Brooks’ Favorite Things at Eleven Months Old

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This past month was filled with ALL.THE.TOYS.

We have been really mindful of what we bring into our house – I don’t want toys to takeover our home or be all over the place, but we been really lucky with friends and neighbors passing things along, so we haven’t had to buy too much for him. But then the holidays happened & all toy craziness broke loose.

90% of the things we have in our house for the little man to play with, we didn’t get him – and the same goes for Christmas presents. We knew he would be spoiled by family {hello…baby’s first christmas!} so we really only got Brooks a new bookand one other thing or two {including #6 &#7 below!}.

I love the idea of getting him 4 things for Christmas-> something to read, something to wear, something he needs {like clothes or shoes} along with something he wants going forward. Let the major spoiling be done by grandparents! And also having him donate a thing or two {of his choosing!} each year around the holiday season – to clean things out & as a good learning moment. But we can work on that when he’s a little older and understands a bit more. Do you have any holiday gift tips/tricks you use? Would love to hear them for next year!

Until then, here is what Brooks is currently loving – at 11 months old! Brace yourself, there are many wheeled things ahead! Little man loves trucks & cars & pushing things! I’m sure we will have a whole new toy collection after his birthday at the end of the month too! Stay tuned!


11 month favorites


1- Brooks got this 3-in-1 Bounce, Stride & Ride from Santa and he’s sort of obsessed with it. He loves sitting on it, bouncing on it and pushing it around. It’s a fun little toy that I can see him enjoying for a while!

2- I picked up this Bamboo Toy Car for Brooks as a little holiday treat & as presents for a few of his other little friends. It’s a really nice little car – well made & a good size. He loves rolling it around! Plus its rubber wheels and doesn’t leave marks on the floor when it goes flying around.

3- Another Christmas score – Brooks received Musical Lion Walker from his second cousin and he loves it. He borrowed this Learning Walker from a friend so now we can give that back & have one of our own!

4- How cute is this safari truck? My in-laws got it for Brooks for the holidays, in honor of their recent trip to Africa! It’s fun for Brooks to play with the animal shapes! Plus its personalized for him too! I know he will be playing with this for years to come.

5- My parents got Brooks this Radio Flyer Stroll ‘N Trike Ride On for Christmas and I think it might be my favorite present he received this year! We have lots os friends in our neighborhood who have this trike and Brooks already loves it. It’s fun to change things up for him & now wheel him around in a stroller – this is a little more interactive for him and he can grow with it too – eventually it will be his first tricycle – it also folds up too, so we can easily transport it back and forth to the grandparents!

6- The only thing Brooks has really attached to has been his wubbanub – so we are trying to introduce a larger plush toy, that holds the bink, but we can also remove the pacifier {later!} – and keep the animal! I love this elephant pacifier holder and so does my little man! So happy he enjoys it!

7- During our recent visit to NYC we made a pit stop in FAO Schwartz, which is where I picked up this adorable little Soldier Windup Toy – which is really fun & totally different than anything else he owns! Brooks loves watching it dance for him!

8- Brooks picked up this rhyme & discover book from a neighbor friend. I love it because it’s small & musical and easily fits in the diaper bag. He loves the songs and he’s a big fan of being able to turn the pages!

9- This BMW Baby Racer was a big hit from my brother & soon-to-be sister-in-law, Joan this holiday season! It might be the cutest thing ever – Brooks can already push himself around on it and I love the cool look of it!


What’s your little one currently loving?

Please share!


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  • Reply Kay @ January 13, 2015 at 8:58 am

    I hear ya on the toys! Our baby isn’t even hear yet and she already has a toy bin filled! Haha.

  • Reply Patty O January 14, 2015 at 8:48 pm

    All I can say is that Brooks is one very lucky little man! Santa was very good to him this year!

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