14 Months with Brooks

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**********************14 Months

Yes, I realize I am missing the 13 month update. Oops. I totally took the monthly photo, duh but I definitely never did the update on the blog. I blame morning sickness, pregnancy in general and our crazy travel schedule that month. Forgive me? I think because I was feeling so bad that month was a bit of a blur anyways.

please touch

Growth – At Brooks’ one year appointment he was clocking the scales at 21/22 pounds. We haven’t had him officially weighed since then, but he feels so heavy! I feel like I say this every time! I held him on the scale with me one morning and it said he was 23 pounds – but he feels so solid! Definitely feels like more than that!


Nursing  – We stopped nursing at 13 months and this past month little man has been able to enjoy the benefits of my breastmilk freezer stash. Tonight Brooks will have the last frozen breastmilk bottle – so he’s on his own from here on out! But I’m so happy he was able to enjoy the benefits of nursing for 14 months – we made it to Spring! Check out my On Stopping Nursing post for more of an update!

Baby Led Weaning – The BLW update is that little man is an EATER! The kid loves to eat! He is pretty good about trying most things, but I can’t get him to eat fruits or vegetables still unless they are mixed in with other things. I’m still thinking they may be too hard for him? But I’m hoping with all the yummy summer produce ahead he will be open to trying more things! Other than that he loves to feed himself. Even if I am spooning him something thats liquid, like soup, he wants to hold the spoon with my hand and do it himself. I try to get as creative as possible making new meals that he can enjoy & get new flavors and textures! teef

Teething – This months we had some teeth making their way. Brooks has one on the bottom front and a second one on the bottom side coming in – the second one is a big one! I feel like there are more little swollen areas starting to pop up so more are on their way. He had a few days where he was definitely in pain but that seems to have passed for now. There’s nothing more sad than a teething or sick baby! zombie cam

Sleeping – This month daylight savings has been my savior! Ever since then, Brooks skipped his 5:30 am wake up call and has been sleeping 7:15pm – 7:15am – it’s been THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER! Seriously! During daylight savings we started pushing Brooks’ bedtime back 30 minutes to around 7:30pm and he seems to be working really well. Depending on when he wakes up from his nap we start bedtime around 7:00pm and go from there. He has a little bit of his cup of milk while reading a story and then we plop him down {lovingly, of course} in the crib and he rolls over and passes out. He’s turned into a great little {knock on wood} sleeper.

He’s also really awesome when he wakes up and just hanging out in his crib for a while before letting me know he’s ready for me {with a Da-da yell or two – yes he calls me, and everyone else Da-da} It’s nice because I can watch him waking up slow, get up and get myself somewhat together before going to get him. Love it!


Naps – This month I have been successful with helping {making?} Brooks transition to one nap a day! It’s so much easier to plan life around one nap rather than 2. Granted, it was nice having 2 breaks during the day, it’s much better for everyone with the one nap break. He goes down sometime between 11:30 – 12:30, depending on what we are doing and he naps usually around 1.5 – 2.5 hours. Sometimes he wakes up and wants to sleep some more {on me} but as long as he’s getting a solid 12 hours at night, I am up for whatever in terms of his naps. Last week he had a cold so he wasn’t feeling well and he did take some extra snoozes during the days, but other than that it’s been going really well.

dog love

Jackson & Brooks – Little man loves his “Jacks” which is his name for Jackson. He loves to follow him around and pet him and share food with him. They are quickly becoming little buddies, especially when Brooks has food in his hands! Brooks is still loving on Jackson WAY more than Jackson is loving on Brooks – but we are slowly getting there, and Jackson is all sorts of patience with Brooks, which is amazing.


Sign Language – We started a while ago to do baby sign language with the little man and it’s been going really well. He’s been doing “more” for a while now – to him, it can also mean “i’m hungry” – He also just started using the “please” sign, which is all sorts of adorable and the occasional “all done” but we are still working on that a bit. I’ve also been working on “thank you” too! What sign will I be needing with him next?

hide and seek

Words – Brooks has a few words that I thought would be fun to share. He says da-da, all day, everyday. He CAN say mama – there was a week or so where he said it exclusively, but for some reason now he just says da-da. He calls Charles, me, sometimes himself and even the wall da-da. Everything is Da-da. I think he just likes to day it! He can also say “peas” which is please and “Jacks” for Jackson, he says “choo-choo” as well! My mom also taught him to wag his finger & say “no, no, no” as well as put his arms up as to say ” I don’t know” – both of which are so freaking cute. Those are his main words right now but he can do other motions for: fan and airplane – two things he loves!


Loves – Little man thinks everything is awesome – he’s at a really fun age! He loves the carousel at the Please Touch Museum, riding slides {all by himself, into my arms}, opening and closing everything, peekaboo and just being out and about. I try to plan an activity a day to get us out of the house – its a nice little breakup of the day for both of us not to mention a change of scenery too! Some days we have play dates for him other days we run errands for me.


Loves {cont’d} – Brooks also loves being outside and people watching, so I’m so excited for the warmer weather! He loves playing with friends and he has really started watching the older kids at the playground recently. He’s also become really good at mimicking what we do – he loves to mimic sounds and hand gestures – it’s totally adorable. He’s been pretty vocal and loves to chatter away.


Highlights – I think the best part of this month was that he started walking this past week! He went from scaling the walls and the furniture to straight up walking in 2 days. He walks a little bit like he’s had one to many drinks and has a bit of Frankenstein swag going on, but it’s pretty much the cutest thing ever. That was pretty much the high note for the month – the low note was he had his first real cold, while teething , which required his first sick visit to the doctor. There’s nothing worse than a sick baby, but I did enjoy all the snuggles!


Here are some more photos from my favorite parts of the past month:

hunkfriendsshoppingboxplaynew spotgreenbudsout nap


What’s your little one currently up to?

Please share!


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  • Reply Patty O March 30, 2015 at 10:31 am

    Brooks is thriving in leaps and bounds – such a happy little man and so much fun! Maybe the next sign language message should be Stop. Love all the photos – he is too precious and can’t wait to see him soon!

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