Crazy Sexy Juicer

I have a new addition to my appliance family I would like to introduce you to.


I have a new juicer in my kitchen – more specifically the Breville BJE200XL 700-Watt Compact Juice Fountain. I am so excited to own this juicer! I used to have my beloved Jack La Lanne but I had a few issues with it – specifically some motor problems and it was really a pain to clean.


So I figured it was time to upgrade because I missed fresh juices in my life. My new juicer is a little more compact (hence the name), so much easier to clean, fits better in our kitchen space and just is awesome in general.

The power that comes out of this bad boy is unreal.


I am also loving the fact that it comes with a measuring cup for the juice to flow into. I always found it odd that my other juicer didn’t come with something like that. The little cup says juicer spout on top, which I find adorable.


After setting up the juicer in its new little home I checked out the recipe book


And read up on some fruit and vegetable facts. (You can never know too much about fruits and veggies!)


I decided to start slow and go with an old juicing favorite. I am no stranger to juicing up a storm in the kitchen. It’s one of my favorite ways to get my daily portions of fruits and veggies.

I decided to have my inaugural juice in my new appliance made up of celery, carrots and granny smith apples. You can’t go wrong with this mix!


Into the juicer it all goes! I love juicing whole fruits and veggies!


It came out the other end of the juicer looking mighty pretty.


As did the dregs in the juicer that didn’t make the cut.


Here is what I ended up with.



Looks like an orange dreamsicle, right?


Did I mention this was so easy to clean, because it is! Just a quick rinse in the sink and you are good to go.


I also like this juicer because it came with this nifty brush to clean out any excess juice particles left in the blade. Pretty handy, right?


Paired this mixture with a glass straw in a stemless wine glass and I am seriously getting my CLASSY on!


I am currently going to enjoy my fresh juice while watching Crazy Sexy Cancer. I have been reading Kris Carr’s blog for a while now and can’t believe I haven’t seen her movie yet.

Anyone seen Crazy Sexy Cancer? Thoughts?


Are you a juicer? What is your favorite kind of juice to make?

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