A Week in Santiago, Chile

Just getting back today from our week {and two days!} in Santiago, Chile. I’ve been sharing many of our adventures on Instagram, but today while I fly back home {to the cold – boo!} I wanted to fill you in on a bit of what we did the past week!

Scenes from our week in Santiago, Chile:

Day 1: A Pool Day

nice view

Since the flight to Chile is an overnight one we arrived pretty early on Saturday and let’s be honest, overnight flights are always the worst, so we were pretty tired when we get in. Luckily, we flew into the middle of summer in Chile – so we were greeted with lots of sunshine & warm weather. That meant a pool day for us.

group1We were also meeting a bunch of other family & friends in our group who was flying in that day as well. So it was nice to hang out at the hotel for the day, relax by the pool and meet up for dinner & drinks later.


We stayed at the W Hotel in Santiago & I can’t say enough good things about it. The hotel was awesome with a great pool, awesome views, tasty dining options and the service was top notch!


Day 2: La Bicicleta Verde ->A Santiago, Bike Tour

bike tour

The next day was Sunday, which is a day that many shops, restaurants & businesses in general are closed in Chile. So we decided to book a bike tour of the city so everyone could see the sights. It was a perfect way to spend the morning because the weather was just gorgeous for a leisurely stroll.

my bike

The tour company we used was La Bicicleta Verde and they were great! They do lots of different tour options and the guide was knowledgable & friendly. We booked ahead of time and got a private tour for our group which was awesome as well.


We did the Parks & Politics Tour and it took us through many of Santiago’s beautiful green spaced and lively city center. We also got to check out some popular tour spots for us to check out later as well – but it was a great way to get our bearings around the city and get a feel for where everything is.

bike selfiepalace

The tour was about 3 hours and it included a stop for lunch/coffee – which was included in the cost of the tour. We stopped at a cute little place and wandered around for a bit before hitting the road again.


After the bike tour we headed out for a family dinner on the town. We ended up eating at a Chinese restaurant – that played country music – and it was very tasty!


Day 3: A Santiago Walk & the Civil Ceremony 


The next day we had the morning free to explore. Charles & I headed out towards San Cristobal hill to check out the view {like last time} but unfortunately the funicular was down for the day so we did our own little walking tour of the city instead.

pablolucky piglocks

After that it was time to see Robert & Ely get married in their civil ceremony so we headed out to enjoy that for the evening.

outfit details : skirt / top / earrings / shoes


Day 4: Hiking the San Francisco Glacier 

Day 5: Santa Rita Vineyard


On Wednesday we headed out to spend the day touring a winery. We were told that the Santa Rita Vineyard was a good one so we arranged a tour for our group to take us there.


This vineyard was about 30 minutes outside of Santiago and it was on such beautiful grounds. Again, we had another beautiful day.


Our day included a tour of the grounds as well as a tasting of the wine, which is always fun.


Our group was pretty into the tasting and luckily Chilean wine is pretty good.


If you are ever in the area I definitely recommend checking out the vineyard – it was totally worth it and very beautiful.

oh heyme

Day 6: A Day in Santiago


The next day part of our group headed out to Valparaiso, which was a bit of a drive outside the city and someplace we had visited last time we were here so Charles & I decided to spend the day walking around the city doing some more exploring.


We made our way over to Bella Vista & finally made our way up San Cristobal hill for some beautiful views of the city.

san cristobalcity view

Such a gorgeous & peaceful place – another must see if you are in Santiago. We also explored the Santa Lucia area as well, which is fun too.


Day 7: A Wedding in Chile

bride groom

The main reason for our trip was to see Robert, Charles’ brother get married -> that happened on Friday & we enjoyed the ceremony & reception at Estancia El Cuadro, another winery outside of Santiago. It was a beautiful location – I wish I had more photos to share but I had some technical difficulties! But trust me, it was a beautiful day!


Day 8: Los Dominicos & Relaxing


Our final day in Chile was spent exploring Los Dominicos, which is an artisan shopping area at the end of the metro line. It’s a really cute little area to do some latte sitting & shopping too! We visited this spot during our last trip and it was just as charming this time around!

After a little shopping it was time for some more sitting by the pool & soaking up the sun. THAT I didn’t want to leave for sure!


Side Note: My favorite Chilean eats -> Pastel de Choclo, which is mashed sweet corn, ground beef, chicken, raisins, black olives, onions, slices of hard boiled egg.

So yummy!

pastel de chocla

And there you have it! A {sort of} quick recap of how I spent the past week in Chile! We had fun, but I am so glad to be home & back with my little man!

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  • Reply Patty O March 2, 2015 at 8:17 pm

    Looks like a very fun week for sure! I have visited the San Cristobal area when in Santiago a few years ago and loved it!

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