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Today I wanted to share with you a fun little excursion Michelle & I had this past weekend. A PR rep for Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park recently contacted me – she said she saw my post about a FlyWheel Spin Class I took and wanted to invite me to check out the new Sky Zone in Oaks, PA.

jump this way

As many of you know, I currently live in Philadelphia – so Oaks is a bit of a hike for me – luckily, Michelle & I already had plans to head out that way {hello, outlet shopping!} – so we were able to coordinate the trip perfectly. I have read about indoor trampoline parks all over the blogosphere so I was so excited I was going to finally be able to check out one for myself!

one hour freeMichelle & I were given 2 free passes to check out everything Sky Zone has to offer {Thanks Bridget!} – Sky Zone does their pricing in 30 minute options.  Jump times start every 15 minutes and you can jump in any half hour increment you like – here is some more info on pricing :

  • 30 Minute Jump Package: $10
  • 60 Minute Jump Package: $14
  • 90 Minute Jump Package: $18
  • 120 Minute Jump Package: $22

It’s a pretty sweet deal if you ask me to take your kids here to jump – it’s a great way to get them out of the house & active while having a blast! There were lots of kids here when we went on Sunday {i tried not to include any in my photos on purpose} but the kids were having a blast & there was a nice area for the parents to hang out and watch.

open jump

Michelle & I started out in the Open Jump area – aka a massive space, pretty much entirely surrounded by trampolines. I seriously just giggled the entire time we were jumping – I had an absolute blast & felt like a kid again.

It was awesome.

skyzone leslie jump around

Michelle channeled her inner highschool cheerleader {which she was!} and busted out some sweet moves.

skyzone michellecheerleader

After we got our fill of the open jump we headed over to check out the basketball area.

Obviously we killed it with some pretty sweet dunks.

we got ups

Then it was time to check out the Foam Zone – which is the place you can do cool tricks into a foam pit.

foam zone

Michelle channeled her inner cheerleader {again} and did some sweet flips

michelle flip

In perfect form.

michelle flip1

I, on the other hand, started out by simply leaping into the foam.

leslie jump

I then attempted a handstand flip.

I seriously make that tumble look sexy, wouldn’t you agree?

Ok, ok. I look like I am dying, but at least I tried it!


And then after seeing Michelle dominate the flips in the Foam Zone, I decided to attempt one myself.

Again, my form is pure perfection….ok, maybe not. But can I at least get an A for effort?!

leslie flips

After we had our fill of flipping we headed back to the Open Jump area to play around some more.


Jumping on trampolines & taking fun pictures is a seriously awesome way to spend the day.

hawk jump

In fact, we spent about 40-45 minutes playing around on the trampolines & I burned 340 calories – not too shabby if you ask me! calories burned

You might be thinking this is a weird thing for two childless, 28 year old women to do – but there were kids of all ages there and adults as well. The other cool thing about Sky Zone is they are going to be having SkyRobics & SkyFit classes offered at this location next month – which say they will burn up to 1,000 calories an hour! Pretty awesome way to work out if I do say so myself – here’s some more information on SkyRobics, I can’t wait to go back for a class:

SkyRobics is low impact and combines advanced calisthenics, core exercises and strength building aerobics, all done on our patented, all-trampoline, walled playing courts. SkyRobics is one of the most dynamic, effective and intense workouts you can have, while being fun and easy on your joints. Those at any level of physical fitness will reap the physical and mental benefits of this revolutionary workout. 


Also, if you want to check out our Sky Zone experience via video – I uploaded a few videos of us bouncing around/doing flips/ pretty much just having a blast to my YouTube account. If you want to check those out, feel free to laugh with us – videos can be found here.

skyzone 1

Thanks so much to Sky Zone for a fun afternoon! I can’t wait to come back & bounce around again!


Would YOU hit up a Trampoline Park Fitness class?



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  • Reply Patty O March 27, 2013 at 8:14 pm

    Totally awesome! I definitely would love to try a trampoline fitness class. I haven’t heard of anything like this in my area (Virginia). Let us know if you take the class!

  • Reply Edward Piskura April 14, 2013 at 7:59 pm

    The two types of trampolines are recreational, and competitive. Recreational trampolines aren’t constructed as sturdily as competitive trampolines, and their springs aren’t as strong. Recreational trampolines come in both outdoor as well as indoor varieties, and are available in various shapes and sizes.”

    Consider our own blog too

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