Baby Led Weaning Essentials

So we are a little over a month into this whole baby led weaning experience. I have a post scheduled for next week with a whole update for you on how everything has been going in terms of avoiding baby foods & purees and going straight to the “solids” with Brooks – be on the lookout for that next week. But before I give you our BLW update, I wanted to post about a few of our favorite things!

These are the 9 items {plus a few extra below!} that we have been using the most the past month & they have all been very helpful with helping Brooks “practice” eating. Like I said, we are only a few weeks into this whole new eating experience, and I know everything will be constantly changing, quickly – but these are a few of our favorite essentials that have made introducing solids a little easier and a lot more fun!


BLW Essentials

1- A highchair is one of the first things that you really need for BLW { so your little one is sitting upright – incase of any choking}. We picked out this one & got it as a shower gift. I LOVE it! We have hardwood floors and lots of wood decor around the house so it fits in nicely – Brooks loves sitting in it too, sometimes he will just hang out in it while I’m in the kitchen. It’s a really nice piece of furniture that will grow with Brooks, as it has various stages of use.

2- I got this learning cup for Brooks to make the transition from bottle {or boob?} to cup easier. I’ve been filling it with water & he loves the easy grip handles. Sometimes he just gnaws on it more than anything & barely gets any liquid out, but when I have a drink, he seems to like to have something to “drink” too. This always entertains him when I give it to him. Also, elephants!

3- These mesh feeders have been a lifesaver. We have put ice in it on a cold day, frozen breast milk for teething issues and anything that Brooks wants to try to eat that could be a choking hazard. He’s still able to get a taste for certain foods – blueberries, cherries, grape tomatoes, etc. – that would otherwise be too small for him at this stage. Plus, he just likes to gnaw on anything cold!

4- This silicone baby bib is amazing. It comes in fun colors {for boys with the bow tie & girls with a beaded necklace}, it’s soft, has a amazing crumb catcher and is dishwasher safe. Love this thing!

5- I picked up these soft-tip spoons the other day and really like them. While we are doing baby led weaning & letting Brooks “feed” himself, for certain things like applesauce or yogurt I do get a spoonful out for him, hold it up and he pulls the spoon in to his mouth himself, while I’m still holding it for control. Otherwise it would be everywhere. But these spoons have been working really well so far !

6- I recently purchased this high chair/shopping cart cover because sometimes when we are out to eat or out shopping, Brooks wants out of his stroller! He likes sitting upright now and watching the world go by & this is a nice protective cover & it folds up into a small little ball which is easy to toss into the diaper bag. It also has a fun teether attached & a strap to hold a cup to keep it from falling – love those little details. Also, it has elephants on it…

7- This Sili Squeezer is really cool. Brooks is still learning how to work it, but I think it’s a great product that I will be using all the time once he’s older. It’s a reusable squeeze pouch with a free-flowing spout { it also has a nipple spout for younger babies that stops liquid from coming out} – it’s great for water but will also be great for fruit sauces & smoothies, plus the lid it attached to the squeezer so it won’t get lost! It also feels really great – I love this thing.

8- We have also gotten a ton of use out of our travel high chair that attaches to {most} tables. It’s been great for going to grandma & grandpas house & the beach and it will be even more useful now that he’s eating more. Plus it’s another place for the little guy to sit.

9- This tiny diner tray goes perfectly with the travel high chair {mentioned above} – it is made of silicone for easy clean up, has suction cups on the bottom to stick to any table, has a scoop to catch falling food and it provides a safe place for your little one to play with & explore their food. It also rolls up & is easy to throw in your diaper bag to travel with or just great if you want to cover the table area in front of baby at a restaurant.

Not Shown:

Also a few other key items to have when starting “solids” would be to have some baby Benadryl close by {in case of any allergic retains!} / the BLW cookbook or the Baby & Toddler Cookbook are also great resources to get creative with baby’s first foods! / I also love these glass storage containers in perfect sizes for baby food!


What’s your essential item for introducing solids to your little?

Please share! 


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  • Reply Kat August 21, 2014 at 11:39 am

    We have similar taste- we have 5 of those exact products, down to the color! 🙂 Looking forward to your BLW post. We are about 1 month in too and sometimes I start to doubt myself/wonder if we are doing everything right!

  • Reply leo December 15, 2014 at 4:17 am

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  • Reply Angela Jackson December 18, 2014 at 11:03 pm

    The silicone bibs are really great. You don’t need any other bib if you have this. The catch pocket is great for saving food. Since it’s waterproof, you can easily clean it.

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