What I Learned From My First Race {with a Stroller!}

I had so much fun running my first race {with a stroller} this past weekend! I took a few days to sort of process the whole ordeal of running with a babe & I wanted to put together a list of some of my tips from my experience from the stroller race and running with my jogging stroller in general.

Here’s what I learned from my first stroller race –

baby toes123

1- It Never Hurts to Ask! – Before every race I sign up to run, I always check to see if a stroller is allowed. More often than not, they aren’t. As a runner who’s been running for years now, I get why they would be in the way, especially during a crowded race. On the morning of the Finale 5k, I saw a dad with a stroller & his race bib hanging out in the start line so I decided to ask the people in charge of packet pick-up if I could bring my stroller. They got the ok from the race director & we were good to go!

on the course

2- Stroller + Baby is Heavy! – Running with a 24 lb. stroller + a 17ish lb. baby is an extra 41+ pounds to be pushing! That’s a good chunk of extra weight! Pushing a heavy stroller is a workout in itself, not to even mention the running! It’s amazing how your body adjusts to the weight of your growing baby when carrying him around, but pushing the stroller up a hill is a whole new world!

post race

3- Know the Course – I’m a frequent Kelly Drive/ MLK Drive runner here in Philly, so I was very familiar with the course we were going to be running & what it looked like, having run it many times myself & for other races. I felt comfortable knowing where we were & how far we were from home, hospitals, etc, should anything happen. If I was running a stroller race in a new location, I’d definitely try to check out the course beforehand, to make sure it was stroller-friendly.

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4- The Perfect Distance – For us, the 5K race distance was the perfect length of time to be out for Brooks. These days I sometimes feel his focus lasts for about 20 minutes until it’s time for him to be relocated to his next source of entertainment. The 5k took me about 29/30 minutes to run with the stroller and it provided him with just enough stimulation to watch the world go by & be happy about it during that time. I also timed it well between his morning feeding and his next nap so he was pretty content. When I take him out for a run normally, I try to do it during nap time so we can stay out a little longer.

stroller run

5- Bring Entertainment – I think this goes without saying & any mom knows that you don’t leave the house without options to keep your baby happy & entertained while you try to get some things done. I always bring Brooks’ favorite music box along with whatever else he is currently enjoying chewing on that day, all attached to his stroller via the Buddy Band {so it doesn’t end up on the road!}. Also, extra diapers & wipes for emergencies – we never leave the house without extras!

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6- Prepare for the Weather – When the race started it was a little on the cool side, so I covered Brooks’ legs with our favorite light blanket.  When I take Brooks out for a run on a warmer day, I always give him a frozen teether to gnaw on to keep him cool. It’s nice to have options to keep baby comfortable!

my boys

7- Know Your Baby – I think it’s just important to know what kind of day your little one is having {every day is so different with a little babe} and go from there. I had the option of leaving Brooks with Charles during race day, but he was having a good day and got a great night’s sleep so I decided to bring him along. It worked out well and I can’t wait to do it again!

to the finish line



Do you have any tips for stroller running?

Please share!


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  • Reply Patty O July 25, 2014 at 9:32 pm

    Great Tips for Runners who are now Mommy’s – glad you had a good experience!

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