Best Times to Lose Weight

Yesterday I caught the beginning of the Dr. Oz Show and I was really interested in the topic at hand. I am currently in the process of trying to look my best for my wedding day so I took a few notes on the show and wanted to share them with you! I found the information very interesting and thought you would too!

All the below information is directly from the Dr. Oz Show:

Best Time to Weigh Yourself – As soon as you get up (you are lightest in the morning) – You can loose the equivalent of 750 ml (a bottle of wine) by using the bathroom in the morning and from lightly sweating in your sleep

Best Time to Exercise – Right after you weigh yourself – when you exercise in the morning you are burning fat immediately. If you have breakfast first, you have to burn through what you ate before you get to the fat.


Best Time To Eat Meals – times are estimated.

a) Breakfast – within an hour of waking up (7:30 am)

b) Lunch 4.5 hours later (12:00 pm)

c) Dinner – more than 3 hours before you go to bed (6:30pm)

Best Time to Boost Metabolism – 8:00 am – Its the time when your body is the slowest and you need to get it going. This is when one might start to crave caffeinated beverages. Drink a glass of ice cold water – it fills your stomach up and then forces your body to burn calories to warm the water up.

(People on average loose a pound a year from drinking water regularly)

Best Time to Grocery Shop – 10:00 am – Blood sugar levels are at a stable point from breakfast and the water intake so you are less likely to impulse buy.

Best Time to Take Fiber Supplement – 15 minutes before dinner – This can cut out unnecessary calories at dinner because the supplement fills you up.

What are your thoughts on these tips from Dr. Oz?

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