Brooks’ Favorite Things at 8 Months Old

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Toys are getting more interactive, more fun {and bigger!} in our neck of the woods! I have been diligent about borrowing what we can from friends and swapping out old toys, but Brooks loves to play so it’s fun to have a variety of things {but I love the fact that we don’t have to worry about storing most of these things & can replace or swap out once he moves on to other interests}

At this point Brooks has become a really good crawler & can pull up on pretty much anything – he loves these bigger toys that allow him to stand while playing. He’s a curious and adventurous little guy who is pretty much into everything so it’s fun to watch him learn and play!

Here’s a few of Brooks’ favorite things that he is currently loving at 8 months old! What is YOUR little one currently loving? Please share!


Eight Month Favorites

1- This Sound & Play activity table is the cutest. We borrowed it from a neighbor {Hi Annie!} and Brooks LOVES IT! I also love the overall look and feel of it too – it’s a cute toy!

2- We don’t have this move & crawl ball but Brooks played with it at a friends house the other day and loved it.

3- We borrowed this musical table from a friend {Hi Sabrina!} and Brooks has really grown with it the past month – the legs are detachable so in the beginning of the month he was playing with it on the floor during tummy time/sitting up and now the legs are back in and he’s using it to pull up all the time. He loves it! Plus it has English & Spanish options too!

4- I recently borrowed this walker from a family friend and Brooks has a blast scooting around the house.

5- The elephant obsession continues with this teether. It’s organic, BPA Free, All Natural, Amber Free, Silicone Teether Ring Pendant – and it comes in every color!

6- When I was at my parents in VA I just picked up these cups to leave there & at my in-laws for little man. I love how I got 6 of them, with lids and a travel sprout for $3.49! Such a great deal & Brooks loves to drink out of them.

7- Brooks has been LOVING my chewbeads lately -> I can pretty much wear them with everything and the grey goes with every outfit! Plus little man loves gnawing on them!

8- Our neighbor had this remote control car and I just thought it was the cutest thing so I HAD to get one for B. It’s a one click/button operated so it’s easy to use for little ones and it has these really fun lights that shine as it goes. I work it for B right now {trust me, it’s tons of fun!} and he loves it – can’t wait for him to use it! I see him growing with this for sure!

9- I picked up this wooden activity cube off an area ListServe for CHEAP! It was used but in awesome condition and Brooks is obsessed with it. He loves playing on all the different sides and being able to pull up to stand on it. Best $20 I’ve spent – I see him playing with this for a while!


What’s your little one currently loving?

Please share!


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  • Reply Patty O October 8, 2014 at 6:57 am

    It’s so much fun watching Brooks play with all his new toys! I think we need to buy Brooks that crawl ball – looks like fun!

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