A Hot (And Humid!) Half Marathon

In case you were wondering how my marathon training was coming along, I have been keeping up with it pretty well. I have been doing lots of cross training to prepare myself for the SheRox Triathlon next weekend, which has kept me entertained. Its fun to focus on biking and swimming and brick workouts to keep from running overload.

The past 2 Fridays I have done my two long runs (an 11 miler and a 12 miler!) on the treadmill, due to rain and intense heat. Since they were boring and on the dreadmill, I haven’t blogged about them, but I have documented them on DailyMile! The last long run I did outside was my 10 miler through Valley Forge! I feel like that was so long ago!

Yesterday afternoon I set off to tackle 13 miles for my Chicago Marathon Training Plan, and I really wanted to run outside. The training plan only called for 13 miles, but I don’t know anyone who is running this distance for training that doesn’t go the extra 0.1 to complete the half marathon distance!

Just knowing that I completed half of the marathon distance makes me feel a little better about training! And it’s pretty sweet to say ‘ Oh, yeah, I ran a half marathon this afternoon. No biggie!’ Haha. 

   I started off on my run at 11:30 am on Friday. I thought that I would be ok running outside because it was cloudy and overcast when I left. The temperature was also in the high 80’s, but that definitely sounded better to me than anything in the 90’s! I thought it would be ok!

I set off wearing my favorite yellow running hat and my running skirt!

13 004

I also knew this would be the perfect opportunity to use my Camelbak. I filled it up with lots of ice and water and hoped it would keep cool outside.

      13 009  

I ran my usual 8.5 Kelly Drive loop with a few slight additions to make it 13.1 miles. I ran up the Rocky Stairs and ran down the new Schuylkill River Banks. I didn’t take my camera with my this time since I wanted to focus on running and not dying in the heat, but you can check out lots of my Kelly Drive documented runs here.

This was one of the hardest runs I have ever done. My initial plan of running during a cloudy summer afternoon was a serious fail. Within 2 miles of starting my run, the sun had burned off all the clouds and it was seriously beating down on me. I was literally melting the entire way through the run.

Also, it wasn’t the smartest idea to run right in the middle of the day when the sun is highest in the sky. When I got home from my run the temperature on my new phone said 100 degrees in Philadelphia!

4 miles in and 8 miles in I took 2 different GU packets. They were both flavored Blueberry Pomegranate and I enjoyed them. It was key to have these snacks with me during the run because by mile 12 I was starving and my tummy was rumbling! I needed to eat more pre run!

13 032

The first 2 miles are always a bit of a struggle for me getting in a groove but the rest went pretty well. I was feeling good until mile 9 which was when I really started to feel the heat.

I was struggling to complete those last 4 miles – I ran most of them in minimal shade and by that time I was really feeling it. I may have grunted a few curse (cuss?) words to keep me going – it was pretty much torture, but I knew I needed to finish.

13 016

The heat pretty much destroyed me. I literally thought I was going to have to crawl home. I had to stop to fill  up my CamelBak around mile 10 because I drank all my water! It was a pretty intense heat.

Eventually I finished the run and I was so glad to step inside and embrace the air conditioning! It was an amazing moment.

13 015

After the afternoon run I was drenched in sweat and pretty much wiped out!    13 018

I feel like you can’t see much of a difference in these before and after shots but my entire shirt was a different color because it was soaked. I was a hot mess!   13 020

I finished the run in a little over 2 hours, not anywhere near my best half marathon PR but it was a small victory for me to finish in the heat. This was also an important run for me because it is the longest training run I have ever done. 13.1 miles is also the longest distance I have ever run!

Every long training run after this is going to be a new PDR!

It’s a scary thought but it also motivates me at the same time. I am excited to take on the rest of my training for the Chicago Marathon.  T minus 78 days and counting!

After my run I was starvation central. I wanted to eat everything in sight. I had a few snacks to tide me over and then I passed out and took a nap. When fiancé got home I decided to throw a pizza in the oven because it was easy and I needed some carbs, STAT!

Did you know Newman’s Own makes frozen pizza’s?

13 021

I was very excited to take this -  

13 023

Throw it in the oven -  13 024

And get this!  13 025

It was quite delicious! The perfect Friday evening meal.

13 026

His & Hers

13 027

It was the perfect portion size for this hungry girl!

 13 028 

After dinner I was not planning on moving from the couch. I was seriously beat! I love doing my long runs on Friday’s so I can sleep in on the weekend, but for the rest of the day on Friday I am pretty much dead to the world!

13 031

Fiancé took these beautiful pictures of me to show you what I really look like on a Friday night. I think I was passed out by 10:15 pm!

I am a party machine!

13 030  

I am off to take on my Saturday! Fiancé and I have some fun plans in store for the weekend!

Catch you on the flip side!

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  • Reply ladypurpl July 24, 2010 at 12:22 pm

    WOW, you survived! Good girl, I know it was tough in that heat. I love the "Party Animal" photo on the couch. A cheap Friday night date – huh? Where is Jackson, Oh, I see him sleeping on the floor –

  • Reply amanda July 25, 2010 at 9:59 pm

    girlfriend! i don't know how you managed to run out there in this heat. it is seriously DISGUSTING. i can't even handle it. i feel like i can't breath every time i step outside. i'm such a drama queen. major kudos to you, leslie!

  • Reply Evie Clercx July 26, 2010 at 3:55 pm

    I always thought it was so cool when I was training that I got a new PR every weekend. You are motivated to tacke a triathlon and marathon training at the same time. Good for you!

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