Side Tour in {Philly} at Russet

lightsTonight I had the pleasure of attending my first Side Tour.

 Side Tour is an online marketplace for experiences that helps you explore your city. It’s a way to help you find handpicked activities, tours, and memorable things to do, all hosted by talented local people.

Side Tour is currently located in New York, Chicago & Washington, DC – it is launching in Philadelphia on March 11th – I was invited to preview an experience for myself & I most definitely wanted to share it with you!


The experience I was able to be a part of was:

Indulge in a 4-Course Suckling Pig Charcuterie Feast at Russet

I have to admit, when I was given this as an option I was intrigued. Being a part of a suckling pig feast is something I have never been apart of before – I wasn’t sure I would be able to be apart of it ever again so I was pumped to check it out myself.!


The evening was filled with meeting new people, trying new food, experiencing a new restaurant…oh and wine!


Before the evening really began we were introduced to the chef of Russet – Andrew Wood – he is co-owner, with his wife & this restaurant has been a dream of theirs  for a while now. Andrew shared with us so much about how he came to be chef/owner & the reasons behind our meal – he even took us behind the scenes kitchen and showed us his charcuterie locker. 

Andrew has such an amazing relationship with his farmers – Russet is really big on local & sustainable food products. He really cares about the food he is putting on the tables in his restaurant & what his customers are experiencing.


Before the meal began we were served limoncello, fresh made in house – which was meant to prep us for the meal to come.


First up is a duck rillette topped with a sour cherry & tarragon leaf.

This bag boy tasted like Thanksgiving dinner in one bite but even better.


Followed by house cured coppa, marinated celery, pickled red onions, baby frisee, and crostini.

first course

The coppa is the shoulder muscle of the pig. It’s tender and has a nice tang.

first course1

Next up is pizza della nonna – which means Grandmas’s Handkerchief Pasta – this is umbrian style salami, house made ricotta and thyme. It also includes a sunny side up egg on top.


This tasted like lasagna but way better. The egg on top is genius  – it seriously brought everything together.

Another cool thing about having the chef there to walk & talk you though every dish – we got to learn that the eggs in our dish were laid last Friday. Super fresh & pretty cool if you ask me!


Next up is the main course – the suckling pig! We got a little sneak peak of the pig before our plate was brought out to us to enjoy.

Charles called him Wilbur.

I named him Sir Oinks-a-Lot.


The slow roasted suckling pig was served with sunchokes, roasted onions, garlic confit and baby chard.

It was simply delicious. Nothing else to say other than that.

main course


Charles loved everything about this meal.


Finally the end of the meal included a native chestnut cake with spiced cherry preserves and a honey mousse.

The chestnuts that helped make this cake were from 150 year old trees – did you know that you can old get these native chestnuts in 3 places in the world?


All in all it was a freakin’ amazing meal. The perfect way to start our long weekend.

The great thing about a Side Tour that sets apart a normal dinner out is the experience that comes along with the evening – we weren’t served any dish without an amazing story straight from the chef. I had a blast learning the meaning of charcuterie is survival – which brings us to the reasoning behind the entire suckling pig roast that he created for us – Chef Andrew was super passionate about sharing this information with us and preparing a meal with a story.

I can’t say enough good things about the Side Tour team – I had a blast chatting with everyone & learning about the experiences in other cities as well as whats in store for the Philly community! There are lots of great things in the works!

Thanks so much to Side Tour for an awesome evening out & for Russet for the amazing eats!


Are you familiar with Side Tour?

What kind of experiences would you like to see offered?



All in all it was an amazing start to our vacation!


Bahamas in the morning!



Catch you on the flip side!

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  • Reply Patty O February 28, 2013 at 7:04 pm

    What an amazing dinner and experience! I should check out the side tours in the DC area – sounds fun!

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