pm

    That vase is really cool!!!

    I am also in love with your berry bowl. Who makes it? I need to get one!

  • Reply Anne July 15, 2009 at 12:43 pm

    That smoothie looks delicious, and I love that gigantic cup 😀 Your vase is so pretty, too!

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