Pinterest Favorites: Sweat Inspired

Time for some more of my Pinterest Favorites – this week, I wanted to share some more Sweat Inspired pins that I have been loving. It’s a rainy week here in Philly so I wanted to feature some awesome workouts & sweat sessions that can literally be done anywhere and everywhere. 

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This No Excuses  poster

really motivates me.

What’s your favorite  motivating mantra?



This Rainy Day Runners Workout is all sorts of awesome.

As you know, I am not  a rain runner, but for those of you that are – Rock On!

As for the rest of us that prefer to stay dry , I love this little 25 minute booty-kickin’.



 This Lower Ab Workout makes me tired just reading it.

But I kind of love it at the same time.



I know  it’s still the beginning of May,

but  June {and bikini season!}  is right around the corner.

Time to get our abs right, who’s with me?!



Sometimes lunges aren’t  the best for my knees,

even though I know they are great for my legs

{and butt!}  – I love this workout  because it  makes the exercises a little more fun with a chair.

You could totally do some of these at work – I do Side Raises all the time!



I love me some Inspiring & Motivating Matras

especially this one.

Do What Makes You Happy.




 What’s your Favorite Pinterest find this week? Please share!


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  • Reply Patty O May 8, 2013 at 10:48 pm

    Definitely gonna try the lean thighs chair workouts – lunges hurt my knees too – damn arthritis!

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