El Volcan Mocho, Hikes to Salto el Puma & Salto de Huilo Huilo – Chile

After our first day in Huilo Huilo we started off the next morning with a visit to the top of el Mocho – the local {active} volcano. It’s crazy how at the base of the mountain, where we were staying was starting to show the transition from Winter to Spring and the top of the volcano was still very much alive with snow!

Playing in the snowMountain SnowSnow Love

We spent some time at the top exploring the views & enjoying the snow. Some of our group did a little snow tubing – and there were even ski trails open too! I enjoyed some hot cocoa & the brisk mountain air.

Did I mention it was really cold at the top of the volcano?!Snow TubingSnow Love1Mountain TopWild Horses

After our time on top of the volcano, everyone in our group – except for little, old, pregnant me – went zip lining. Since I was unable to participate in the family fun, my in-laws treated me to an amazing massage. It was fabulous and so relaxing {and way more fun than zip-lining..in my opinion!} Seriously, it was one of the best massages I’ve ever had!


After zip-lining & my massage we all met up again for two more hikes – we had heard amazing things about the Huilo Huilo waterfalls as well as the Puma trail so we easily combined the two into one big afternoon adventure.

Huilo Huilo HikeReserva BiologicaPretty WaterSalto Huilo Huilo

The Huilo Huilo Falls were pretty amazing because they were the only falls we got to see from the top and the bottom. Plus they were impressively large.

Blue & GreenRaging Waters

Our first view of the falls were from the very top – there had been lots of rain {and melting snow} in the previous days before we got here so the water was really raging.

Background FallsAlong the Fallsblue h20 fallsat the fallsAt the Huilo Huilo FallsFalls View

After seeing the falls from the very top we hiked down 197 steps to check out the views from the bottom. It was pretty spectacular and well worth the trip down {and back up!} – Sadly the lighting in the forest with the spray from the water in the background wasn’t the greatest for picture perfect photos, but I managed to get a few good ones of our view.

Huilo Huilo Falls

After the Huilo Huilo Falls we made our way over the check out the Puma trail towards another set of falls.


These falls weren’t as easy to see but they were pretty massive as well. We only got to see them from above as a completely separate trail on the other side of the water took you to the bottom of the Puma falls – and even close-up to the splash zone – but we were unable to fit that into our visit.

PumaSalto de PumaBlues and Greens

Check out this memorial we saw at the top of the Puma Falls for a young girl who fell into the falls a few years ago. Pretty sad stuff but a beautiful way to remember her by.


After our back to back hikes we headed back towards a fun little spot at the Huilo Huilo park entrance which was home to a very special wooden playground – obviously we had to give it a test drive before heading home for the day.

Playground of our dreamsPlaygroundWood Playground

My favorite was obviously the wooden swings – because swings are awesome.

SwingsSwingySisters SwingingSwing Smiles

Not to mention this playground come with a pretty sweet view.

Swing Set

Mountain Greens

After a long day on the top of volcano, hiking to waterfalls & enjoying a relaxing massage it was time to head home & enjoy a warm beverage next to a hot fire. 
BridgeBridge Sunshine

Our little cabin in the woods was all sorts of awesome – if you are ever in this area of Chile I would totally recommend this resort for accommodations & activities to anyone. We had a blast in Huilo Huilo & I was totally sad to leave – I could have spent a whole week there exploring!

Our Cabin

Next stop on our journey – Santiago, Chile!

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i’ve worn them every day this trip}

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  • Reply Patty O September 17, 2013 at 9:03 pm

    Wow – spectacular scenery – love the falls – so jelly! Love all your photos – especially the swing photo of you and Charles and the Falls!

  • Reply Erika W. September 22, 2013 at 6:19 pm

    You should sell these pictures on etsy! They are stunning!

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