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Hello & Happy Wednesday! I was tagged in the 7 links fun that has been going around this beautiful blog world and I wanted to share my take on the 7 links with you today! Enjoy!

Most Beautiful

I think my Embrace the Green Monster post is one of my most beautiful. It along with my Green Monster 101 post gives you step by step instructions on my favorite drink!

blog 031

I also am very fond of my 5 Years of Love post about Charles and my anniversary.

And I might as well throw Our Proposal Story into the mix there – What can I say? I love Love.


Most Popular

Many of my most popular posts are running ones!

One of my post popular running posts is My First Marathon – Chicago Marathon 10-10-10



Next up would be my New York Marathon 2010 post, which I ran 3 weeks after Chicago


Another popular running post is my Disney Princess Half Marathon recap.

disney 210

In the Disney Princess race I RE-PR’d – meaning I crossed the finish line at the same exact time (to the second) as my current PR at that time. I have since shaved a few minutes off that PR and have set a new one, but it was pretty amazing at the time!

Most Controversial

I can’t really think of any controversial posts on my little blog. If you can think of one – Let me know!

Surprise Success

These are a few random highly traffic posts:

Sam Adams Brewery Tour

bostonday2 115

Thai Food Bloggers

va 022

16 Miles on Lake Michigan

HLS 330

Not Enough

i don’t think my Pumpkin Scones post got enough credit. Those babies were amazing!

chi 1245

Most Proud

I am most proud of my Homemade Apple Pie post. This pie was made with LOVE!


if you haven’t been tagged in the 7 Links post – considered yourself tagged! If you have already done a 7 Links post, leave a link in the comments section so we can all check it out!

Would you change any of my 7 Links? I would love to know what you would nominate for the 7 different sections! Please share!

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  • Reply Theodora August 3, 2011 at 12:42 pm

    I only recently noticed your eye in the corner of that HLS run post–it freaked me out when i first saw it!

  • Reply Patty O August 3, 2011 at 6:14 pm

    I must be prejudiced, but I love all of your posts. I especially love your Friday Favorites of the week and anything about Jackson!

  • Reply Emily August 20, 2011 at 12:29 am

    A little late to the game, but I took your invitation of those who hadn’t played yet to play along: http://travelwithemily.blogspot.com/2011/08/7-links.html

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