Three Months with Baby Brooks

For a look back at the previous months, check out our First Week with a Newborn, my First Week as a Stay at Home Mom, and Brooks’ One Month & Two Month updates as well!

9 to 12 weeks

Oh MAN! My little guy is 3 months old – 13 weeks tomorrow – I can’t believe it! I find myself looking back at his first pictures from our first few days in the hospital and it’s crazy how much he has changed. He’s looking so much like a little person more and more everyday – and his personality has been coming out more each week. He’s such a fun, smiley, happy little baby – he’s made everything so easy and joyful for me. I’m sort of obsessed with him and can’t get enough of him, even though we spend every day {all day!} together.

kiss kiss

Growth – At his 2 month appointment last month – which was after his 2 month blog update so this information wasn’t included in that post, he was 12 pounds and 24 inches. He was in the 75-80% percentile for height and 15% for weight – a little on the skinny side, but the doctor wasn’t concerned because he put all of his energy into growing tall {like his dad!} At this point I am pretty sure he’s around 14 pounds, or at least very close to it!

stripes on stripes

Feeding We are still going strong with breastfeeding & I am pretty proud about that. I have become more comfortable with doing it anywhere too – I’ve fed Brooks in the park in Rittenhouse Square & even a museum in DC. Brooks is feeding during the day every 2.5 – 3 hours, and while he is “sort of” on a feeding schedule based on that time, I still feed him on demand. If he has a clean diaper & is fussy, it’s usually because he’s hungry. I’m also happy to report that the pain that I initially had during breastfeeding is pretty much a distant memory & it has become second nature to me, and a very enjoyable experience. I love being able to feed my son and I know he really enjoys the comfort he experiences my being close to me while feeding. I’m crossing my fingers that it stays like this!

hipster babe

Sleeping – This past month we have been spending more sleeping/napping time in Brooks’ crib. A few weeks ago I started putting Brooks in his crib for naps during the day & while those naps have been shorter than when he naps in his swing or car seat, I’m happy that he’s getting used to spending time {sleeping} in his room. Last week I started putting Brooks to bed at 8pm every night in his crib – we started a bit of a bedtime routine for the little guy and by the end of the week right before 8pm every night, Brooks was yawning, ready for bed! He was sleeping {most nights} from around 8pm to anytime between 1-2 am, which was all sorts of awesome. Charles brought him up at night to stay in his pack n play in our room so he’s easily accessible to me for feedings. Since we sleep on different levels in our house, while his sleeping is still a bit inconsistent I like having him close by for feedings. All in all, Brooks has been a pretty good sleeper & I can’t complain.


Clothes – I have a serious love for dressing my little man. And I have a real love for dressing him LIKE  a little man, a little gentleman to be exact. He can still fit in all of his 3 month clothes & I have started incorporating some of his 3-6 month clothes into the mix as well, even though they are a little big. He just started wearing size 2 diapers this week as well.

doctors office

Loves – Brooks is starting to become more interactive each day, he’s started playing with some of his toys a bit here and there too. He recently found his thumb and loves putting his thumb in his mouth as much as possible, and it’s the cutest little thing. He still uses everything I’ve shared with you in his One Month, Two Months & Three Months Favorite things, but I think that list is going to change a ton as he becomes more sensory aware with his hands.


As I shared with you yesterday, we have a big trip coming up this week – I’m excited to share Disney with my little guy, even though he won’t remember it, but it will be fun to bring him along & obviously we are going to get some great photos that we can share with him when he’s older!

Smiles with Mickey

Here are some more of my favorite photos of baby Brooks in his third month!



wearing the baby

smilesbumbo lovebrooks and jaxbumbo funthose lipsgazingmonkey bootiesscreamsleepbaby swagfeedingeye rubbabyswagbaby toes

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  • Reply Kelly April 29, 2014 at 11:09 am

    He’s SO cute Leslie!

  • Reply Monique April 29, 2014 at 2:25 pm

    what a handsome little guy! love the pics that you share- he’s adorable.

  • Reply Patty O April 29, 2014 at 4:08 pm

    I’m in awe that Brooks is 3 months old! I have loved spending every second that I have been able to spend with my sweet angel! Love you Brooks XOXO

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