A Day In The Life { as a SAHM with a 6 Month Old}

********I typed up this post last week before I went on vacation with my family {where I still am this week!}, so this follows Brooks’ normal schedule, which he is off a little this week due to our travels.

The internet where we are staying comes and goes so it’s been a little difficult to continue with my regular posts – but I’m trying to keep my schedule this week & I’ll be back home on Thursday so normal posting will continue then for sure! For more of my vacation fun, follow me on Instagram! ********

Here’s a “normal” day at home with Brooks & I where we hang out at home together. I’m interested to see how much this changes in the coming months, which is one reason why I decided to document it and share on the blog!

baby monitor

6:30am – I wake up before Brooks does {!!!} which doesn’t always happen, but can occur on occasion. I check on him on our baby monitor, which has a video camera so it makes seeing what he’s up to very easy. I pump on one side {usually my left – it’s my side that pumps better & gets sore more frequently than my right!} and get about 5+ oz. that I add to my freezer stash. I think this pumping paired with his sleeping through the night helps keep my supply up, so I’m happy to do it.


6:45am – Brooks starts to stir & is rolling around a bit so I decide to go in & get him. Sometimes he is  fine waking up slow, making his rounds in the crib & hanging out, other times he wakes up crying. I like to get him before he starts getting upset when I can, I think it starts our day off on a good note. I then change him, give him his vitamins and feed him.

7:00am – We hang out with dad while he gets ready for work & I get ready for the day myself.

8:00am  – Say goodbye to dad as he heads out for the day. I then put away any dishes that were drying, unload the dishwasher, clean my pumping supplies & freeze my milk from the morning & set out Brooks’ foam mat in our living room for him to roll around. I make my green monster for the day and drink it while hanging out with Brooks & listening to Good Morning America.

green monster

8:30am – I put Brooks in his carrier & leash Jackson up and we go for our first morning walk. Brooks loves being outside and the morning is the most comfortable for everyone during the summer, including the dog, before it gets too hot. We usually go out for a longer walk at this time because both Brooks & Jackson enjoy the fresh air.


9:00am – We get back from our walk, I feed Jackson & usually Brooks has fallen asleep on my chest during the walk or has started to rub his eyes. He usually lasts about 2 hours in the morning before he starts to get cranky and needs another nap. I put him in his crib if he’s asleep or rock him a bit in his room before putting him down for his morning nap. This nap lasts anywhere from 20 minutes to 1 hour – today it lasted an hour! Win!

From 9- 10am, while Brooks is sleeping, I enjoy my morning cup of coffee, get caught up on emails & organize my blog happenings for the day & for the rest of the week. I’ve started really using my planner to maximize my organization and it’s been really helpful. Planning everything out in advance helps me know what is going on, what is coming up, what needs to be done and it’s so much less stressful for me.

10:00am – Brooks wakes up happy and rested from his nap. Sometimes he’s super hungry and wants to nurse right away, other times he enjoys rolling around or playing with a toy for a bit. Today he’s not in a rush to eat so we practice sitting & play with a toy or two.


10:30am – Time to nurse!

10:45am – Depending on the day and what we have going on, if we are going out somewhere that involves driving, this is the time where we would pack everything up and run our errands. I like to plan things like this right after his second nursing of the day because then we can go out and about for at least 2 hours and get some things done. If we are going to the mall I don’t stress as much about his schedule because I know I can easily and comfortably nurse and change him in any Nordstroms {or most fitting rooms for that matter!} Because of the heat this summer I typically like to do our driving errands one day a week & keep him out of the carseat & car when I can. I also try not to do back to back driving days to give him a break from running around. He doesn’t nap as well on the go as he used to so I try to minimize it when I can.

Today we are hanging at the house, doing some chores and preparing for visitors this weekend so after B eats, he is in a good mood to play in his Exercauser, Jumperoo or Swing while I do some cleaning. He usually lasts about 15-20 minutes in one of these devices before he’s over it and wants to get back to rolling around on the floor, chewing on something.


11:00am – Snack time for me! I usually reach for some yogurt or fruit but with the hot weather this summer, I’ve been all about the smoothies.

11:10am – B is happy playing with some toys, rolling around in his little area of the living room floor. I de-pit some cherries to freeze for upcoming smoothies – while we interact and play together most of the day, I like to give him some “alone time” where I watch him while getting something done across the room so he can learn to entertain himself and explore on his own for a bit.


11:20am – Diaper change & outfit change. I then read Brooks a book – I try to read to him at least once, if not more each day.

11:30am – The second I put him back down on his floor mat, he proceeds to spit up and then roll around in it, which results in another outfit change {and a washing of the hands/face}


11:45am – Brooks is starting to get restless for another nap, but I try to buy us some extra time by setting up his frog seat outside in the shade on our backyard patio. Brooks watches me water the plants, sweep up the leaves and berries and Jackson relaxes soaking up the sun. They both love being outside!

12:30pm – B starts rubbing his eyes and begins to fuss. This let’s me know he’s tired again and ready for another nap. Depending on how much he’s nursed so far during the day I decide whether I will put him down before he eats again or feed him. Today he didn’t feed for too long a time during his two previous nursing sessions so I decide to nurse him before his nap. Sometimes this puts him to sleep, sometimes he goes into the crib a little awake, it just depends. He nurses to sleep for 15 minutes and I then transfer him to him crib.

Going down for his afternoon nap usually happens anytime between 12/1 depending on the day, what we are up to and how B is feeling. When we are home & he is rolling around he tends to tire himself out a little earlier than if we are out and about. When we are out he tends to take a few cat naps, lasting 15-20 minutes throughout the day, but he loves people watching in his stroller too. Today he’s going down a little on the early side and that’s fine with me. He’s on a schedule of sorts but it’s all up to him, I don’t force anything on him, he naps when he’s tired and he eats when he’s hungry – he usually is pretty good about letting me know what he needs, but he’s also become somewhat consistent in the past few weeks.

12:45pm – Lunch time for me! I heat up leftover Spinach, Asparagus & Feta Quiche I made the night before & it’s very yummy! I eat lunch while catching up on some things on my computer & review my to-do list for the rest of the week. Facebooking, Instagramming & online shopping may also occur during the time. I cross my fingers Brooks take a good, solid lunchtime nap in his crib, but it’s very inconsistent with how long it lasts – this being his second nap of the day ranges from 30 minutes to 2 hours {but it’s usually closer to the 1 hour mark on average}

2:00pm – A 1.5 hour nap! I’ll take it! Diaper change for B & I change into some workout clothes as we are going to head outside in a bit.


2:20pm – We all head outside to take Jackson for a walk.

2:45pm – Drop Jackson off, grab Brooks something cold to chew on & head back out for a walk/run/jog.

3:15pm – Back from a 30 minute jog & now it’s time to nurse again. I try to nurse around 3pm & 5pm {or as close to them as I can} even if he isn’t asking to be fed, in an effort to sort of cluster feed Brooks so when he has his last feed around 7pm  his belly is full & he’s hydrated for a good night’s sleep. Sometimes these feeding last 5-7 minutes, other times they are 15  minutes or longer. Brooks is very much in control of how much he wants to eat & when and this seems to be working well for us as he’s generally a very happy baby.


3:30pm – B nurses for about 7 minutes or so but then he’s over it so it’s time for our joint tummy time! Rolling around on the floor time for him & abs/squats time for me! We roll around on the floor for about 30 minutes or so, sometimes I hold him on my belly while I do crunches. After about 30 minutes or so I can tell he’s going to need another nap soon.

4:00pm – B has a bit of a cryfest for 10/15 minutes fighting off his nap, even though he clearly needs it. I rock & shush & play music for him and he eventually surrenders to his afternoon nap.

4:15pm – While Brooks naps, I grab a snack {yogurt!} and spend some time voting for the Philly Hot List while I am on hold with USPS as I am on the hunt for a lost package today.

4:50pm – B is up from his nap. I change him and then see if he wants to nurse. He typically snacks for shorter period of times in the afternoon.


5:00pm – Meet up with a neighbor and take Jackson & Brooks for a walk. This last hour before dad gets home can sometimes be a “witching hour” of shorts, so we like to spend some more time outside if it’s not too hot. I generally wear Brooks for this walk {along with the first walk of the day!} as its easier when I have both the baby & the dog.

5:30pm – Back from our walk. Time for more rolling around on the floor/playing with toys while I try to start some of the prep for dinner. I’ve been meal planning our weeks recently and it’s made dinner time way less stressful since I have a general plan of action.

frog chair

5:35pm – Diaper change & then back to floor time

6:00pm – Now’s the time of the day where Brooks only wants to be held so we go & sit outside and watch the cars go by while waiting for dad to get home. He can be crying inside but the second we go outside the hum of the city calms him.

6:15pm – Dad’s home!

6:20pm – I let the boys have their time together & sneak away to have a quick shower. Charles hangs out with B & they are pretty much laughing together the whole time.

6:35pm – Bath time for Brooks!

6:50pm – Charles gets Brooks ready for bed & then reads him a story. By this time he’s usually starting to rub his eyes and visibly letting us know he’s ready for bed. Depending on what we are having for dinner, I start the preparations for our meal after Brooks goes down.


7:00pm – I nurse Brooks for what is usually {fingers crossed!} the last time for the day. Charles & I usually watch Jeopardy together while Brooks eats & he usually falls asleep while eating.

7:20pm – After nursing B & rocking him for a bit in his room he is {fingers crossed} out for the night. Charles started to make dinner {tacos!} while I was putting Brooks down so it’s almost time to enjoy dinner together.

7:30pm – Dinner is served.taco

8:00pm – Spend some time online, preparing blog posts for the coming days, catching up on emails & blog post comments

9:00pm – Pour myself a glass of wine & head upstairs. I typically make it through an episode of Modern Family {maybe 2!} before falling asleep. I think I’m still catching up on my lack of sleep from Brooks’ newborn days! As mentioned in my Sleep Training post, Brooks usually makes it through the night until 6:30am {most nights!} but we do still have the occasional wake up here and there. I’m ready for anything but hopeful he will have a good nights sleep {and allow me to do the same!}

10:00pm – Lights Out

baby cam


What does your typical day in the life look like?



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  • Reply Jessica@TWB August 4, 2014 at 1:50 pm

    You have been sprinkled with special baby fairy dust – he sounds like an easy baby!

    • Reply Leslie August 7, 2014 at 9:18 pm

      Crossing my fingers he stays this way!

  • Reply Patty O August 4, 2014 at 8:32 pm

    I agree with Jessica – you have been truly blessed, but also, you are doing a fantastic job as a mom!

  • Reply Erin August 5, 2014 at 1:52 pm

    Shew! Busy busy busy!

  • Reply Nikki August 7, 2014 at 1:19 pm

    I have a 7 week old. Other than feeding him at 2,5,8,11 (both AM & PM) we play it by ear. Do you give Brooks daily baths? You didn’t mention that. My son loves his baby swing. He rocks a lot of the day in it.

    • Reply Leslie August 7, 2014 at 9:12 pm

      Nikki – we usually do but not always everyday. I always give him a bath whenever I put sunscreen on him or whenever he is in the pool {or when he has massive diaper blowouts} but every now and then it’s not every day. He LOVES bath time so if he’s having a rough day or missed a nap, a bath always puts him in a good mood for bedtime!

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