GB Asana35 AP Car Seat Review

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Today I’m here to share the love regarding my {and Mr. Brooks’} experience with the GB Asana35 AP Car Seat. As you can see from the disclaimer above, we were able to try out this baby which is new to the market!


Brooks is just about at that stage where he will need to transition to the next level of car seats as he is getting too big for the infant seats – but with a new little brother or sister on the way we were happy to take this new car seat for a test ride as his little sibling will be sure to get lots of use out of it come September!

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So a little bit about the car seat -> Having dealt with a few different car seats already this past year, my favorite part about the GB Asana35 AP is the unique FirmFit System which helps to provide an easier installation – which is very important in my book. This car seat also features a FirmFit harness which fits around your little passenger without fuss, while the telescoping design and push-button latch connectors make installation simple and precise. The car seat is also really comfortable! It’s got a soft, plush side, while also being firm and supportive -> the Side Impact Protection provides an extra layer of safety.

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The FirmFit Harness takes the worry out of adjusting harness straps. All you have to do is pull the front strap to make the harness snug, and it conforms to the correct position on baby, every time. The Harness and headrest move in harmony for constant Side Impact Protection, even as your baby grows – which is awesome too!

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By far the coolest feature of the GB Asana35 AP would have to be the FirmFit Load Leg that has been used in the European car seat market for years – it helps protect your baby’s head, neck and spine by minimizing the amount of car seat rotation in the event of a crash. I couldn’t get a good photo of the load leg in my car but here’s what it looks like, attached to the base. The FirmFit Load Leg is height adjustable and fits in most vehicles, even in the back seat center position.



What is your #1 safety feature when looking at car seats?


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  • Reply Patty O March 16, 2015 at 7:27 am

    Brooks looks very happy and comfortable in that car seat! Enjoy!

  • Reply Grace June 29, 2016 at 10:12 pm

    Hi, I have this carseat and one REALLY annoying aspect is that the canopy does not stay up all the way. Eventually, especially if you’re strolling, the canopy will fall back on it’s own. I noticed that the canopy is just attached to the carseat handle by a circular thin plastic piece, which allows pretty free movement, which is why there’s this problem. Is this a defect in my carseat, or do you notice that in yours as well?

    • Reply Leslie July 3, 2016 at 4:02 pm

      I haven’t had that issue! Sorry to hear that!

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