Tuxedo Shopping

This weekend flew by at warp speed! Yesterday Fiancé hung out during the day and got some things done around the house. I spent a lot of my time reading through my new book.


This book is awesome. It shares part of Kris Carr’s journey fighting cancer and how she has changed her life and lifestyle towards living a healthier, happier existence.


There is also a lot of Juice Love going on in the book which I appreciate. I have been juicing twice a day and making my green monsters daily again and I can honestly say I have been feeling really good this past week since bringing juicing back into my world.

My name is Leslie and I am a Juicing Addict!


Another exciting part of my weekend contained eating this bag of blood oranges. I love these things!


The most exciting part of the weekend was yesterday when Fiancé, his mom and I went out in search of tuxedos for the groom and groomsmen.


I was so surprised as to how long the process took. I think it took us longer to pick out tuxes than it did for me to decide on the bridesmaid dresses.


Bow tie or regular? Vest or cummerbund? Type of suit? So many choices and styles and we weren’t able to try anything on so we had to visualize it all. It was very difficult and choosing the colors was even harder!


Eventually we made some choices but I have a question for you –

Do you think the groom should match the rest of the groomsman or do you think he should wear something a little different and stand out?

I would love your thoughts on the matter. I have seen lots of different things in magazines and movies but we are still unsure as to what we want to do!

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