Baby Bump: 27 Weeks Pregnant

27 Week Bump

How far along are you? As per my favorite pregnancy calendar – I am now officially in my THIRD TRIMESTER and am beginning my 7th month! I am in serious shock. It feels like forever ago that we found out we were pregnant and they shared the news with the blog world – in fact, a whole season has come and gone. It’s crazy because it feels like so long ago but at the same time it feels like no time at all. Time flies when you are making life! 🙂

How I’m feeling: The belly is getting bigger! I am starting to feel it more and more each and every day. Bending over is starting to become a little bit of a struggle and sometimes, because I am carrying so low, sometime’s it’s just really uncomfortable. Generally, I feel pretty good most of the time – not as tired this past week as I have been in the weeks prior, which is a good thing!

Total weight gain: As of my last doctors appointment I am up 9 pounds. – I have another appointment this week as well as my glucose test so that should be fun! Stay tuned for more details after that!

27 Weeks

How big is baby? Baby is as big as a Rutabaga or as long as a Cucumber {about 15 in.} this week – this is the earliest he could survive if delivered prematurely {but hopefully we won’t have to worry about that!}. Baby’s immune system is continuing to mature and his brainstem is nearly fully developed at this point as well.

Maternity clothes: I am officially cutting myself off from purchasing any more maternity clothes! I have a pretty solid collection in my closet from friends letting me borrow stuff & picking up a few things here and there when needed {mostly on sale!} I have purchased a few dresses that I believe will last me through my upcoming showers, a wedding we have in 2 weeks and the holiday season in general. Fingers crossed I can make it work because I really don’t want to buy anymore. BUT I did pick up two pairs of these jeggings on sale last week, I’m obsessed and totally plan on wearing them post baby.

Sleep: Woke up this weekend in some serious back pain – it lasted a while & it was no fun. Other than that nothing exciting to report – just waking up every few hours to pee, which is getting old really fast.

Best moment this week: Completing our baby registry, deciding on a stroller & receiving my invitation to my Virginia Baby shower {being thrown by my mom}. We have a busy few months coming up!

Movement: Oh Yea! One night while laying in bed I felt a punch towards the bottom of my belly & at the same time a kick up towards my ribs. It’s awesome to feel his multiple limbs at the same time. Charles was also able to feel the baby flip around this week. Baby’s punches have also become more strong – Charles can see the baby kick/punch when sitting across from me in the living room. It’s crazy that others can see the movements as I feel them at the same time!

27 Weeks with Jackson

Food cravings: Fettuccine Alfredo, Cheeseburgers, Green Beef Chili, Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked, Frozen Milk Duds {being almost 7 months pregnant during halloween, while also having a serious sweet tooth is proving to be very difficult}, Chocolate Milk, anything Pumpkin

Food aversions: Chicken

What I Miss: Pumpkin Beers! We are having an autumn themed get-together with a few friends this upcoming weekend to celebrate our new house as well as Charles’ 30th Birthday – I’m sad to be missing out on all the pumpkin beer tasting fun!

What I’m looking forward to: As mentioned above, our little housewarming/birthday celebration this weekend. I can’t wait to show some of our family and friends our new place.

Milestone: In an effort to get our house as ready as possible for the party this weekend, we have been running around like crazy people the past 3 weeks getting everything in order! It takes a lot to go from a one bedroom apartment to a three bedroom house! We love our new place and are excited to finally be {mostly} settled in – it’s going to be nice to enjoy this weekend with friends and not spend every other hour making trips back and forth to Home Depot. The only thing we have left on our to-do agenda is to paint the nursery, but we will tackle that in the next few weeks – and since we already painted two other rooms, we now have all the tools we need and know more of what we are doing!

17 23 27

I love a good progress picture – baby sure has grown!

{Side Note: I miss my tan & long hair from 17 weeks!} Prenatal vitamins are growing my nails like crazy, but I want my hair to grow a little quicker!

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  • Reply Marisol October 22, 2013 at 10:15 am

    Just wanted to comment: love jeggings (and leggings) and I, too, miss pumpkin beers!

    You look great!

  • Reply Kat October 22, 2013 at 4:41 pm

    Those pants look super comfy, thanks for the recommendation! I am just wondering, did you get your standard pre-pregnancy size? I bought a pair of jeans in my normal pre-preg size and they fit me great at 28 weeks, but I can already tell they are probably going to be too tight in some places once I am further along. Would you recommend getting a size up in these for the later months or is there plenty of room to grow?

    Loving your pregnancy updates as I am only a week ahead of you!

    • Reply Leslie October 22, 2013 at 5:51 pm

      Hey Kat – I have been mostly buying my pre-pregnancy size – especially in pants. Most of them have been fitting me great – I love the full panel! I have a few that are too big and stretch out too easily but I figure they will be comfortable in the next 3 months, but I’m hoping my legs don’t get big!

      Dresses I have been buying my size or a big bigger – to grow into – but other than that everything’s been the same!

      Any other good pregnancy clothes purchases i should check out?!

      • Reply Kat October 23, 2013 at 11:23 am

        Great, thank you! I think I will order a pair for sure.

        The most comfortable clothes so far have been the tops at Old Navy, but most of them are too casual for work. I bought a bunch of cute short sleeved tops at Destination Maternity when they were on clearance due to the changing seasons, and I’ve just been wearing them with a cardigan since it’s been chilly. The one big purchase I made so far was a winter coat at Destination Maternity. It just wraps and ties so that I don’t have to worry about buttoning it as the bump grows!

  • Reply Patty O October 22, 2013 at 6:55 pm

    Baby Brinks sure is growing! You look great! Getting more excited each day!

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