Scenes from a Jamaican Vacation

Let me just start by saying that our Jamaican vacation was an absolute blast.

Jamaica2012 179

We made our reservations less than 2 weeks before we left and I am so happy with how our last minute plans turned out.

Jamaica2012 177

We stayed in Negril on the Western end of the beautiful island of Jamaica.

Jamaica2012 180 

Our resort was located on the picturesque Bloody Bay Beach.

Jamaica2012 181

The water was crystal clear, filled with beautiful coral, funny fish and was the perfect temperature to enjoy a dip on a warm, Jamaican afternoon.

Jamaica2012 176

Charles and I spent a good amount of our days just floating in the bay.

Jamaica2012 128

The water was as warm as bath water, it was simply delightful to go for a dip.

Jamaica2012 015 

It was also pretty humid this past week, so some days I would just toss my beach chair in the water and call it a day.

Jamaica2012 017 Jamaica2012 018

Nothing better than sitting in that chair, soaking up the sun.

Jamaica2012 020   

When not enjoying the water, I was hanging out on my beach chair reading my kindle. It was so nice to catch up on some books I have been wanting to read!

Jamaica2012 257

When not lounging on our beach chairs or going for a swim, Charles and I could be found enjoying a walk around the Bay, taking in the sights.  

Jamaica2012 003 

There were a few other hotels on the Bay – it was nice to check out the other digs on the block.

Jamaica2012 004 Jamaica2012 005

Oh, and when we weren’t hanging at the beach, going for a walk or getting our swim on, Charles and I were enjoying a few cocktails under the sun.

Jamaica2012 007

This was my first experience at al All-Inclusive resort and let me tell  you, it was a fabulous one. 

Unlimited cocktails = Life.Is.Good.

Jamaica2012 008

When the sun went down and our time at the beach came to an end, we enjoyed the hotels restaurants & bars, checking out a new scene every night.

Jamaica2012 190   Jamaica2012 194

But always stopping for a photo op along the way.  

Jamaica2012 196

My cocktail of choice for the trip –  

Jamaica2012 198 

Most definitely a mojito. I couldn’t get enough of that fresh mint – perfect after a long day in the sun!

Jamaica2012 200

With cocktails in hand, Charles and I would enjoy the sunset on the beach.  

Jamaica2012 258              Jamaica2012 292 Jamaica2012 293Jamaica2012 124 Jamaica2012 259

The view from our hotel of the sunset couldn’t be beat.

Jamaica2012 285   Jamaica2012 107  Jamaica2012 109 

The sunsets in Jamaica are truly a thing of beauty.

Jamaica2012 123

The clouds were out of control. 

Jamaica2012 125 

It was hard to narrow down these sunset pictures for this blog post, I had do many awesome ones.

Jamaica2012 100 Jamaica2012 101 

And that was pretty much how we spent the past 6 days in Jamaica. Easy breezy, enjoying the island and each other.

Pretty nice long weekend away if you ask me.

Jamaica2012 115

Oh, and a beautiful sunset calls for a jumping shot or two.

Jamaica2012 116 

Pretty standard if you ask me.

Jamaica2012 118   Jamaica2012 112

As you can see from our beautiful pictures, we had an incredible time in Negril, Jamaica. I can’t say enough good things about our trip – Charles and I are already looking forward to booking another vacation there again next year!

Jamaica2012 010 

Stay tuned for more details on where we stayed!

Jamaica2012 119

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  • Reply Melissa May 4, 2012 at 10:11 am

    Those are great photos! Especially the sunsent ones. That place looks lovely

  • Reply Patty O May 4, 2012 at 2:42 pm

    Your photos sure show a fabulous time! Good for you!

  • Reply Shannon May 6, 2012 at 8:17 pm

    Looks like a great vacation!!! So jealous I am in desperate need of laying on a beach!

    I was the one who saw you cheering today and called out to you! Thanks for the water and for supporting all the runners!

  • Reply DoubleM May 7, 2012 at 10:28 pm

    You two are so cute. Glad you had a great time.

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