Off-Road Running 11 Miles

Yesterday morning, fiancé and I got up after sleeping in a little (which was glorious) and I set out to tackle my last long run before the Philly Half next weekend!

Fiancé suggest a new route we hadn’t been on yet. It was fun to cover new grounds and enjoy some new scenery. We decided to head out to the Wissahickon Trail and Forbidden Drive.

pics 822

Fiance hung out with me on his bike while I chugged along running.

  pics 824 pics 825

I was kind of obsessed with the new scenery. It was nice to change things up a bit on my long run.

pics 826 

The rain held off through most of the morning, it was ‘spitting’ a bit but it was refreshing when I was running.

pics 827

This trail was lots of off-road running! It was rough running through the mud and leaves that were wet!

pics 828

There were LOTS O’ Hills on this run! Between the wet ground and the new terrain and the hills, it was a nice challenging run!

pics 831  pics 834 

Fiancé was taking lots of pictures of me “for the blog”

pics 836

This was around mile 6! I was feeling good until the sidewalk I was running on disappeared and then we were running/biking on a pretty busy road! Cars were flying by us at top speeds. It wasn’t the safest, and it  lasted for a mile. We were kind of making up our route as we were going on!

pics 837pics 841 

Halfway through my long run.

pics 839

Around mile 7 we crossed over this awesome bridge and stopped for a few seconds to take some pictures – for the blog!

pics 844

This looking down from the bridge I am on. The path on the left is part of the path we were just running on! If you look closely you can see some people walking on the trail. We are up really high!

pics 847 pics 848

Fiancé stopped to enjoy the view as well!

  pics 850

Biker/Runner en route!

pics 851 

How pretty is the reflection in this picture?

pics 862 

I made it to mile 10 and felt like stopping, but then decided to push on one more mile.

pics 867  

A nice strong finish.

pics 870 pics 871 

My shoes did NOT have a nice strong finish. They used to be all pretty and clean, but after my off road running through the mud and dirt, they are not looking so good. I am going to have to clean them up before the race next weekend!

pics 853

You can check out my Garmin stats here. I took the run pretty easy and was more concerned with logging the miles than speed. I felt very accomplished that I got my long run over with yesterday morning! It was a nice way to start the weekend and I am feeling pretty confident about the Philly Half!

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  • Reply Jenny November 15, 2009 at 5:30 pm

    aw what a fun way to spend some quality time together — beautiful sights by the way!

  • Reply Steel Springs November 16, 2009 at 4:20 am

    Great pics! It looks beautiful.

  • Reply amanda November 16, 2009 at 3:52 pm

    ahh. way to go, girl!
    that little house is so darling!

  • Reply Mile Posts by Dorothy Beal November 19, 2009 at 11:48 am

    Those are amazing pictures!! I'm so jealous – that run looked like lots of fun 🙂

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