Our Baby Led Weaning Update – One Month In!

So here we are…one month in to baby led weaning.

And I must tell you….

It’s been a messy 4 weeks!


It has also been a very fun, sometimes scary, a little gassy but an overall very exciting time in the world of introducing solids to my little man.

Today I wanted to give you a little update on how things have been going the past month! If you haven’t checked out my Baby Led Weaning Essentials post, don’t forget to pop on over there – it shares with you a few of our favorite things that have helped us make our way into the land of eating “real” food.

baby eats

So we started Brooks off with a variety of “soft” foods and some raw options as well. We began with lots of avocado, banana, egg & sweet potatoes in the mix. I think doing that for the first week or so really helped Brooks get an idea of some different textures, shapes & tastes. I’m not sure how much he actually ate of any of it, but one of the main focuses behind BLW is to not stress about the food intake, so I haven’t been worrying about it!


We are letting Brooks decide what & how much he wants to eat. I try to give him a variety of choices & he does with it what he wants. We also aren’t mushing anything, just giving him food we are eating {for the most part} in manageable bites he can grab & won’t choke on. Sometimes he attempts to make contact with his mouth, other times he tosses the food on the ground to the dog. He’s 6 months old, so there really isn’t any reasoning with him. I try to stick with the mantra that “food before one is just for fun” and we are making space everyday for Brooks to “explore” with his food – because it’s really all about learning at this point.

mesh feeder

I do my best to give Brooks tastes of whatever we are eating. I have been trying to mainly focus on Brooks trying out foods during breakfast & lunch as I’ve heard that sometimes if you go the dinner route it can cause gas at night which would NOT make B a happy camper. He’s also in the best mood during the day so we have the best results with him trying new things.


The only source of anxiety during this whole process, and I believe it to be a thing to all parents no matter what “route to solids” you are taking – is the possibility of choking.

I know that Brooks is going to gag because he has to learn to swallow & chew and it all will eventually flow together – and I know that gagging is different than choking but it doesn’t make the threat of is any less scary.

self feeding

Because of the choking scare, and due to the fact that Brooks is still very new to “food” I have been putting anything that he could possibly choke on or be a choking hazard into these amazing mesh feeders that I am obsessed with. This way I can literally give him a taste of anything & everything, he still gets to taste & explore but it puts my mind at ease. At least for now.


Another thing I have learned the past month is that every day is very different in terms of introducing solids to your little one. Some days B will be super interested in food & want to sit in his highchair exploring all day. Other days he will want nothing to do with it – though I think those days had something to do with his first tooth making an appearance.

cauliflowerevolution of eating

If B is happy hanging out, mushing an avocado around, I’m happy to sit there with him.  I’ve become slightly neurotic about always having my eye on him when he’s eating – but it’s also fun to sit there and take a million photos of him enjoying a meal. Messy baby eating photos are the best.

smiley avocado

Brooks has also been enjoying applesauce, hummus & yogurt – sometimes I spoon feed him these, but he usually “helps” me guide the spoon into his mouth, which is really cute. He’s also gnawed on bits of steak too!

Yay Food

I feel like right now he is trying out way more fruits than vegetables, which I am constantly trying to adjust. Maybe it’s just a summer thing & as more fall veggies come into season we will be naturally working that into our diets.


In other news, Jackson has become Brooks’ BFF whenever he is in his highchair. Jackson still pretty much ignores him for the majority of the day but when he goes into the kitchen & plopped down, Jackson is no fool and he knows there’s a 100% chance of food flying from the heavens for him to enjoy.


I have also come to love Little Yums & Baby Mum Mums  – both are organic teething wafers that quickly dissolve & come in a variety of flavors. Brooks is OBSESSED with them and I never leave the house without a pack {they come in a perfect little pack of 2} I think they are a huge factor in teaching him to chew and swallow because it’s the one thing he really only ever eats the whole thing.

toes of a babe

Brooks has also enjoyed chewing on bread and we have bigger plans of introducing more meat options as well as peanut butter in the coming weeks. For now it’s just take each day one at a time, keep trying new things and be patient with the mess!



What’s your little one currently loving to eat?

Please share!


budsyogurt feets spoon exploring

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  • Reply Stephanie August 27, 2014 at 9:47 am

    Brooks is so adorable, I love his little smile!

  • Reply Patty O September 7, 2014 at 9:24 pm

    You are doing a great job of introducing food to Brooks – I think he is truly enjoying the experience and Jackson too!

  • Reply Sayeh Hormozi May 16, 2016 at 9:00 pm

    This is so great. Love all the pics! Thanks again for sharing. So helpful.

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