Ten Months with Brooks

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**********************MONTH 10

Growth – Little man is getting HEAVY! I have been having minor back issues this past month because I can really feel it when I hold him – and of course, he wants to be held a lot. I have really been using my carrier all the time. We are going to get his second round of the flu shot later today, and I want to see if they will weigh him again because I feel like he is packing on the pounds. tub

He’s also starting to look {and act!} more like a toddler and less like a baby. He has opinions, is understanding things more and more and is always on the go. blw

Nursing / Feeding – We are on a nice little schedule still of four times a day – once when he wakes up, after his first nap {around 10:30}, after his second nap {around 3:30} and before bedtime. He does occasionally nurse to sleep, but he also is capable and does a good job of putting himself to sleep when he wakes up – so I don’t worry about it too much when he does nurse to sleep.

I’m not sure what the next nursing transition is though – my pediatrician said he will likely drop the next one when he drops the next nap, but then what? Or is he going to just stop one day all of a sudden? How does the next phase work? Any insight from your experience would be awesome. pizzzaaaaaa

Baby Led Weaning – Little man loves his carbs. I try my darnedest all day to sneak in some fruits and veggies and protein and he will {for the most part} try new things, but he’s all about the carbs, all the time. He loves fresh baked bread and mum mums and cheerios – they are all his favorite go-to snacks.  Other than the carb obsession, BLW is going really well. Little man does a wonderful job at feeding himself. I try to give him a variety of food options at each meal, a variety of textures and tastes – for the most part he eats what we are eating – but at the end of dinner I do offer him a food pouch because I like to make sure he’s getting some nutrition – it’s hard to keep track of what he’s actually eating when a lot ends up on the floor.  sleeeeeep

Sleeping – We have been in a good place with sleeping the past month, aside from the whole daylight savings drama, I can’t complain – he’s still going down at 7pm and {fingers crossed} has been sleeping until 5-6am, with an average wake-up at 5:30, which is totally acceptable in my book. When you have been having 3 & 4 am wake ups, anything past 5am is two thumbs up! I think making sure he goes to bed with a full belly has been helpful too. nappers

Naps – The past few weeks we have gotten in a great place with naps – he goes down around 8:30am for his first nap, which lasts between 1-1.5 hours and his second nap is at 1:30pm which lasts another 1-1.5 hours. It’s nice to have a sort of nap “schedule” so we can better plan our day together, and I think the consistency helps him too. I’m wondering when he will drop the first nap -> that’s going to shake things up again! plaid

Clothes – I’m officially obsessed with little boy clothes, it’s becoming a problem. He’s now really in the 12 month clothes, but still fits in a few 6 month things here and there. I also started to pick up a few pieces for next Fall & Winter {on super sale!} during the Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales this weekend. I’m crossing my fingers he doesn’t have a crazy growth spurt that messes with my planning, but we shall see. Keeping the tags on & the receipts until then!


Jackson & Brooks – These two are besties, but only during eating time. Brooks loves chasing Jackson around but for the most part, Jackson escapes to somewhere Brooks can’t reach him and watches from above. I’m hoping that once Brooks starts walking more it will be a little less intimidating for Jackson. Until then I just try to include Jackson whenever we play.

good eats

Loves – Little man loves music, peekaboo, climbing everything, opening and closing everything {doors, drawers, boxes, etc..} dancing and playtime. He also enjoys paging through books and magazines, with the occasional urge to rip and destroy! He’s into everything and it’s so much fun, but also exhausting! He’s always on the move and you have to constantly keep an eye on him. He has no fear and is very inquisitive and exploratory! tgivng

Loves {cont’d} – He also went through a few weeks that he was totally against bath time. Not sure why, but he hated it. But I’m happy to report he loves it again. He’s a pretty social baby so I do my best to make sure we are always out and about & hanging out with other moms & bebe’s – it’s fun for both of us to be social!

love love love

Highlights – This month was a jam packed month with lots of fun & lots of going on. Brooks had his first weekend alone with Dad {while mom enjoyed a girls weekend away!}, he powered through his first daylight savings experience {I’m glad thats over!}, attended his cousin’s First Birthday and celebrated his first Thanksgiving {which he slept through!} I’m so excited for the upcoming holiday season with Brooks! It’s going to be a fun one! butt

This month we also celebrated Brooks in & out day – which is the milestone for him being OUT of the womb for longer than he was in! Since he had to be served an eviction notice {after being in my belly for 41 + 2 weeks}, he cooked for a good long time in there, but it’s way more fun to have him in my arms than in my belly.


Little man also has learned quite a few new tricks this month – is it wrong to call them tricks? Skills? Ok, skills. He throws his arms up in the air when you ask how big is Brooks {So Big!}, he claps on command, gives kisses {mainly to mom!}, blows kisses, blows raspberries and now he waves {which is the cutest thing ever}. He has also started dancing, which is totally cute as well. Can’t wait to see what he learns next months!

arms up

Here are a few more of my favorite pictures from the past month:


foodgrimaceballerbundleon toesgpasbaby vest41baby cry sick baby sleepy baby sweetestmmj baby selfiemustache

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  • Reply Kay @ goaloflosing.com December 2, 2014 at 9:23 am

    What a great recap and a fun month, it seems! Looking forward to all this next year with our little girl due in January, 2015!

  • Reply Jessica@TWB December 2, 2014 at 11:06 am

    We never dropped down to less than four nursing sessions/day. About two weeks before she turned one, we started transitioning the bottles she was getting (pumping/working mom, here) to a mix of BM and whole milk. Then we eventually replaced all but morning and bedtime feedings with whole milk bottles. Then phased out the AM session. Then little miss decided to wean completely at 1yr 11d old. That’s all she wrote! Then switched from bottles to sippies by 15mo. But every kiddo is different. You’ll figure it out!!

  • Reply Patty O December 2, 2014 at 2:44 pm

    Another wonderful and fun month being with Brooks! Brooks is a special little man in my book!

  • Reply Krista December 3, 2014 at 8:59 am

    Is that your dad carrying Brooks? So adorable! My son was on bottles, so a bit different than BM, but a couple months after one, when he was eating full meals and snacks, I slowly switched over to milk in a cup. He did well with it. He also didn’t transition from 2 naps until he was 20-21 months olds (which is really late!), so maybe you have lots of time to enjoy your nap schedule. 🙂

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