Your Best Self In The New Year


 It’s always easy for me to find an excuse to treat myself. I don’t ever really need a reason but I can always rationalize a new pair of shoes, or jeans, or a handbag. But I find that I am most motivated by being able to reward myself for accomplishing a goal.

 Eating right and exercising are things I love to do, but now since my schedule is not my own & little man calls the shots, I need to make the extra effort to stay active. Here are a few of my favorite things that help keep me in check & keep me focused on being my best self:

 your best self in the new year

  1. Planner: I love to cross things off a list & write everything down. Mapping out my days, weeks & months ahead of time calms me and makes me feel better prepared. It also helps me keep everything organize. I always try to plan out my workouts too, when I have a sitter {aka a grandparent} to watch the little one so I can squeeze in a run or hit up a class.
  1. Cute Kicks: A good pair of shoes, in a fabulous color of course, goes a long way to inspire me to get my butt out the door & move!
  1. Progresso™ Light Soup: I always have this in my pantry. It’s quick to heat up for a fast lunch or dinner option and I love how delicious & full of flavor it is {while being light on calories} It also keeps me full for a long time & I always feel satisfied, never over-full. My favorite flavor is the creamy potato with bacon & cheese.
  1. Tracking Device: As I said, I’m a numbers gal. I love seeing the results from a good workout right away. Being able to track progress & compare workouts is essential to me!
  1. My Favorite Water Bottle: You can always find me with my water bottle in tow. I never leave the house without it. This bad boy holds 40 oz. of water. I love making sure i refill it – at least once – during the day.
  1. Cozy Post-Workout Wear: Because who doesn’t want to feel like they are being wrapped in a warm hug after an awesome sweat session?
  1. The Best Bra: It’s important to be supported – in life & during a workout. I love this bra to wear during a spin class or just anytime during the day. It’s comfortable, gives a great shape and feels fabulous.
  1. Socks: I am a huge fan of padded socks to keep my toes comfortable, especially during long runs. Love these.
  1. Black Pants: The right pair of black <stretchy> pants goes a long way. I love a good pair I can sweat in, has a good amount of stretch, washes well and I can easily pair them with boots or a cozy sweater when running errands. It’s all about versatility! Love these!


            What’s your Best Tip/Trick for Living your Best Self in the New Year?

Please share!



“This post was sponsored by Progresso™ through their partnership POPSUGAR. While I was compensated by POPSUGAR to write a post about Progresso™, all opinions are my own.”

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  • Reply Patty O January 12, 2015 at 9:34 am

    I love Progresso Soups – very tasty! Thanks for sharing all your great workout gear!

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