Erin go Braugh

“Erin go Braugh” means Ireland forever! I just found that out today – pretty cool! I hope everyone is having a fabulous St. Patrick’s Day. I was a bad little Irish girl and didn’t wear any green out today, I need to add some green to my work (out) collection for sure!


I wanted to start off today with a green monster but the morning got away from me so fast! Luckily I was able to hit up Animo (my new favorite juice joint) to calm my green juice craving.

I got a Garden State which is Apple, Carrot & Ánimo Greens. This drink is high in Iron, Magnesium, Folic Acid and Vitamin A, a great drink to replenish lost nutrients! It was fabulous!


After work today, Jackson and I went out in search of four leaf clovers.

photo (18)

I didn’t find any to pick, but Jackson found some to pee on! 🙂

photo (12)

I feel like every year on St. Patrick’s Day I come outside and everything looks greener! I am not sure if its because of the day or the recent daylight savings time change or what but today everything looked alive and green!

photo (14)

Jackson was excited to hang out and frolick on the grass for a bit!

photo (15)

I love looking back at old blog posts, especially for holidays so it was fun to look back at last years St. Patrick’s Day morning post where Jackson and I enjoyed a lovely green morning as well as the Irish inspired dinner I made.

Last year I made Fritters and Bangers with Stout for our Irish meal – tonight I am not going to be as creative sadly. I would like to go out tonight for a green beer to celebrate my Irish roots – I am feeling festive!

How are you celebrating St. Patrick’s Day?

photo (16)

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