Five Months with Baby Brooks

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Brooks turned 5 months old a few days ago and while making this post & looking back at his photos from the past few weeks I feel like he is HUGE! Brooks is definitely growing up fast & turning into quite the little gentleman for sure! Here’s what’s been going on in our 5th month with little man ->

5 months

Growth – We go in for his 6 month appointment in a few weeks but I stood on the scale with him a few days ago and it said he was weighing in around 17/18 pounds! It sounds so big to me but then I think that it’s really only 10 pounds gained from his birth weight, which isn’t a crazy amount when you think of it like that. But in the past few weeks he has definitely grown – I can really feel it when I hold him now!


Feeding – We are still going strong exclusively breastfeeding! I’m pretty proud of myself because my initial goal {aside from just surviving the first few weeks} was to make it to 6 months, which is only a few weeks away & I don’t see any reason why we would stop between now and then! My longterm goal is to make it 1 year without formula and right now that seems doable. I’m just trying to navigate a few trips we have planned which we may or may not bring Brooks in the coming months. This would affect my nursing schedule & makes me a little nervous {even though I have a serious freezer stash!} so I’m trying to look ahead to plan for that.

baby shades

I’ve started giving Brooks the occasional bottle of water if we are out and about on these hot summer days. He usually only takes a sip or so, but I want him to stay hydrated & still use the bottle occasionally. He hasn’t been getting too many bottle feedings from Charles these days because we are on such a great schedule in terms of naps & sleeping {more on that below} so I am still feeding him about 7 or so times a day. Giving him a bottle would mean me having to pump & it’s hasn’t been necessary recently.

baby smile

Sleeping – I recently shared with you our baby {sleep} training update for Brooks at 5 months old and I can happily say {knock on wood} that everything is still going along quite nicely. He sometimes has a random wake up around 4:00am {it’s been once every 2 weeks or so} but he’s still sleeping from 7:00pm – 6:30am – it’s the most amazing thing in the whole  world {and I’m afraid to post that because I’m scared the second I do, it will change, which I know it eventually will!}

butt sleeper

He’s also been amazing with naps these days. Even with traveling from PA to VA to DE the past 10 days we’ve been all over the place and he’s been sticking to his schedule like glue. He wake up, eats, hangs out for 2 hours or so and then it’s back to bed for 1 hour before its time to eat again, hang out for another 2 hours and then back for a lunchtime nap which ranges from 30 min – 2 hours. He also mostly has another afternoon nap but that one is less consistent. He’s great with napping on the go, in his crib, pack n play or wherever. Sometimes he needs a cuddle session for a bit to go down, but he’s usually down within 5 minutes. He’s a great sleeper. I’m very lucky & don’t for one second take that for granted. {If you are having baby sleep issues at the moment, please don’t hate me}

baby hands

Clothes – Yesterday I, sniff sniff, packed up all his 3 month clothes. He’s outgrown them for the most part and the random few pieces I could squeeze him in I put away because he has a great selection of 3-6, 6 & 6-12 month clothing selection to enjoy for the next few months or so. I have a neighbor who’s baby boy is 10 months old, so she’s been great about passing things along to me which has been amazing. Brooks is also now in size 3 diapers, which I think he will be in for quite some time, being that they go up to 28 pounds, I believe.


Loves – Little man still loves his toes in his mouth. We also made the transition this month & removed his swing and swapped it out for a jumperoo which he is now obsessed with. He also now really loves to play during bath time, kicking & flailing about – it’s really fun to watch. Brooks can now hold thing in his hand, he brings everything he can touch to his face and loves to laugh. He watches Jackson run around the house and he finds him hilarious. It also appears to me that Brooks is really starting to recognize people {like his grandparents} – he always greets them with the biggest smile when he sees them!first roll

Brooks also has become somewhat mobile this month! He started rolling over {left, right, front, back} at the beginning of the month and now it’s all he wants to do. He loves rolling around all over the place and he has become so strong in terms of pushing himself up on his belly. I also suspect that he will be sitting up very soon {any day now, in my opinion} because he isn’t into being reclined anymore & is constantly trying to sit up – he loves being vertical all the time & when he hangs out with other babies that can walk/sit up, he’s constantly trying to imitate them.

Side Note: Brooks has also been hard at work making baby friends this month! It’s pretty much the cutest thing ever! #allthebabies

new friends

Highlights – Another big month for little Brooks – he helped me celebrate my 30th birthday, went down to Bethany Beach, Delaware twice & Avalon, NJ once, helped Charles celebrate his first Father’s Day and had a really amazing photo shoot with Gina Marie. Brooks also got to meet the Phillies Phanatic {and got a kiss from him!} which was pretty cool too!

ride or die phillies phanphillies kiss baby feeeeeet lips jax and brox swings swinging toes in facewoah babycheeks for weeks

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  • Reply Ani July 10, 2014 at 10:00 am

    Love reading the updates! Were going to have #1 (a boy) in a couple of months. Question:what brand of diapers do you use and how do you like them? It seems like most random question that I’ve been asking people lately but there are waaaay too many options out there! Thanks!

    • Reply Leslie July 11, 2014 at 9:44 am

      Ani – I have been using Pampers & Huggies. I started out with the swaddlers and am now trying the dry ones – i think its good to try out a variety because they fit differently based on your babies body!

  • Reply Nikki July 10, 2014 at 10:59 am

    My boy was born 3 weeks ago and one thing I am looking forward to is him gaining control of his head. Do you remember what week or month or weight that Brooks was able to control that or more himself?

    • Reply Leslie July 11, 2014 at 9:43 am

      Nikki – He had head control early on – by 3 months he was really good to go with his head control. Congrats on your new little one!

      • Reply Nikki November 9, 2014 at 8:46 am

        Soon my boy will be 5 months old. I remember writing this comment back in the summer. He is doing so well with his head but it took a bit longer because he’s a tiny guy but has a head in almost the 100 percentile!

  • Reply Patty O July 10, 2014 at 3:01 pm

    What an amazing Month Five for Brooks! It has been so much fun watching him learn and grow since birth – so happy to be a special part of that and thank goodness for Face Time!

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