Athens At Night

During our last day in Athens, we explored what the rest of the city had to offer!

honeymoon 2119 

Of course to Charles, that meant more ruins!

honeymoon 2124

honeymoon 2129

We checked out the Theatre of Dionysus, which is on the southwest slope of the Acropolis, up close and personal!

honeymoon 2130 honeymoon 2131

I was actually very surprised of two things: 1) How very much in tact this theatre still is – its from around 500 BCE and 2) How we were able to go in the ruins and check everything out up close. It was very nice!

honeymoon 2132 honeymoon 2134 

Pretty nice little seat if you ask me!

honeymoon 2136 honeymoon 2137 

I love how the theatre is just below the Acropolis. Can you imagine back in the day when this was all active sitting here for a show in the shadow of the Parthenon? Pretty neat!

honeymoon 2139  honeymoon 2143  honeymoon 2145 honeymoon 2148 honeymoon 2149

We hiked up as far as we could before we came face to face with the Acropolis walls. Pretty good view from halfway up!

honeymoon 2151 honeymoon 2154 honeymoon 2156 honeymoon 2158

We then kept trekking around the base of the Acropolis and came across lots more to see! So much in fact that I can’t even remember what or where everything was – but I have lots of pictures to share!

honeymoon 2162 honeymoon 2163 honeymoon 2164 

You wouldn’t believe how many pictures I have of Charles and his rocks.

honeymoon 2167  honeymoon 2174  honeymoon 2176 

I found the head of Nike along the way!

honeymoon 2179 honeymoon 2182 

And Charles found some new statues to play with too!

honeymoon 2184 honeymoon 2186

There is just so much history here!

honeymoon 2187

I just loved that we were always within view of the main event!

honeymoon 2188 honeymoon 2189

honeymoon 2194 honeymoon 2196  honeymoon 2201

Are you sick of looking at this yet? Because I’m not!

honeymoon 2202 honeymoon 2203  honeymoon 2208  honeymoon 2210

Before we took on the rest of the afternoon we stopped for a lunch break just below the Acropolis.

honeymoon 2298 

Have I told you lately that I heart European cafe’s?

honeymoon 2306 honeymoon 2321

Bread, wine & tzatziki – the perfect afternoon snack!

honeymoon 2311   honeymoon 2317  honeymoon 2322

Oh look! Another ruin!

honeymoon 2216honeymoon 2217  honeymoon 2227

At least they are pretty to take pictures of!

honeymoon 2228  honeymoon 2230

honeymoon 2233honeymoon 2235honeymoon 2242

I had to throw a picture of my new hardware in here somewhere!

honeymoon 2252 honeymoon 2250

This Just In: Ruins are more fun after wine with lunch! 🙂

honeymoon 2261 honeymoon 2262honeymoon 2271

Next we headed over to Syntagma Square to check out the changing of the guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Solider.

honeymoon 2276 

The guards change every hour on the hour.

honeymoon 2278

They wear these crazy uniforms. I was loving the red clogs with black pompoms. Pretty snazzy!

honeymoon 2280  honeymoon 2282 honeymoon 2286

After the guards changed we could go up and take pictures with them. They have to stand still for an hour in this crazy heat! Bless their hearts!

honeymoon 2295

Then after a quick change at the hotel it was off to dinner!

honeymoon 2327

We checked out some reviews online and wanted to enjoy our last night in Athens with a view!

honeymoon 2324 

We were given a starter plate – with bread, water, feta and red sauce. You dip the bread in the water and then soak up the cheese and sauce – it was yummy!

honeymoon 2328

Charles and I also enjoyed some moussaka.

honeymoon 2330 

It’s sort of like a lasagna, but way better!

honeymoon 2332

And then it was time to sit and enjoy the view.

 honeymoon 2333 honeymoon 2335   honeymoon 2342 

I was so excited that we were going to be able to watch the sun set on the Acropolis.

honeymoon 2346honeymoon 2359honeymoon 2348 honeymoon 2356  honeymoon 2358

It started to get dark and the Acropolis got even more beautiful that I expected!

honeymoon 2361honeymoon 2363 honeymoon 2378honeymoon 2369honeymoon 5523 honeymoon 2376 

After watching the show from our dinner spot – we headed over to our yoga spot from the day before to get a better view!

honeymoon 5524 honeymoon 5533 

It was such a romantical spot.

honeymoon 5531  honeymoon 5535  honeymoon 5530honeymoon 5536  honeymoon 5537  

We had some fun playing with the camera’s night settings.

honeymoon 2389honeymoon 5545 honeymoon 5549 

Looks completely different at night, right? So magnificent!

honeymoon 2390 honeymoon 2391 honeymoon 2392

The big rock was seriously packed with people – mainly young couples hanging out, watching the city lights.   honeymoon 2396 honeymoon 5558 honeymoon 2397 

Such a beautiful end to our travels in Athens.

honeymoon 2404 honeymoon 2405 honeymoon 2406 

Next up – the Greek Isles!

honeymoon 2408

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  • Reply s July 1, 2011 at 1:37 pm

    Love Greece and love your blog! Now I must go!!!!

  • Reply Patty McDermott July 2, 2011 at 9:17 am

    WOW – what a beautiful and historical place! The photos are amazing – how lucky you and Charles are!

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