Brooks’ Favorite Things at 7 Month Old

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The toys are starting to multiple in our house and I think it has a lot to do with the fact that Brooks is mobile and getting into everything! At 7 months old our little man is active and likes to play! Luckily, we have been able to borrow A TON of stuff from friends and neighbors, and I currently have a rule that the only toys we have on the main floor must be able to fit in our toy box at the end of the day – I’m trying to keep the amount of toys under control, but it’s hard!

BUT at the same time, this age is very fun. He wants to PLAY! and I do my bes tot change things up so he’s constantly experiencing new things. Here’s our list of what Brooks is currently loving at 7 months old – feel free to share what your little one is really into at the moment!


7 month old favorites

1- This round and round is Brooks’ new favorite thing and it is SO MUCH FUN! He spins around in a circle, exploring it all day long. I love watching him play in it too!

2- I got this wooden fish rattle for Brooks when I was pregnant and he’s finally at the point where he is playing {and gnawing!} on it. He loves it when I shake it – it makes a fun noise too.

3- We recently picked up a sensory ball and Brooks really loves rolling around on the ground with it. These are the perfect size for him at the moment, not too big & not too small!

4- This turtle is another toy that was passed along from a friend. It is really cute and crawls along with your baby while playing music & saying cute phrases like “come on little one” – Both Jackson & Brooks enjoy this one!

5- Ok, this is sort of one of MY favorite things for my little man {and you know my elephant obsession} – but how awesome is this elephant storage bin? You can get any animal you want, but I think it’s a fun little bin for toys & other baby stuff!

6- I really like these squeeze blocks – and so does Brooks! I stack them and he loves to knock it down – they also have fun animals and numbers on them too. I think they are really cute.

7- This learn and discover driver was passed down to us from a neighbor and Brooks really likes playing with it. He sits in his high chair on the table or with it on the ground and goes to town pressing all the buttons, moving the steering wheel. He loves the music and songs it plays.

8- I got this wooden crab for Brooks a few weeks ago {you know how much I love wooden toys} and it’s the cutest little thing. The arms & legs twist and move and when you press the shell it does a cute little hop. So adorable.

9- This book is awesome. Brooks doesn’t get it yet, but it entertains me to no end – the pigeon is crazy!


What’s your little one currently loving?

Please share!



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  • Reply Patty O September 10, 2014 at 6:40 am

    Can’t wait to see Brooks play with his new toys this weekend! Also, #6 didn’t come up to see!

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