Baby Bump: 23 Weeks Pregnant

23 Weeks PregnantHow far along are you? 23 weeks – only 17 left to go! I can’t wait to get down to the double digits in the countdown, we are currently at 119 days until my due date.

How I’m feeling: A little tired but overall I’ve been feeling pretty good still – happy to be back home in the USA & excited for our move this week. Still battling with some lower back pain, headaches, papules on my belly & chest and I am just generally more aware of my belly now than I have been in the past – it feels like it all happened overnight!

Total weight gain: Up about 5 pounds from my last doctor’s appointment, will be updating monthly after each visit – my next one is tomorrow!

How big is baby? According to my pregnancy apps – baby has officially hit the one pound mark this week and this marks the beginning of a growth spurt this month. Little guy will be doubling in size by the end of the month! Baby is the size of a grapefruit this week – about 11 inches long, which seems huge if you ask me! Not sure where he is hiding in my belly because I don’t feel like my bump is big enough to be home to 1 pound 11 inches of baby!

Maternity clothes: I am in the market for a good pair of awesome maternity leggings – for working out/hanging out – any recommendations? The ones I have {and I have a lot of leggings} are cinching me in the belly as I am carrying so low & they aren’t comfortable to wear for very long.

23 Weeks

Sleep: Back from 2 weeks of traveling in South America this week so I have been trying to catch up on my sleep but with the move happening this week there is so much to do! I hit the pillow pretty hard at night – staying up past 9pm is difficult for me! – but I still don’t really sleep in, even when I can. I also find myself being woken up by baby dancing around in my belly around 5:30am.

Best moment this week: Coming home & starting to get back into my regular routine.

Movement: All the time – baby is most active as soon as I wake up in the morning & when I lay down at night but if I take a rest during the middle of the day he usually gives me a few kicks/punches to let me know he’s saying hi. I have been trying to catch a video of him making my belly move but I think he is a little camera shy! I just hope my parents can feel him when they come up this weekend.

Food cravings: Smoothies. All the water. OJ. Apple Juice. Salads. Breakfast Sandwiches.

Food aversions: Still chicken – Also I have been noticing things that I used to love don’t taste the same. It’s weird & I ask Charles to taste to make sure something hasn’t gone bad & he thinks I am nuts because whatever I am now questioning tastes the same to him. Anyone else have their taste buds change during pregnancy?

What I Miss: Being able to lift heavy objects without thinking about it – with the move this week I find myself trying to do as much as I can while knowing I should be careful at the same time. I am trying to be as productive as I can but I do notice my body telling me when something is too much.

What I’m looking forward to: Settling into our new home. I wish I could click my heels and have everything be moved into its new spot in our home. Hopefully the big move this weekend will go smoothly – cross your fingers for me!

Milestone: Check out this weeks progress picture – shown below – what a difference 10 weeks & a month makes! I think that is a pretty big milestone & I am actually looking pregnant!

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  • Reply Jenna September 24, 2013 at 10:39 am

    I love reading about your pregnancy journey because I’m 19 weeks (and a first time mom) so it has been fun to read about someone a few weeks ahead 🙂 I completely agree on what you wrote about food aversions – I have had my husband taste a few things that just tasted off to me, and he thought they were completely normal. Pregnancy changes are always surprising!

  • Reply Marisol September 24, 2013 at 1:03 pm

    I really like my gap under belly maternity leggings and like my motherhood maternity full panel leggings (I think this one may fit better when I’m bigger). I may get another pair of leggings, maybe under belly (that seems to be the fit I like). I also enjoy reading your updates. And I also hate chicken. 🙂

  • Reply Patty O September 24, 2013 at 9:02 pm

    Yes, you do look pregnant! I can’t wait to see you this weekend and feel my grandson give me a kick or punch! WaHoo! Be Careful and Don’t Try and Do Too Much – we’ll be there to help in a few days.

  • Reply Stephanie September 25, 2013 at 12:36 pm

    What leggings do you have? I really liked mine from Destination Maternity I lived in them and had everything from legging leggings to more like yoga pants to a baggier pant. I still wear them. Maternity clothes as so darn comfy!!! Congrats on the move!

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