Eric & Michele Get Hitched

I have been working on this post since Sunday! This weekend was so much fun and so much pictures were taken, it was hard to condense everything into one little post – so this isn’t going to be a little post – it’s going to be a BIG ONE!

Fiancé was in charge of taking all the pictures for the evening since I was unable to carry around my camera, but he did an awesome job! I was quite proud of all the awesome shots he got throughout the evening.

Let’s start at the beginning! After the Bridal Party, when we all finished getting our hair and make-up done, we got dressed and took some pictures and then it was time to head to the church! We hung out in a room downstairs while the guests arrived and then it was time for us to head down the aisle and for Michele to make her grand entrance!

Here are some pictures from the ceremony –

maidofhonor 075

Me walking down the aisle.

maidofhonor 076


maidofhonor 077


maidofhonor 120

Here comes the Bride

maidofhonor 091

Getting married!

maidofhonor 117

maidofhonor 123maidofhonor 124maidofhonor 122maidofhonor 125

I got to wear special roses in my hair since I was the Maid of Honor. I enjoyed that little detail!

maidofhonor 131maidofhonor 132

Woohoo! Congratulations to the Bride & Groom!

maidofhonor 146 maidofhonor 154

Then it was time to party in the massive white Hummer Limousine!

maidofhonor 1532

It was so hot on Saturday that this Yuengling I had might have been the best beer I have ever! It definitely quenched my thirst!

But it wasn’t too hot for a FIRE! (Yes that is a fireplace in the limo!)

maidofhonor 1534maidofhonor 1535

The entire bridal party celebrating on the way to the reception!

maidofhonor 1545

On our way to the reception we stopped at Michele and Eric’s Alma Mater – George Mason University – to take some pictures on campus!

maidofhonor 1536

I snapped a few myself! So cute!

maidofhonor 1537maidofhonor 1539

maidofhonor 1540

When we got to the receptions site, we were shuffled into a holding room where the bridal party was able to enjoy some food and drink before we joined the rest of the reception.

The bride and I played in the mirror taking silly pictures.

maidofhonor 1546maidofhonor 1548 maidofhonor 1549

In another room across the way, Fiancé, my parents and some friends were enjoying cocktails waiting for the bridal party to arrive.

maidofhonor 177

I was pretty impressed with all the pictures fiancé took! When I looked at all the images I was so happy! He did an awesome job!

maidofhonor 181

Here are some pictures of some of the centerpieces.

maidofhonor 182

And the champagne with raspberries (look familiar?)

maidofhonor 183

I loved all the colorful flowers Michele chose

maidofhonor 184

And the floating orchids were amazing

maidofhonor 185

After a little while they announced the bridal party.

maidofhonor 223

We walked into and did a little dance to one of my favorite songs – Hit Me Baby One More Time

maidofhonor 231

We had some fun doing a little jig walking out!

maidofhonor 232maidofhonor 235

When the song said “Hit Me Baby” I pushed my escort down to the ground and he did a push-up! Ha

maidofhonor 237maidofhonor 238

Luckily, Fiancé (who is apparently a pro photographer and didn’t tell me) caught the whole thing on camera!

maidofhonor 239

Then it was time for Michele & Eric’s first dance.

I love Love.

maidofhonor 287

After everyone’s grand entrance I made my way over to see fiancé (aka – Mr. Professional Photographer), the OTHER Michelle (with two “L”s, and Scott.

maidofhonor 346maidofhonor 339

Then I found my mom and took some silly pictures with her

maidofhonor 349

And then a family picture with dad!

maidofhonor 360

Did I mention that I was loving the orchids?

maidofhonor 369

Throughout the beginning of the reception I enjoyed some red wine.

maidofhonor 378

This is a little picture of what the head table looked like. A cool part of the decor was that everyone’s bouquet’s made up the centerpieces. The bride’s big bouquet went in the middle and ours went all around it! Creative, right?

maidofhonor 372 maidofhonor 373

Dinner was AMAZING. We were given 3 options when we returned our RSVP’s and I chose crab cakes. They were insanely good.

maidofhonor 374

The veggies and potatoes that came with it were amazing too. I seriously cleaned my plate! After a long day, it was a great meal!

maidofhonor 375

Check out the gifts that everyone got. We got Mason jars – since the couple went to George Mason – and inside were M&M’s. Yum!

maidofhonor 376maidofhonor 377

The cake was just as beautiful as the rest of the reception. Lots of colorful flowers all around!

maidofhonor 382maidofhonor 383 maidofhonor 385

Then it was time to mingle and take some more pictures! My mom got some time with the bride to congratulate her.

maidofhonor 387

Then we took a group shot with both our moms!

maidofhonor 389

The signature drink of the evening was called – Summer Love – it was a Pomegranate Mojito

maidofhonor 392

And it was yummy!maidofhonor 393

A pre-dessert dessert was a chocolate and vanilla shell filled with cream and berries.

maidofhonor 395

maidofhonor 399maidofhonor 410maidofhonor 415

We took a few more pictures – this is all the graduates from PVI – which is the high school we went to.

maidofhonor 427

PVI Girls

maidofhonor 429


maidofhonor 435

Then it was time to dance!

maidofhonor 413maidofhonor 418maidofhonor 419

This may have been a moment in the night when I was dominating the Cupid Shuffle!

IMG_1765 IMG_1772 IMG_1773

This may have been a moment in the night when Don’t Stop Believing came on. I was feeling it!

maidofhonor 440maidofhonor 441

What can I say? I’m a total Glee-ck

maidofhonor 444 A little Father Daughter dance action.

maidofhonor 456maidofhonor 458maidofhonor 461 maidofhonor 462

Classic high school pose with Michelle.

maidofhonor 486

Enjoying the beautiful view.

maidofhonor 466 maidofhonor 467 maidofhonor 479maidofhonor 482

Then it was time to cut the cake!

maidofhonor 488 maidofhonor 492

And guess who caught the bouquet??

<cough, cough Scott!>

maidofhonor 493maidofhonor 505 maidofhonor 513

Here is the head table all lit up with the lights down low

maidofhonor 501

As for the rest of the evening, lots of drinking and dancing took place. My dad was even dancing in his seat! He’s a party animal!

maidofhonor 506maidofhonor 516

And cake!

maidofhonor 520

The cake was filled with raspberries! Yum!

maidofhonor 524 I had a massive photo shoot with the cake.

maidofhonor 537maidofhonor 538

I love me some wedding cake!

maidofhonor 543maidofhonor 551

maidofhonor 557

Did you see the back of Michele’s dress? Love it!

maidofhonor 586 maidofhonor 587

Then the evening started to wind down and it was time for a special send off for the bride and groom.

maidofhonor 588

It consisted of lots of sparklers! maidofhonor 592

maidofhonor 591maidofhonor 593

They did a golf cart getaway and ran out through all the sparklers! I am sure they got some great pictures!

maidofhonor 596

maidofhonor 597

Congratulations to Michele & Eric!

maidofhonor 600

Sorry for the mass amount of pictures from the wedding, but it was so exciting for me to be a part of their special day, I wanted to share it all with you!

I can’t believe my BFF is now a Mrs.!

What was your favorite part about Michele’s wedding? She is a big fan of the blog so let her know what you thought!

Thanks for reading!

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  • Reply Ashley - Fashionably Fit June 30, 2010 at 3:05 am

    Ahh I love the colorful flowers and wedding cake. Beautiful!

  • Reply lindsay June 30, 2010 at 3:05 am

    love the sparklers. stealing that for my wedding!

  • Reply Angela June 30, 2010 at 3:10 am

    That picture of you and your mom where she kind of "surprises" you from behind is just adorable. You should have that framed for her.

  • Reply amanda June 30, 2010 at 12:29 pm

    oh my goodness. i love weddings! so i definitely enjoyed this post.

    everything is so gorgeous. i loveeee the bright flowers. all the colors are just dazzling.

    your bridesmaid dresses are lovely. and you look radiant! same goes for the bride. so much funnn.

    what was their wedding song? that's my fave part!

    and the sparklers! loving that!

  • Reply ladypurpl June 30, 2010 at 1:53 pm

    I loved the whole wedding – everything was gorgeous, I especially loved the floral arrangements and the cake. The food was amazing as well as the Signature Drink. Michele was just beaming and looked absolutely gorgeous! A Day to Remember!
    Fiance did an awesome job photographing the day!

  • Reply Tiffany June 30, 2010 at 3:14 pm

    What wonderful wedding photos! Loved the flowers – so bright and pretty. We had wreaths as our wedding centerpieces and I love the way she had the orchids in the center. BTW, I LOVE your friend Michelle's dress with that bright flower on it – gorgeous.

  • Reply Betsy June 30, 2010 at 3:53 pm

    did you mean the cupid shuffle? i've never heard of the cuban shuffle! 🙂

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