More Snow!

So I know this weekend we had crazy amounts of snow here in Philadelphia! Just shy of 30 inches! That’s a lot of snow! I know I got a little stir crazy this weekend from staying inside the whole time. I was also pissed because some fabulous dinner plans for Saturday night had to be cancelled as well. NO FUN!

But the word on the street is that we have another big snow storm coming our way tonight and tomorrow! A snow storm during the week is a WHOLE OTHER STORY for me. I would hope my classes would get cancelled and I wouldn’t have to go into work! It would be a glorious gift from mother nature. Maybe it would be her way for apologizing for ruining my dinner plans from last weekend. If so, I would accept her apology!

Here are some other pictures from last weekend’s big snow storm that I would like to share with the world as a “snow dance” of sorts!

Snow 011

Jackson and I had a good time frolicking in the snow.

 Snow 013

When the snow is still falling, that is prime time to go outside and play. Now that the snow has been sitting for a few days, its frozen and not as much fun to play in!

 Snow 014

Jackson still didn’t really know what to do with himself.

  Snow 027 Snow 030Snow 031 

The snow almost went up to my knees! Crazy!

 Snow 034

Jackson was lucky he was able to walk on top of most of it.

Snow 035  

I was a bad mommy and put him on top of a snow bank, and he quickly sank down a bit.

Snow 041  

It was so cute to watch him sit there and not know where to go. The snow was so much bigger than him!

Snow 052

He loved playing in the snow! Jackson hopes we get more tonight too! Finger’s crossed!

Snow 053

I will however NOT welcome the snow if it’s snowing and the roads are bad and my classes DON’T get cancelled and/or if I still have to go into work. That will be a man down situation!

Do you have potential snow day plans? Is more snow coming your way? We are hearing in Philly that we are going to get another 6-12 inches on top of the snow we already have!

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  • Reply islandgirleats February 9, 2010 at 3:36 pm

    Poor little Jackson getting stuck in the snow! At least with his colouring you can spot him easily! I think that I would loose my puppy Scruffy, he would just blend in with the snow!

  • Reply Karin February 10, 2010 at 12:03 pm

    Cute pictures!

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