A Pumped Up Annie’s Homegrown

I have never really been that much of a meal planner. I am not the kind of person that sit down and plans out my meal for a week. Sometimes I wish I was because that would be awesome, and probably very thrifty, but that’s just not how I roll at this point in time. I come home from work or class or running and kind of pop my head in the fridge and figure out what we got to work with and then just go with the flow!

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Tonight I came home with no meal plan or thought in mind, I just knew that I was hungry! I decided to put a new spin on an old favorite. I started with some veggies – carrots, onions and green peppers – and I added the rest of my Fire Roasted Red Pepper Applegate Farm Chicken/Turkey sausage.

pics 673

I heated this glorious mixture up on the frying pan.

pics 676

My plan was to mix it with Annie’s Homegrown Whole Wheat Shells & White Cheddar. I love having this stuff in the pantry as a go-to meal.

pics 675

SO GOOD. The sausage and veggies were an amazing addition to the mac & cheese. It was seriously so tasty! Definitely a new spin on an old favorite!

Do you add anything awesome to mac & cheese?

pics 678

I enjoyed my dinner with a well deserved glass of wine. I have been studying lots this week because I had a big Biology test today, which is why I haven’t posted much this week! Horray for wine and a fabulous meal – the test is over!

PS- When do I have to put away my Halloween decorations by? What is too late?? Some of the pumpkin decor can be carried over to Thanksgiving, right? Haha, I guess I can’t keep it up for very long – all the stores are decorating for Christmas already! I hate it when they do that!

pics 677

Cheers with fiancé!

pics 680

I was definitely a member of the clean plate club tonight!

pics 679

But I wasn’t too full for a spiced cupcake (or two)!

pics 681

I know I promised another giveaway today, but since I am so late posting this, I am going to save it for next week! Stay tuned! It’s another fabulous prize!

I would like to announce the winner of the YoPlus Light Healthy Living Giveaway – Niki at Let’s Get Real

Email me your info – lmcder01 at gmail dot com

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  • Reply Dori November 6, 2009 at 4:04 am

    Even better than that powdered Annie's mac & cheese is the Annie's gooey cheesy mac and cheese, which resembles velveeta! Such a perfect go to meal!

  • Reply RunToTheFinish November 6, 2009 at 1:11 pm

    ohh my favorite thing is to add mushrooms!! i have some in my fridge right now waiting for a little Annie's!!

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